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Best Food for French Bulldogs (Top 10 Dry & Wet 2023)

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Owning a French bulldog is excellent because they have a huge personality in a small body.

French Bulldogs require high-quality and balanced dry and wet dog food to maintain healthy body weight and reduce their risk of specific health problems such as obesity, skeletal problems, and respiratory problems.

Every dog’s needs are significant. The best food for french bulldogs has to meet their particular needs.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the nutritional needs of French Bulldogs and provide tips for choosing the best dog food to keep your Frenchie in top condition.

In addition, we recommend a list of the best french bulldog foods for puppies, adults, and seniors.

What to Look for in the Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs

best food for french bulldogsWhen it comes to the best dog food for Frenchies, ensure your dog’s basic needs are met without going overboard with calories. French bulldogs are prone to obesity, so putting on a few pounds can be a health risk.

Here are some key elements to consider when selecting dog food for your French Bulldogs:

  • Ingredients without by-products, fillers, or artificial additives
  • Lean proteins from high-quality animal sources such as poultry and fish
  • Low to moderate fat, including omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin
  • Moderate calorie content to maintain a healthy weight
  • Complete and nutritionally balanced following AAFCO nutritional profiles

The best way to ensure your Frenchie’s essential calorie and nutritional needs are met is by choosing a high-quality dog food formulated for small breeds. Keep a close eye on your dog’s body weight and condition and adjust his diet if he starts to put on too much weight.

The Best Food for French Bulldogs of 2023

Let’s take a look at the 10 best dog foods for French Bulldogs so you can make an informed decision and choose the best quality dog food you can offer Frenchies.

1. Taste of the Wild – Best Puppy Food for French Bulldog

Taste of the Wild - Best Puppy Food for French BulldogView On Amazon

French bulldog puppies need a formula that avoids grains as they are prone to allergies and diarrhea. Ideally, their food is high in protein because, as we all know, the ancestors of the French Bulldog are wolves who used to eat mainly meat. So dogs are carnivores.

In addition, a French bulldog puppy requires slightly less fat than other breeds due to their small breed size and obesity tendency. The fat in this meal comes from chicken fat and salmon oil, both natural and healthy.

This formula adds healthy carbohydrates from sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, and fruits, a great energy source.

We like Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food because it uses bison and buffalo as its primary protein source, which mimics dogs’ natural diet in the wild.

We also love this puppy food because it is made in the USA with state-of-the-art technology, which means that feeding your French bulldog puppy supports the local business community.

Another important feature, as French bulldogs are known for their problematic digestion, is that this dog food contains live microorganisms. They are healthy bacteria that aid digestion and improve nutrient absorption while keeping the intestines healthy. This factor is essential for puppies as it is essential to create a microbiome while the dog is young and has a healthy immune system.

let’s check out the pros and cons of feeding a french bulldog puppy with a taste of the wild high prairie puppy formula grain-free dry dog food

  • Puppies love its High protein content of at least 28.0%
  • It contains omega 6 and 3 fatty acids that promote brain, cardiovascular health, and development
  • Supplemented with all the right vitamins and minerals to help your French Bulldog puppy grow into a healthy adult
  • Made from quality ingredients such as bison, buffalo, and roast game, which are excellent sources of meat and protein
  • There are no additives that can cause allergies or intolerances
  • This is a grain-free formula similar to what dogs eat in the wild
  • It is intended for puppies, which means that it is perfectly balanced, and the kibble is small enough for a young puppy to eat
  • It is designed for small breeds, so the kibble is slightly different from the average meal for young dogs.
  • It may be challenging to find because it is not widely available
  • The price is not the most attractive feature as it is expensive compared to other brands.

2. Royal Canin — French Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin — French Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog FoodView On Amazon

When it comes to my absolute favorite top pick, many French Bulldog owners choose Royal Canin. This chicken and rice recipe also features the goodness of dried beet pulp. It is specially designed for the nutritional needs of French Bulldog puppies, stimulating their first 12 months of growth and development.

