10 Best Dental Chews For Dogs That Actually Work 2020

The best dental chews for dogs are an excellent complement between brushes or for dogs that allow you to get close to their teeth with ease.

best dental chews for dogsChewing is a natural behavior. Dogs explore the world around them through sight, sound, smell, and taste.

Our four-legged friends can and will suffer from many of the same conditions that people fall victim to, including plaque build-up, gum disease, and perhaps most clearly given their fondness for licking their owner’s face: halitosis or bad breath.

Whether your dog is an older dog or a puppy, best dog dental chews take advantage of this mechanical chewing behavior to help clean the teeth.

Several dog chews are available to keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Dental chews come in both edible and non-edible varieties. Many dogs love the taste of edible chews and consider them a tasty treat. Inedible species are toys for many puppies and fulfill their natural urge to chew.

We reviewed dozens of dog dental chews to identify the best of the best. We discussed both edible and inedible dental chews of various sizes and flavors to narrow down your options.

Top 5 (Quick Summary)

Greenies Original Regular Natural DentalGreenies Original Regular Natural Dental Dog Treats (25 - 50lb. dogs)
  • Available in teenie, petite, regular, large and jumbo
  • Helps fight plaque and tartar build-up
  • Helps with bad breath
Pedigree DENTASTIX Treats for LargePedigree DENTASTIX Treats for Large Dogs, 30+ lbs. Multiple Flavors
  • It has triple-action abilities, which are effective in cleaning their teeth and gums.
  • Its cross kind permits it to reach even the hardest locations to attain, generating it effective in cleansing down to the dog's gum lines.
Natural Balance Dental Chews DogNatural Balance Dental Chews Dog Treats
  • Aid decrease plaque and tartar
  • Freshen breath
  • Simple-to-digest formula
Milk-Bone Advanced Oral Care BrushingMilk-Bone Advanced Oral Care Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats.
  • It is clinically confirmed to be efficient at cleansing the dog's teeth.
  • It has numerous nutritional vitamins and minerals that enhance the dog's general nicely-being, which consists of calcium that promotes powerful bones and teeth.
  • It is acknowledged by the Veterinary Oral Wellness Council as a great way to promote dogs'' oral effectively-becoming.
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How To Picking The Best Dog Dental Chews?

A dog dental chews should have some essential features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a dental chew for your dog:

1-Inspect the Ingredients

How To Picking The Best Dog Dental Chews?Inspecting the ingredients is an essential part of choosing the right dental chews for your beloved canine friend.

The ingredients should have a clear definition, so avoid vague phrases like (contains meat).

Edible dental chews that indicate which meat is included (such as beef, lamb, or chicken) are better because you have a clearer idea of what your pet is eating.

Also, most dental chews are flavored when edible, making them more attractive to your pet.

Edible dental chews that contain vitamins E or C are better because both are considered natural preservatives, making them healthier alternatives to chemical preservatives.

2-Edible versus Non-edible

You can find both edible dental chews for dogs (treats with tooth-cleaning properties) and non-edible dental chews (chew toys specially designed to clean teeth while your dog chews them).

Choose what you think your dog can do best, or use both to give an extra boost.


Taste plays no role in actually helping your dog’s teeth and gums, but it’s a powerful motivator for getting your dog to use the chewing tooth you buy for him.

Dental treats in the form of treats are, of course, flavored, but so are many chew toys, which is great for motivating dogs who aren’t as good at chewing unless food is involved. Make sure your dog does not chew flavored but inedible dental products.

4-The Size And Durability Of Their Dental Chews

While most dental treats are labeled for the specific size and breed of the dog, it is not advisable to rely on them alone as it is important that it is effective in cleaning the dog’s teeth.

Dental chews that are easy to break and consume are essentially useless to ensure your dog’s oral health. The best dental chews for dogs are those that allow your dog to take the time to chew because they will clean their teeth more effectively.

5-Cleaning Power

Sure, a dental chew dog can claim to keep the canines clean, but does it pay off? Not all dental chews are equally effective, so it’s worth looking at reviews from people who gave them to their dogs to see if they have enough cleaning power.

10 Best Dental Chews For Dogs Of 2020

1- Greenies Dental Dog Chews

 Greenies Dental Dog ChewsView On AmazonOne of the best things about the Greenies Original TEENIE Dental Dog Chews is that it offers an exceptional blend of macronutrients and micronutrients to enhance dental health benefits. The chewy formula has been flavored with delicious poultry goodness, so your dog will be more than likely to chew on it. Each dog treat is packed with bone and teeth build-up and strengthens calcium and phosphorus while also succeeding in adding choline and lecithin to the mixture for added health benefits.

The chewy texture of the Greenies TEENIE serves as a brush on your dog’s teeth and a sponge on the gum to effectively remove food particles and prevent plaque and tartar build-up. The formulation is made from only selected ingredients, although it contains wheat gluten. So if you don’t really want to give your dog something he is allergic to, you can skip this dental chew.

However, because wheat gluten is as allergenic as any other high protein food like beef and chicken, the amino acids it contains should make you want to give it to your pet. Like many dental treats for dogs, the Greenies TEENIE is also great for giving your pet a fresher breath.

