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10 Best Dog Training Books: Dog Owner Should Read It 2023

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In this article, we list the best dog training books for you to consider while looking for useful resources to train your dog.

best dog training booksIf you have had a dog or puppy recently, or if you want to get a dog soon, you probably want to learn more about how to train him in a way that your dog proves to be an obedient dog and benevolent – worn furry friend.

Living with a dog is much like living with a child. You need to be patient, find the right resources, and use them effectively to train your canine companion.

Many people nowadays get their information from the internet, but few things can be compared to the classic: a book.

A carefully written dog obedience training book can both prepare you for those days when you are a dog owner and help you understand and correct behavior once the puppy is already there.

For just a few dollars, we get a much better understanding of how to become better pet parents for our dogs. Best of all, we can read and reread this literature all our lives. So it is crucial to choose the best dog training books that will help us achieve our goals.

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Training Books

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Training Bookschoosing the best training book for your dog can be a challenging task. After all, there are so many training guides on the market. Some relate to specific aspects of dog training: education, behavior, communication, aggression, and even fun games to play with your dogs.

Like all other books, the best dog training guide is the one that meets most of your requirements, is easy to read, and suggests things that are easy to implement. In addition to these basic factors, also consider the following factors when choosing the best dog training guide for your needs.

1. Author’s Reputation And Credibility

Honored dog trainers are in a class of their own. Many don’t write but prefer personal dog training services instead of writing it down and having it published. But this does not mean they cannot publish.

They can still ask someone to write for them and have it published. Of course, there are also renowned dog trainers who also write. The point is, you don’t want to buy a book written by an author who isn’t known as a dog trainer. Credibility is crucial because the information you read in the book must be based on facts and not just fiction.

2. The Main Purpose Of The Book

There can be quite a few primary purposes for which you may be looking for a training guide. One of the most rudimentary distinguishing factors is whether you are looking for a book specific to a puppy (dogs under a year old) or an adult dog.

Another closely related consideration is whether you want a guide that focuses specifically on behavioral aspects of dog training or something that covers a wider range of dog training facets. Books like Don’t Shoot the Dog! are more focused on the behavioral aspects of dog training, while books like Training the Best Dog Ever are more of an all-rounder using the positive reinforcement techniques to develop a training program for your furry friend.

3. Easy To Read

Not everyone can understand certain terms that only veterinarians or dog experts understand. While we recommend going for very informative and educational dog training books, it should also be fun and fun to read. More importantly, it should be very easy to understand. As many illustrations, graphics, and images as possible can help make the point and make learning and training the performance a lot easier.

Dog training books are invaluable in our quest to become better parents to become our pets. With these best dog training books we’ve listed, we are confident that more than ever, you can take on your role as your beloved dog’s pet parent.

4. Ratings And Reviews

The popularity of the author, publisher, and book is often a good indication of how the book would become. Most of the books below have been written by dog trainers and behavioral experts with years of experience in training all types of dogs and have been published by publishers with extensive experience in the field.

10 Best Dog Training Books Of 2023

Searching for meaningful dog training advice on the internet makes it nearly impossible to know if what you’ve found is science-based knowledge shared by a certified professional dog trainer or the uninformed methods of a self-taught dog whisperer.

It’s just one reason why thoroughly researched dog training books are the most reliable resource for learning about dog behavior.

Here are ten of the best dog training books that can help you train your pup.

1. Training The Best Dog Ever

Training The Best Dog EverView On AmazonThis guide complete of puppy instruction suggestions was originally published as (The Love That Puppy Coaching Strategy,) but altered the determine when launched in paperback and for Kindle. The book shares the electrical electrical power of positive reinforcement program with the reader, which was utilized by the writer to train the former President puppy Bo Obama, as well as all of Senator Ted Kennedy’s canines, and numerous other individuals.

This is a 5-week system, with a ten to twenty-minute instruction session every day. It is manageable even for the busiest of puppy owners. Sensible phase-by-phase images illustrate how to educate your pouch common commands like sit, stay and come right here, and how to help your puppy locate out specifically exactly where he can- and can not pee, find out to really like puppy crates techniques and a lot more, creating this a single of the best puppy instruction books presently on the market.

  • Stage by phase photographs
  • Complete five-week method
  • Written by a skilled White Residence canine trainer
  • Instruction by means of the energy of excellent reinforcement

2. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak GeorgeView On AmazonSome canine coaching books only educate you on specific elements of the endeavor this kind as clicker instruction and other items. The Zak George’s Canine Instruction Revolution: The Full Guidebook to Raising the Ideal Pet with Adore, on the other hand, provides you all the essentials you will require to turn out to be a much better pet parent. This how-to train your dog guide talks about every little thing from picking the correct puppy to include to your loved ones, housetraining your pup and engaging it in easy obedience instruction, and even managing certain doggie behavioral issues like nuisance barking, jumping up, leash pulling, chewing, biting, aggression, and a number of significantly much more.