The subtle formula is perfect for maintaining balanced gut flora. The presence of vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, calcium iodate, and zinc oxide promotes a healthy coat, as well as strong bones and teeth.

First of all, the kibble is specially designed for your French Bulldog’s short muzzle and square jaw, so they can chew they’re eat without fear of choking!

  • It’s very tasty. Most dogs love Royal Canin
  • The price is low-threshold
  • It is easy to buy this food, and it can be found in most stores
  • There is almost no meat in this dog food, and it only contains a chicken by-product.
  • The main ingredient is a by-product of a cereal.
  • Frenchies who eat it tend to refuse other dry dog food because it tastes good
  • The amount of natural ingredients is minimal
  • It does not mimic a natural diet

3. American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potato

American Journey Lamb & Sweet PotatoView On ChewyThe Best Food for French Bulldog Puppy – Your developing French Bulldog puppy needs nutritious food that promotes overall health while staying to grow.

This American Journey puppy food has been formulated with all of your furry friend’s needs in mind. Boneless lamb and amino acids support healthy muscle growth, while sweet potatoes and chickpeas provide energy for your active puppy.

Omega fatty acids are abundant in this food and come from various salmon oil and flaxseed sources. These omegas help keep your French Bulldog’s skin and coat healthy.

This recipe is grain-free and contains no corn, wheat, or soy, making it an excellent choice for puppies prone to food sensitivities.

  • Contains high-fiber chickpeas and sweet potatoes for all that puppy energy. sensitive digestion
  • This puppy food is more expensive than some of the other options

4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection – Best Dry Food for French Bulldogs

Blue Buffalo Life Protection - Best Dry Food for French BulldogsView On Amazon

Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Healthy Weight Formula has been designed as one of the best dry dog foods for French Bulldogs due to the addition of gut-friendly probiotic organisms. Calories, moderate protein, and low fat in a signature dish helped define Blue’s products.

Of particular interest is the remarkable ratio of the brand of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, which experts say is perfect. To the ideal 4: 1 ratio. This contributes to the Frenchies’ overall digestion, prone to gas evolution. The high fiber content can also aid in more efficient stool disposal, eliminating gas build-up in the dog’s colon.

The combination of low calories and low fat makes for a great adult French bulldog food, especially if it is already on the verge of obesity, which the breed is particularly prone to.

  • It contains more than one source of antioxidants
  • The protein content is moderate, which is great for adult dogs, especially if they don’t exercise much.
  • The primary fiber comes from brown rice, a good carbohydrate for sensitive digestion. tracts
  • This food contains many amino acids, such as taurine, which promote muscle development.
  • It contains a few million good bacteria that help your French Bulldog’s digestive tract.
  • It doesn’t contain corn, soy, or wheat, so there aren’t many ingredients that cause allergies.
  • This is not a grain-free diet as dogs naturally eat in the wild
  • It is not cheap dry dog food.

5. Purina Pro Plan Puppy Small Breed Chicken; Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Small Breed Chicken; Rice Formula Dry Dog FoodView On Amazon

The third dry dog food for French bulldog puppies on our list is a premium dry dog food intended for small breeds to suit a Frenchie.

We know that French bulldogs don’t know they are small, but their moth has specific needs, such as smaller kibble.

Unlike the other foods we’ve featured so far, this one contains breakfast cereal in the form of rice, which would be a reasonable choice for a Frenchie. Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates and is a good option for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, especially those prone to diarrhea. It is an excellent addition to a French bulldog dry food because of its fiber content.

However, the primary source of carbohydrates is corn gluten meal, and they also list whole grain wheat as an ingredient, which your French Bulldog may not well tolerate.

While chicken is the primary protein source, it also contains beef fat, fish meal, and fried egg, which is terrible for owners with sensitive or allergic dogs.

In addition, chicken meat is another ingredient and doesn’t mention the ratio. This is a second-hand type of product that offers little nutritional value.

Another interesting fact is that the last ingredient on their list is garlic oil, and we already know that garlic can be toxic to dogs. There is no good reason to find it in puppy food.