Key Features
  • Available in teenie, petite, regular, large and jumbo
  • Helps fight plaque and tartar build-up
  • Helps with bad breath
  • Made in the USA (check ingredient pack before purchase)

Questions & Answers

Are Greenies made in the USA?

Yes. Our GREENIES® Canine Dental Chews are made in Kansas City, Missouri.

Top Customer Reviews
6,108 Customer Reviews

Avatar Nick S

Nick S

As the name of the product indicates, these have become "Regular Treats" 🙂 , my dog loves them.

2- Greenies Dental Dog Chews

 Greenies Dental Dog Chews 3View On AmazonPedigree is recognized worldwide for its line of quality puppy meals that our canine pals really like. It comes as no shock that they also have quality dental treats that assist safeguard your dog’s teeth from decay.

Their Dentastix Puppy Dental Treats, in its special taste, is a favorite amongst puppy owners everywhere for its triple-action abilities of cleaning, reducing tartar develop-up, and freshening breath. Each and every deal with is cross-shaped, which tends to make it simple to attain down to the dog’s gum lines, creating it efficiently in cleansing even folks tough-to-attain places.

Key Features
  • It has triple-action abilities, which are effective in cleaning their teeth and gums.
  • Its cross kind permits it to reach even the hardest locations to attain, generating it effective in cleansing down to the dog’s gum lines.

Questions & Answers

Are dentastix made in the usa?

Your question prompted me to do research (Google). It insists that even if they are made in the US (and that is doubtful), many of the ingredients come from China. For that reason alone I will phase them out and find a new product.

Top Customer Reviews
2,877 Customer Reviews

Avatar Kung pow wow

Kung pow wow

Highly recommend this as a treat and maintain their oral health. We regularly purchase this from Kong Large as a care package for displaced dogs. My neighbor feeds many dogs, and every month we get a nice cushion belt, Dentastix and Kong. In most dogs to which we send this care package, the teeth are neglected. It is therefore very important that they receive this dentastix. We have done a lot of research and decided on this set of products because they all work very well. Dentastix, Kong and a nice belt for the new owner. Dog lovers 2-layer dog leash - sturdy nylon leash, padded handle - 6 feet long, 1 inch wide KONG Classic Large

3- Natural Balance Dental Chews

 Natural Balance Dental ChewsView On AmazonIs your canine companion a sucker for a deal with? Attempt feeding him 1 of these All-natural Balance Dental Chews every day, rather of his regular treat, and you will soon discover an improvement in his dental hygiene.

We especially like these dental chews more than other equivalent items offered that they’re produced from all-all-natural ingredients, such as greens and meat, and are accessible in restricted ingredient formulas, which are best for canines with delicate stomachs. Their grain-totally free of charge formula is also ideal for canines with grain allergic reactions or gluten sensitivities.

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Although we’ve centered on the Fresh and Clean Formula treats, they’re also available in Restricted Ingredient Duck Formula, Constrained Ingredient Sweet Potato and Chicken Meal Formula, and Pumpkin and Chicken Meal Formula. They come in two sizes: small (for canines among five and 25 lbs) and medium (for canines in between 25 and 50 lbs).

At $16 for a 13-ounce packet, they price significantly a lot more than several other dental treats, but they’re well really worth it for the ingredient best high quality.

Key Features
  • Aid decrease plaque and tartar
  • Freshen breath
  • Simple-to-digest formula

Questions & Answers

Where are these made?

There was once Natural Balance in the US. I believe in CO. I am shocked that I was not on my products because this company apparently was bought by Delmonte in the spring / summer of 2014 (or in the process). The packages specifically mentioned \\ Made in the USA \\. Not anymore. It stands for \\ manufactured \\ and the location is now in CA. However, due to this fact I will no longer buy Natural Balance products. I will also edit my review of them.

Top Customer Reviews
395 Customer Reviews

Avatar Randy Goad

Randy Goad

Best ! Our little dogs love this bite. They can't wait to get them every day, knowing that they taste great. We gladly give them because of the excellent cleaning action in combination with the limited ingredients. Their teeth are cleaner than they have been for years. One is seven and the other 13 years young ... they now look younger both years! LOL We found this on the recommendation of another happy dog owner who struggled to keep the teeth of their older companion clean and healthy. We were sold after seeing the results ....

4- Milk-bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats

 Milk-bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog TreatsView On AmazonThe Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Canine Treat is clinically confirmed to be as efficient at cleaning your dog’s teeth as brushing them without actually carrying out so. It is produced from higher-top quality factors and contains sixteen crucial dietary nutritional vitamins and minerals, all of which aid market not only your dog’s dental wellness but his all-round effectively-becoming as well.

A single of the crucial vitamins and minerals current in every deal with is calcium, which assists your dog has powerful bones and teeth.

Furthermore, it has the seal of acceptance from the Veterinary Oral Well being Council for tartar manage, marking it as an outstanding way of cleaning your dog’s teeth every day without any trouble.