George and Port also managed to include topics on veterinary care, canine nutrition, as effectively as tips and tricks that will enhance your relationship with your pooch. You can frequently look at the Puppy Coaching Revolution as 1 of the very best-rated canine instruction guide titles.

  • Perfect puppy coaching guide
  • Focus on respect and teamwork
  • YouTube video clips for further study

3. The Art Of Raising A Puppy (revised Edition)

The Art Of Raising A Puppy (revised Edition)View On AmazonConsidered one of the leading authorities in puppy training books, New Skete’s monks really have a scary way to communicate the essence of dog training. They have been sharing their expertise in the human-dog relationship, dog behavior, and dog training for more than three decades. Their book The Art of Raising a Puppy is considered one of the most authoritative, albeit in a very fun and entertaining way when it comes to raising puppies. This is important because all the basic elements can be found in puppyhood.

Your dog’s success as an adult dog largely depends on how well he grew up as a puppy. The New Skete monks share with you their personal experiences of training German Shepherd puppies and many other breed puppies so you can be sure your dog will be the best dog it can be.

  • Covers a wide variety of topics related to puppies.
  • Written by a collective of dog training monks, so offers divergent opinions.
  • Gives the new dog owner a handbook to follow.
  • It contains a lot of information about the development stages.

4. Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog In 7 Days

Lucky Dog Lessons- Train Your Dog In 7 DaysView On AmazonConsidered one of the leading authorities in puppy training books, New Skete’s monks really have a scary way to communicate the essence of dog training. They have been sharing their expertise in the human-dog relationship, dog behavior, and dog training for more than three decades. Their book The Art of Raising a Puppy is considered one of the most authoritative, albeit in a very fun and entertaining way when it comes to raising puppies. This is important because all the basic elements can be found in puppyhood.

Your dog’s success as an adult dog largely depends on how well he grew up as a puppy. The New Skete monks share with you their personal experiences of training German Shepherd puppies and many other breed puppies so you can be sure your dog will be the best dog it can be.

  • Positive training methods
  • Learn how to connect with your dog
  • Advice from a famous dog trainer


THE PUPPY PRIMERView On AmazonThe Puppy Primer was written by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., and writer of 13 books, such as this sort of gems as For The Actually like of Canine and Tales of Two Species. Brenda Scidmore is the co-writer, an animal carry out advisor, author, and family members canine trainer.

This guide explains coaching workouts in a tangible and straightforward-to-stick to way, with every chapter focusing on a particular challenge that aligns with the improvement of your new puppy!

Adhere to along week by week, ideal the training exercises verified, discover what to do if setbacks consider location, and how to overcome them.

  • Stage by phase and easy to stick to along.
  • Explains what to do when items go incorrect.
  • An excellent commencing level for the extremely first-time puppy proprietor or trainer.
  • Obviously explains when it could be time to seek out help from a professional trainer.


CESARView On AmazonWell-known puppy trainer, Cesar Millan’s guidebook, revolves shut to canine psychology. It is a summary of his experience in puppy habits and brings up subjects this kind of as how to relate to your canine on a canine conduct degree, the big difference among punishment and discipline, how to use the dog’s pack instinct to sort a powerful bond and how to select a canine that is correct for your loved ones.

This extremely very best-rated puppy training guide also bargains with the huge difference in among a concerned puppy and a concern proprietor, and how in most circumstances: the concern lies with the proprietor and not with the canine. The really best Cesar Millan guide to get is one that fits your needs, and if you are uncertain of which a single to commence out with, this 1 is a great choice, as it brings up the fundamentals in knowing your dog, and it is a single of the extremely best canine obedience coaching books obtainable

  • Seeing items from the dogs level of see
  • Permitting the dog to be a puppy
  • Anecdotes from Cesar Millans carry out with canines

7. How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend

How To Be Your DogView On AmazonKnown as the definitive resource for canine instruction for a good deal much more than 25 years, the Monks of New Skete’s How to Be Your Dog’s Biggest Buddy: The Classic Guide for Canine Owners continues to supply each newbie and seasoned pet owners invaluable insights on how to train a puppy. The principles, techniques, and methodologies employed by the group have been in a spot for much more than four decades, and they are sharing these with any person who would like to strengthen their connection with their respective pooches.

Knowing is important. This is the message of How to Be Your Dog’s, Greatest Buddy. The literature has been the provider of inspiration for all other books of the genre, making it really a single of the greatest canine instruction books you can ever obtain.

