Best Eye Drops for Dogs With Allergies, Cataracts of 2021

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The best eye drops for dogs are often used to keep your dog’s eyes healthy and protect them from damage.

Your dog’s eyes, like humans, are a part of the body that is indeed fragile and needs care and attention, especially if it shows signs such as redness and the like.

best eye drops for dogs with allergiesIt is advisable to regularly check your dog’s eyes to ensure its eyes are in good condition.

You can do this by using a damp cotton ball to clean the eyes and check that their eyes are clear and clear without unexpected discharge, swelling or inflammation.

If you notice redness in the eye or the area around it, pinch or have a tendency to paw moves over a particular eye or tends to tear frequently, it is necessary to intervene as inflammation or infection occurs.

Eye drops for dogs can be used in several ways. They treat bacterial infections, while others are used to clean dirt or mild wounds. Regardless of their purpose, dog eye drops have proven to be very beneficial for our dogs.

We’ve reviewed the top seven best eye drops for dogs on the market. You will see which brands are the most effective, easy to use and what other information is needed.

Also, we will share the tips we mentioned about using eye drops for dogs.

Top 5 Best Eye Drops for Dogs (Quick Summary)

Vetericyn Plus All Animal Eye Vetericyn Eye Wash for Pets
  • Multifunctional eye relief
  • Safe and effective
  • Does not sting
Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid for Nutri-vet Dog Eye Rinse
  • Multi-objective eye relief
  • Safe and successful
  • Aids get rid of fur stains.
Burt's Bees for Pets Dog Burt's Bees Eye Wash Solution for Dogs
  • Protected and natural ingredients
  • Will, not sting or burn. n
  • Removes debris and soothes allergic reactions
Dr. Goodpet Natural Vitamin C Dr-goodpet Vitamin C & Zinc Dog Eye Drops
  • Multi-aim eye relief
  • Protected and organic
  • Lick secure
OcluVet Eye Drops for Pets Ocluvet Lubricating Dog Cataracts Eye Drops
  • Four-month supply
  • Can help with mild irritants
  • Produced in the USA
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Common Conditions That Require Dog Eye Drops

Eye drops for dogs have formulations that contain antioxidants and nutrients and specific ingredients that can help treat the following conditions:


Environmental irritants, including pollen and cleaning products, can irritate your dog’s eyes, nose, and throat. If it’s impossible to eliminate your dog’s exposure to these factors, you can control allergy symptoms with medicines and by keeping his living space as clean as possible.

Dry eyes

which may be due to aging, or it may be that some dogs are born with only one tear duct, which often causes the eyes to be dry.

The dry eyes can collect debris that normal tears cannot remove. Canine or artificial tear eye lubricant for dogs is a great help here as it can clean the eyes with false tears.


conjunctivitis in dogsAlso known as pink eye, conjunctivitis in dogs occurs when the conjunctiva – most of the lower eyelid – becomes inflamed. There are several reasons why this can happen, most notably from an allergic reaction or dry eyes.

these conditions.include:

  • Squinting
  • Rapid blinking
  • Swelling of the area
  • Pus leaking from the eye

Treatment of conjunctivitis is usually performed by cleaning and treating the affected area with a combination steroid / antibiotic eye drop.


resulting from the formation of damaged proteins in the dog’s eye, and thus, the lens of the eye gradually becomes opaque.

The contract’s size and location determine the degree of visual impairment, and the optical loss ranges from partial to complete. Arrangements can be classified based on various factors such as the age of onset, cause, location, and degree of opacity.

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Instead of invasive cataract surgery, specific cataract eye drops for dogs can be used to treat new and mild cataract conditions.

These canine cataract eye drops have specially formulated ingredients that can dissolve these unwanted proteins that cause cataracts.

Breed Specific Issues

Certain breeds are more prone to eye conditions; there’s no point ignoring that fact. The fact is, yes, Pugs get tons of eye infections. All flat-faced dogs – Pugs, Pekingese, Boxers, Bulldogs, etc …

But it’s not just these smooshy fluffballs that have problems. Dogs with loose facial skin, including Saint Bernard, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, and Bloodhounds, have quite a few eye problems, poor puppies with floppy faces.