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Small Breed Chicken; Rice Formula Dry Dog Food is supplemented with all the nutrients necessary for the fast-growing French bulldog puppy, but it isn’t exactly “clean” of dyes and preservatives. Hence, it’s not the best food available for Frenchies.

  • A high content of crude protein (33%) Supplemented with Bacillus Coagulans to support gut health
  • It is supplemented with vitamin E and omega-six fatty acids
  • It has also been supplemented with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A to prevent rickets
  • The kibble is for puppies with small buns.
  • The recipe is designed to stimulate growth, making it suitable for puppies.
  • There is a long list of ingredients, and many of them are not of natural origin.
  • There is more than one protein source.
  • This food contains corn, rice, and wheat, none of which are found in a portion of natural dog food.
  • It contains garlic oil, a controversial ingredient
  • It also contains biotin (vitamin B7), a good ingredient. However, it can change the results of blood tests, and that’s never a good thing, especially if most people aren’t aware of it.

6. Canidae Pure Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

Canidae Pure Real Salmon & Sweet Potato RecipeView On AmazonThis recipe offers the goodness of real chicken, turkey, and vitamins, but the reason dogs love them so much is its delicious flavor. Once your dog has ties to Canidae, he won’t try any other dry dog food. The formula is packed with healthy nutrition necessary for the growth and development of your French Bulldog.

Since the recipe is simple, it is perfect for all types of dogs, especially dogs with sensitive stomachs. The healthy weight formula keeps your dog active without excess calories yet provides all the necessary nutrition. There are no allergens such as corn or wheat, making it safe and desirable for your Frenchie.

  • Formulated with only eight ingredients
  • Contains no gluten, wheat, grain, or soy
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • It contains a blend of the probiotic blend, vitamins, and minerals
  • Premium food for dogs with allergies
  • This is expensive dog food, but you pay for simplicity and quality.

7. Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Small Breed Chicken Dinner Canned Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Small Breed Chicken Dinner Canned Dog FoodView On AmazonThe best wet dog food for french bulldogs — Blue Buffalo Homestyle dishes rate for several pets, and French Bulldogs are no exemption. This formula– Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Small Breed Chicken Dinner Canned Pet dog Food– is specially developed for small breeds. Chicken is the first active ingredient, while chicken brew and chicken liver make it even tastier to your little Frenchie.

Canned foods tend to set you back more than kibble; however, that’s not usually an issue for individuals with small pets. (It is trouble if you’re attempting to feed a Saint Bernard on a diet regimen of canned food; That gets pricey!) Most pet dogs love canned canine food since it has even more taste than kibble. Even if you feed kibble often, you can use a good canned food as a topper or mix to make the kibble more delicious.

This canned formula additionally consists of brown rice, barley, and oatmeal as healthy and balanced whole grains for energy and fiber. Blueberries and cranberries offer antioxidants for urinary tract wellness: no corn, no wheat, no soy.

  • Chicken is the first ingredient
  • Created for small breeds
  • Wholesome grains provide complex carbohydrates for a lot of energy
  • L-Carnitine metabolizes fat as well as maintains your dog at a healthy and balanced weight
  • Have chelated minerals that are easier to take in
  • This is a grown-up upkeep food, so it can not be fed to puppies

8. Avoderm Natural Dog Food

Avoderm Natural Dog FoodView On AmazonIf you don’t care that an animal protein is only third on the ingredient list instead of the first on the list, AvoDerm’s Natural Health Solutions for Senior Health, Joint, and Weight Control should be a good choice. With ground whole brown rice at the top of the ingredients list, the AvoDerm can be expected to focus primarily on weight management, especially for Frenchies. They are more prone to canine obesity.

The formulation is low in calories, proteins, and fats. The use of healthy grains such as brown rice and oatmeal and the superfood avocado gives the AvoDerm a markedly different nutritional profile from other brands competing for the plum of the best Eating French Bulldog Adult. The inclusion of 4 types of probiotic organisms is remarkable, although it would have made more sense to indicate how many CFUs are in a pound of dog food.