  • Help to uncover the appropriate mindset
  • Above thirty many years of knowledge
  • Calm and relaxed technique

8. The Power Of Positive Dog Training

The Power Of Positive Dog TrainingView On AmazonThere are numerous books accessible for owners to discover out the joy of clicker instruction and using treats-mainly based praise, but while a number of trainers propose producing use of this only in the beginning phase of coaching your puppy: a handful of the show you how to train your canine on from these stages.

Pat Miller, the author of this guide, does just that and, with above forty years of coaching experience, several publishing credits which include the Whole Dog Journal, and serving on the Board of Directors of the Association of Pet Puppy Trainers: it is no surprise that she does it successfully.

  • Explains how to react to your puppy is fairly much any situation
  • Consists of a helpful diary to track progress
  • Specifics how to go from a clicker or deal with coaching to vocal praise
  • A helpful manual for the novice to knowledgeable owners

9. Beyond The Back Yard Train Your Dog To Listen Anytime Anywhere

Beyond The Back Yard Train Your Dog To Listen Anytime AnywhereView On AmazonWhen seeking for the best books on puppy instruction, you could well want a book that tells you what to do, why you should be performing it, and when to do it. If that sounds like you, this could effectively be the very, very best puppy instruction guide you can discover. Its material is split into three components with the very first getting educational, the second part a hands-on program for what to educate and how to educate it, and with the third element revolving close to difficulty solving.

The writer runs on the world wide web canine instruction school, has over 35 numerous years of encounter working with dogs, and has won several awards in canine obedience competitions. She is known for her gentle strategies and loving technique, which is some point you want to search for when purchasing for puppy coaching books greatest suited for you and your pup. Canine instruction must usually be entertaining, which it can be with this total and complete instruction guidebook.

  • A mixture of advice on how-to guides and expert ideas
  • Educating obedience in a way that is entertaining for all
  • The experienced author with awards in puppy obedience

10. 101 Dog Tricks

101 Dog TricksView On AmazonDon’t you just adore pooches that know how to operate the Tv remote handle or even open the ref door to get the meals it desires? Nicely, if you maintain on learning 1 of the really very best rated canine instruction book in the marketplace, the 101 Canine Tricks: Phase by Stage Actions to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Puppy, you may also be productive in making your doggie carry out a trick that no other canine member can.

This Ney York Occasions bestseller penned by Sundance and Chalcy is each beginner’s guidebook to canine instruction, full with colorful pictures that depict the easy-to-stick to phase-by-stage guidelines. It is like Puppy Instruction for Dummies except that this one is written in a much more authoritative method worthy of acquiring translated into 18 distinct languages. It is all about keeping and strengthening that bond that exists among you and your pooch by implies of distinctive and entertaining routines.

  • A global bestseller
  • Each and every trick comes with a difficulty rating, so you know how a good deal function is required going in
  • The guidebook is split by theme, so it is simple to flick by means of and select out a new trick
  • Contains sections on how to troubleshoot if the instruction is not going to program

FAQs About Dog Training Books

What are the different types of dog training?

There are many different types of training you can do with your dog.

There is obedience training to let your dog know how to act in certain situations, dog behavior training to correct unwanted behavior, a dog agility guide for fun and exercise, various forms of tracking, and much more more.

Finding the best dog behavior books is key to dog health and a happy, healthy relationship between dog and owner, but training can be so much more than just behavior and obedience.

My dog doesn’t like treats or toys, so training doesn’t work. What can I do?

That certainly gives you a bigger challenge, but it doesn’t make training impossible. Find out what your dog loves, whether going for a walk, being told he’s a good boy, or being left in the backyard. You can then use this as a reward during training!

I’ve tried training my dog already, but it doesn’t work. What should I do?

It’s great to hear you’ve already tried it and I want to say don’t give up! Some training methods or drills fall flat with certain dogs, and some dogs can be quite challenging. In fact, I had a failed daily workout with a girl for a whole year until I finally found the method that clicked on her: so be patient, and you’ll get there!

When do you start training a puppy?

A puppy can start training as soon as he moves in with you, but it is important to know how to deal with this, something a book can help you with. The puppy training books that are best for you are books that carefully explain what you can train with your puppy, at what age certain training is appropriate, and how often you should train. Some little things can be learned from the beginning, and others may require the puppy to be a bit older. This is the purpose of dog trainer books: to help you know how to train and when to do it.

Why can’t I just send it to a dog trainer?

You can certainly send your dog to a dog trainer, but since training builds such an incredible bond between dog and handler: you miss so much if you don’t do the job yourself.


We’ve covered some of the best dog training books here, to give you an idea of what to look out for and how to find the right one for you. Think about what you need, what you want your dog to learn, or what you hope to work with, then choose from the best dog training books out there. Dog training should be fun and challenging for both the owner and the dog, so consider it a learning experience and go out together and grow together as your dog’s best friend.

Have you read any of these books yet? What did you think? What other dog training books would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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