7 Best Eye Drops for Dogs of 2021

Here is the list of highly-rated best dog eye drops that you can use to cure your dog’s eyes’ infections.

1. Vetericyn Eye Wash for Pets

Vetericyn Eye Wash for PetsView On AmazonLet’s start with our top pick to get things in the right direction. The Vetericyn is a safe and effective product that helps relieve irritation, itchy eyes, and redness. It also removes dirt, softens wounds, and helps reduce eye wrinkles. These eye drops will help eliminate and prevent yellow spots on your pup’s coat.

This antimicrobial solution can be used daily and consistently to help with allergies, infections such as pink eyes, and other eye problems in your pet. May suffer. The gentle formula is non-stinging and is safe to use around the mouth, ears, nose, and of course, the eyes – not to mention, this can be licked off without any side effects, although you should know that it is not intended for internal use.

The formula uses hypochlorous acid as a 0.009 percent active ingredient, and it is safe for all dogs. When used daily, the drops help prevent future infections and not sting or irritate your pup’s eyes. Supplied in a 3-ounce bottle with an easy-to-use plastic-tipped applicator. Overall, this product is the best dog eye drops out there due to its versatility, effectiveness, and softness.

  • Multifunctional eye relief
  • Safe and effective
  • Does not sting
  • Easy to use
  • Lick resistant
  • Reduces and prevents fur stains
  • Treats can be spotted from a great distance by a better view.

Customer Reviews
8,915 Reviews

Avatar Lynn


Cleans eyes well

2. Nutri-vet Dog Eye Rinse

Nutri-vet Dog Eye RinseView On AmazonOur next option is the best dog eye drops for the money. This ophthalmic solution helps with eye irritation, itching, and tear stains and helps remove any debris that may be stuck. The gentle formula also won’t sting or sting your pet’s eyes. Do not burn. The boric acid active ingredient is great for keeping allergies at bay and adding moisture to dry eyes.

The 120 ml bottle will last several weeks even with regular use. The applicator tip on the bottle is easy to use and produces one drop at a time without any problem. While this option is great for allergies, dust, and dirt and removes mucus and reduces blemishes, it’s not recommended for eye injuries. Otherwise, this is a great option for all types of dogs if you are on a budget.

  • Multi-objective eye relief
  • Safe and successful
  • Aids get rid of fur stains.
  • Straightforward to use a bottle
  • Will not burn or sting.
  • Low-cost
  • Not recommended for soothing injuries

Customer Reviews
5,523 Reviews

Avatar HF


Seems to do a good job at cleaning

We don't know what happened, but it looks like our dog was either stung by an insect or there is some dirt in her eye. She started tearing a lot a few days ago along with a little red swelling of her eyelid. We wanted to try and make a homemade solution, but didn't want to risk it. They probably should have taken her to the vet, but we quickly ordered a bottle of this eye wash solution. days to get here but we used it right away once it arrived. While the bottle itself has a seal that has ...

3. Burt’s Bees Eye Wash Solution for Dogs

BurtView On AmazonA mild saline solution designed to protect your dog’s eyes safe to clean through your dog’s tears mimic. By using all-natural ingredients, Burt’s Bees Eye Wash Solution for Dogs all chemical irritants can eventually cause more irritation in your dog. Use as directed on the package by squeezing two to three drops directly into your dog’s eye to remove any dirt or minor scratches.

A disadvantage of this product is that it is not effective in infections such as the pink eye. It also doesn’t help with tear stains. Other than that, this is a pH-balanced option that can be used on all dogs eight weeks and older, and it won’t sting or burn.

  • Protected and natural ingredients
  • Will, not sting or burn. n
  • Removes debris and soothes allergic reactions
  • PH balanced
  • Straightforward to use the bottle
  • Not advised for infections
  • It does not help with tear stains.

Customer Reviews
2,147 Reviews

Avatar JMS


Good product.

Have a Yorkie puppy. As with all Yorkies, their eyes have a glue-like discharge. I like that this product does not hurt the eye. I don't use it as eye drops, just put a few drops on the bridge of the nose and take a tissue and rub. My husband doesn't fight it. He even leans in my fingers. It helps to clear up the blob.