Key Features
  • Amount of calories per serving: 329 per cup
  • The minimum amount of protein: 20%
  • A minimum amount of fat: 8 to 9.75%
  • The maximum amount of fiber: 5%
  • Maximum moisture: 10%
  • First 5 ingredients: whole brown rice, whole white chicken, oatmeal, rice bran, and chicken meal
  • Four kinds of probiotics

9. Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Adult Turkey & Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog Food

Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Adult Turkey & Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog FoodView On AmazonWellness Small Breed Complete Health Adult Turkey & Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog Food Turkey, hen meal, and the salmon dish is the first three active ingredients and supply great deals of meat/fish protein– terrific for your tiny close friend. This is lean, high-quality, healthy protein. Wholesome grains (oatmeal, ground brown rice, and ground barley) supply great carbs for power and fiber. And omega-three as well as six fats, keep your Frenchie’s skin and also layer healthy as well as shiny. This formula has no corn, wheat, or soy.

There are a lot of calories below to provide all of the energy your French Bulldog requirements. This food has 420 kcal/cup.

  • Special Offer! Conserve 30% on New Autoship Only valid on New Autoship orders for Wellness products. Must choose Autoship at checkout for the offer to automatically use. Restriction 5 per client. It can be integrated with the First Autoship deal.
  • Quality meat healthy protein
  • It was mainly developed for small pets.
  • Smaller kibble dimension makes it very easy for small canines to eat
  • It contains chondroitin sulfate for healthy joints
  • Has four protein resources
  • Because this is an adult maintenance formula, you can not feed it to young puppies

10. Merrick Grain-free Real Chicken Wet Dog Food

View On AmazonIt’s regular to be worried about the active ingredients in your pet dog’s food. Lately, there has been some concern concerning dog foods that include great deals of peas. If you’re trying to find pea-free food, there are some excellent pea-free kibbles. We also like this canned/wet food from Merrick Merrick Grain-Free Real Chicken Tinned Dog Food is pea-free without corn, wheat, or soy. It’s additionally grain-free and gluten-free. And also, it’s an all-life phase food so that you can feed it to Frenchies of all ages.

Real deboned chicken is the initial active ingredient. Salmon oil includes healthy and balanced fat. You can utilize this food as a meal by itself or include it in your pet dog’s kibble as a mattress topper or mixer to make it more delicious. Merrick makes their very own foods in tiny batches in their kitchens in Texas.

Merrick has several other pea-free canned foods if you’re interested.

  • Pea-absolutely free
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • Grain-absolutely free, gluten-absolutely free
  • All Daily life Phases
  • Real deboned chicken is the 1st ingredient
  • Some pets are sensitive or delicate to chicken

Health Conditions That Commonly Affect French Bulldogs

Health Conditions That Commonly Affect French BulldogsIn addition, many adult French bulldogs suffer from various health conditions that affect their immune systems related to poor nutrition. Many dog breeds suffer from poor nutrition.

Here are some of the health problems common to French bulldogs.

  • Dermatitis
  • Excessive excretion
  • Bad body odor
  • Food allergies
  • Flatulence and colitis
  • Deterioration of the cartilage

Even if we are talking about feeding a French bulldog puppy, it is essential to consider the future potential health problems of the adult French Bulldog. You need to adjust and tailor your diet to ensure you have the proper nutrition for your French Bulldog to live as long as possible and that the quality of his life will be excellent.

Keep in mind that investing in the proper nutrition is much more efficient than paying veterinary bills and seeing your French bulldog puppy.

Frenchie’s Nutritional Needs

Frenchie’s Nutritional NeedsAccording to the Merck Veterinary Manual, adult dogs require a minimum of 18% protein and 5% fat in their diet. These needs are higher for growing puppies, but protein remains the essential nutrient, followed by healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals.

Protein gives Frenchies the building blocks for healthy muscle and lean body mass. Your French Bulldog’s diet should include poultry, meat, and fish with high-quality animal protein. Fat is a concentrated energy source in calories and omega fatty acids to support the skin and coat. It must also come from animal sources to ensure digestibility.

Your French Bulldog has a naturally fast metabolism as a small breed dog. This means he needs more calories per pound of bodyweight than a giant breed.

On the other hand, Frenchies are a relatively energy-efficient breed and risk obesity. Experts recommend feeding your Frenchie anywhere from 25 to 35 calories per pound of body weight per day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following FAQs should help you answer some of the questions you may have as a French Bulldog owner. Read on to find out how to choose the best french bulldog food choices.

What dog food should I feed my French bulldog puppy?

Good puppy food for French Bulldogs should be moderate to moderate in protein as this is important for puppies’ muscle and organ development. Equally important is the presence of DHA and EPA, which can aid in the normal development and maturation of the juvenile nervous and immune systems.

The dog food for French bulldog puppies should contain high-quality animal protein as the main ingredient. Additional ingredients are recommended, although they should always be easy to digest.

The nutritional profile of the puppy food must also be complete and balanced to promote optimal development.

Do French Bulldogs need exceptional food?

French Bulldogs need quality Food containing just the right amount of fat and carbohydrates. Fillers and grains are suitable to avoid, as Frenchies often have allergies and sensitive skin. The food should also contain a high-quality protein source to maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass.

What should I feed my 8-week old French Bulldog?

When you first bring your French bulldog puppy home, you should know that they will undergo an adaptation period. This includes everything for your Frenchie, as your pup will have to adjust to the dog meal you offer, even if it is the best food for a french bulldog puppy.

The best way to help Frenchies adjust is to sell, asking about the dog food they offered. If the dog food the French bulldog puppies were fed were not the food you would offer your puppy, you should start mixing the dog food. Use 25% of the new dog food mixed with 75% of the old dog food.

It would help if you increased the proportion of new dog food in a few days until you have completely replaced your French bulldog puppy’s dog food.

You can also serve wet Food for Frenchies of your choice. And yes, cooked meat with vegetables, also called soup, can be a great addition.

Can Chicken Cause Harm to my French Bulldog?

Frenchies love meat, and all of their meals should include at least one meat protein, if not more. It can be lamb, fish, chicken, or beef. Whether you buy dry Food or wet Food, always check the label to include whole meat in the healthy recipe.

How much food should I feed my French bulldogs?

Determining the exact amount of food to feed your Frenchie can be challenging as there are no set rules. Even if a dog food manufacturer recommends the amount of food per meal or per day, the actual amount will depend on your pet’s age, developmental level, activity level, and any pre-existing health conditions. On average, French bulldogs need about 25 to 30 calories for every pound of their weight. The result is the calculated daily calorie intake.

For example, a healthy 18-pounder with little exercise needs about 450 to 540 calories per day. A heavier 25-pound but equally lazy dog needs 625 to 750 calories per day. But if you can get your Frenchie to do several rounds around the neighborhood in 60 minutes, you can expect his calorie requirement to be significantly higher. The same is true if you have a pregnant or nursing Frenchie.

When to give french bulldog puppy adult dog food?

A French Bulldog reaches their peak when they turn 10-12 months old when you can switch them from puppy food to adult food. As always, your vet is the best source of information on when and how to switch.

Should my french Bulldog eat a grain-free diet?

In many cases, a grain-free diet is best for French Bulldogs. Ingredients such as wheat can worsen flatulence and gastrointestinal problems. Frenchies are prone to allergies, so corn and soy are also good to avoid. A grain-free diet can potentially reduce many of the health problems your Frenchie is struggling with.


Eventually, you know your Frenchie best. If you notice something is wrong, try changing their diet or see your vet.

You must know your food choice for French bulldogs because you can give your Frenchie the best food you can find in the market.

This will help your best friend live a long life next to you, and you will avoid the dreaded trips to the vet.

However, keeping the above information in mind should lead to a long, healthy life of naughty adventures for you and your Frenchie.

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