4. Dr. Goodpet Vitamin C & Zinc Dog Eye Drops

Dr. Goodpet Vitamin C & Zinc Dog Eye DropsView On AmazonHalfway down the list, we have an all-natural formula that uses Vitamin C and Zinc to help mild irritants and cloudiness. This is a great option for allergies, blocked ducts, dirt, and other mild problems, including excessive mucus and dry eyes.

A few things to note are that applying the glass dropper is more difficult to use, and the 30ml bottle will need to be replaced often if you use this product regularly. Otherwise, this is a safe option that won’t hurt if licked and can also help with under-eye stains.

Note that this is another option that is not recommended for eye infections and that there is no expiration date on the box or bottle. On the other hand, it effectively reduces the conditions it treats, so you will usually run through the bottle before it expires.

  • Multi-aim eye relief
  • Protected and organic
  • Lick secure
  • Assists with fur stains
  • Will not sting or burn up.
  • Glass dropper is much more challenging to use
  • Mild irritants only
  • No expiration date

Customer Reviews
1,343 Reviews

Avatar Elizabeth Conley

Elizabeth Conley

These Eye Drops are Good for Man or Beast

OK, woman or dog. another customer complained that her eyes sting 10 minutes after using them on herself so I was wary. I used them on myself before putting them in the eyes of my precious doggy. No sound. No pain, no burning sensation, less sensation than I would experience from tap water. Twelve hours later my eyes seemed fine, so I tried the drops on Doggo's runny nose. She started tearing excessively this spring. Two doses a day seem to do the trick. I would like to stop the doses after the pollen season has subsided. This pretty much ...

5. Ocluvet Lubricating Dog Cataracts Eye Drops

Ocluvet Lubricating Dog Cataracts Eye DropsView On AmazonSpecially formulated soothing eye drops with antioxidants and nutrients for eye health and clarity

Treats ocular degeneration, reduced brightness, and cataracts

Designed to address the reactions that lead to the formation of damaged proteins and nutrients needed to restore the altered amino acid residues and oxidation so that the proteins can return to their healthy state

It contains multiple antioxidants to keep your dog’s eyes healthy and strong.

Unique patented formula to restore and protect the nutrients needed to repair and protect the eye.

  • Four-month supply
  • Can help with mild irritants
  • Produced in the USA
  • The bottle is challenging to use
  • Can sting and burn
  • Non-lick formula

Customer Reviews
786 Reviews

Avatar Baily


Consistency is key!

These have saved my canines eyes and we have only had them for a month. He is a 13 12 months previous shih-tzu and prior to these eye drops he could not even see to jump up on the couch any longer, and could not go down the stairs to go outside, and since we have been utilizing them he has been running about much more, jumping on the couch, and sprinting down the stairs! These eyedrops gave my puppy his personality back. I have also been viewing his cataracts dissolve during the month. They are entirely gone on the ...

6. Gold Medal Pets 41104 Clean Eyes

Gold Medal Pets 41104 Clean EyesView On AmazonThese next eye drops treat redness, itching, and allergies and help eliminate the dirt that could get in your pup’s eyes. Also intended for sensitive eyes, this is a good option to use after swimming in a chlorine bath, and there is no additional stinging or burning sensation.

Unfortunately, the ophthalmic solution is not as effective as some other formulas. It is only recommended for mild irritants and works best as an eyewash. Not to mention, the active ingredient in this product is purified water. While it does contain things like boric acid, they are not that concentrated.

The 120 ml bottle is difficult to use and is not recommended for staining the coat or reducing infections. You should also be aware that you are going through the bottle quickly because of how the tip works, plus the less than great effectiveness.

  • Okay, to use on delicate eyes.
  • Use to deal with chlorine irritation.
  • Will not sting or burn up.
  • Largely water
  • Runs out swiftly

Customer Reviews
201 Reviews

Avatar Tanya


Cleared up my cat’s funky eye in two days!

He played a tiny as well roughly with a single of his brothers and he ended up getting the wrong finish of either a bite or a paw in the corner of his eye. It then began weeping and his vet recommended to maintain it clean and use something like this. To Amazon I went and decided to select this one up! Worked like a charm.

7. I Drop Vet Plus Eye Lubricant

I Drop Vet Plus Eye LubricantView On AmazonThe 0.33-ounce bottle comes in a one, two, three, or four-pack and uses a visco-adaptive solution containing 0.25 percent hyaluronic acid to add moisture to dry eyes. This option helps reduce redness and itching and works when your dog blinks. If your puppy is dehydrated, this is a good option.

An effective lubrication solution that provides immediate comfort and long-lasting hydration with every blink in dogs suffering from seasonal or acute dry eyes

It constantly refreshes and stabilizes the tear film and provides extra comfort with fewer applications required.

Formulated by I-MED Animal Health, a world leader in the management of ocular surface diseases

  • Relieves irritants from dry eyes
  • Demands fewer applications
  • Simple to use a bottle
  • Will not sting or burn up.
  • Limited use
  • Can trigger calcium deposits
  • Vet approval required

Customer Reviews
2,145 Reviews

Avatar Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

Works great for my dogs cherry eye

How to Apply Eye Drops or Ophthalmic Ointments to Dogs?

Here are the correct instructions for applying eye drops or ointments to the animal’s eye.

  • The first thing to do is understand if your pet is cooperating. Dogs are generally, especially if it’s their owner, who things.
  • Both the eye drops, which are liquid, and the ointment, should be applied to the top of the eye. Because the tear flow goes from the top / external part to the internal amount, where you get that pink dot “near the nose,” you can see the nasolacrimal canal entrance.
  • Gently lift the upper eyelid. By “lift” I don’t mean pull it up over the cornea, but by simply lifting it with two fingers to loosen it from the cornea and apply the product under where the eyelid was before.
  • Let the drops of eye drops or 2-3 centimeter ointment fall without touch the cornea and let the eyelid touch, return around, and the product is between the eyelid and the actual eye.
  • The dog will instinctively close his eye, and at this point, you should gently press his finger on the closed eye to try to get the ointment as much as possible. To spread. This is not necessary for eye drops as it applies on its own.
  • Try to keep the animal with the eye closed for a few minutes so that the medicine does not get on the face but is absorbed by the eye. Release at this point, and you will see it crack after a few minutes.
  • It is a normal reaction of the eye to the product, and you are not wrong: even if it comes out a little “with the ointments, you can see well because they are colored,” it is okay if you follow the instructions correctly because most of the medicine will be in the right place.
  • At this point, you are done, although you will have this surgery once or twice a day for a few days. Must repeat based on the veterinary indication.

FAQs About Dog Eye Drops

Can I use human eye drops on my dog?

I know it looks like your dog’s eyes are probably the same as ours, so you’re assuming, “why don’t I just use my eye drops on my dog.” DO NOT use your eye drops on your dog’s eyes without a veterinarian .. Medicines for dogs are almost always different, even when treating something as necessary as conjunctivitis.

Do I Need a Prescription for Eye Ointment for Dogs?

Eye drops for dogs is a blanket term that confuses many pet owners. As we mentioned above, there are many different types of eye drops for dogs on the market. In general, only a vet ophthalmologist can prescribe antibiotic eye drops or steroid eye drops for your pet.

How can I treat my dog’s eye infection at home?

If your dog is on other medications you are concerned about that may not mix well with eye drops, it is possible to make an all-natural eye drop using just salt and water. Mix 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt with a cup of lukewarm water in a sterile bowl and use three to four times a day as needed.


Your dog will not be able to speak if he is in pain or uncomfortable, so you must monitor his overall health.

Best eye drops for dogs are necessary for good vision and clarity of your dog’s eyes. Regular use of these products can improve the quality of your dog’s vision, address cataracts and other eye conditions.

Common eye problems in dogs include tear stains, eye infection, irritation, discharge, and dry eyes. Regularly examine your dog’s eyes.

Don’t worry. Administering eye drops for dogs shouldn’t be a major cause of concern. It a super-easy task that will almost always fit into your current schedule!

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