Key Features
  • It is clinically confirmed to be efficient at cleansing the dog’s teeth.
  • It has numerous nutritional vitamins and minerals that enhance the dog’s general nicely-being, which consists of calcium that promotes powerful bones and teeth.
  • It is acknowledged by the Veterinary Oral Wellness Council as a great way to promote dogs oral effectively-becoming.

Questions & Answers

Where are these manufactured? I do not want to buy any pet treats manufactured in China.

Here is the answer to the question they have placed on their website under FAQS: Where are Milk-Bone® dog biscuits made? \\ All Milk-Bone® dog biscuits and dog biscuits are produced at our factories here in the US Most ingredients are from the US Like most pet companies, we source a limited amount of small ingredients, such as important nutritional supplements or preservatives, from other countries due to limited availability in the US. We want to assure you that our strict American quality and operational standards apply to all of our ingredients, regardless of the country of origin. \\ My experience is that vitamins, supplements and additives come from the \\ world market \\, which essentially means China. Frankly, you can easily make your own tartar by reducing chewing. there are recipes on ehow under How to make Tartar Control Dog TreatsRead more: http://www.ehow.com/how_6762488_make-tartar-control-dog-treats.html

Top Customer Reviews
1,719 Customer Reviews

Avatar RD in Ohio

RD in Ohio

I have given my dogs these Brushes daily for more than a year and my vet was surprised to see how clean my dog's teeth are. My two dogs are over 4 years old and look forward to receiving a treat every morning. I highly recommend these chewers. However, caution is advised when purchasing these chewable tablets. Do not buy a small size for a large dog, as this can cause a choking hazard if they do not chew but swallow pieces as a whole. And most importantly, always keep an eye on your dogs, large or small, when they chew them until they are ready.

5- Virbac Enzymatic Dental Chews For Dogs

 Virbac Enzymatic Dental Chews For DogsView On AmazonIn our list of doggie dental treats, Virbac’s CET Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews requires spot to include the highest protein amounts at a minimum of 75%. This is important because we would like to give our pooches only the best. Protein is an important macronutrient that canines need for the optimum improvement of its tissues, which includes those recognized in the oral cavity. However, caution must be observed in providing the Virbac dental chews for dogs on canines that are diagnosed with kidney disease or these with considerably lowered renal execution. As well considerably protein can exacerbate the kidney problem.

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Nevertheless, the addition of glucose oxidase into its formulation can lengthen the well becoming-providing rewards of its doggie chew formulation for optimum digestive health. This substantially improves your pet’s capacity to battle infections that might originate from the oral cavity. It does not come enriched with nutritional vitamins and minerals, however. But its high protein and probiotic contents alone are adequate to make this as 1 of the healthful puppy treats you can ever buy.

Key Features
  • Each and every oral hygiene chew offers 30 kilocalories for little canines 32 kcal for medium-sized canines and 54 kcal for huge sized breeds
  • Consists of a minimum of 75% protein and one% extra fat
  • Rated with optimum of 3.five% fiber and sixteen% moisture
  • Enriched with glucose oxidase enzyme offered by Aspergillus niger
  • Consists of real beef rawhide

Questions & Answers

What are the ingredients?

I buy these since my vet recommends them, Not the bet ingredients but the canines adore them. DirectionsGive your canine at least one chew everyday, or as directed by your veterinarian, to reduce plaque. The oral hygiene benefit of C.E.T. VeggieDent chews can only be achieved by sufficient chewing action. Gulping complete chews will minimize the efficacy and can be damaging to your puppy. This item is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. As with any pet solution not meant for human consumption, please maintain out of the reach of children and wash hands following managing.IngredientsCorn Starch, Glycerin, Soya Proteins, Rice Flour, Palatable Agent (Sacharomyces cerevisiae), Sorbitol, Corn Derivatives, Water, Potassium Sorbate, Chlorhexidine Digluconate.Calorie material three.4 kcal/gramGUARANTEED Evaluation:Crude Protein min 19.%Crude Excess fat min one.%Crude Fiber max 10.%Moisture max 15.%Ash max .08%

Top Customer Reviews
1,445 Customer Reviews

Avatar Mystique


My cocker spaniel has terrible teeth. Several different vets have been insisting on dental cleaning under anesthesia for years now, but I'm terrified to have to put her through that. I've been using Greenies for years with no diferenece at all. This product was the last resort before scheduling that dental cleaning procedure. I took a before picture to ensure I'm not just imagining improvement to avoid having to put her under anesthesia. After 2 weeks of switching between Vibrac CET VeggieDent and Vibrac CET Enzymatic (she gets bored of the same treats quickly) I checked Lola's teeth and almost cried!!!!! This product is an absolute miracle. Before and after picture included (taken 2 weeks apart).

6- Nylabone Dura Chew XL Textured Dog Chew

 Nylabone Dura Chew XL Textured Dog ChewView On AmazonIf you want a canine dental chew that will final for months, rather than becoming devoured in 30 seconds, we’d highly advise the Nylabone Dura Chew XL Textured Canine Chew. This large chew is created for canines of 50 lbs and up, but you can locate smaller sized Nylabones, also.

This chew is covered in different ridges and nubs, which assist massage the gums and increase all-round oral hygiene. What’s a lot more, as your canine chews, she’ll scrape away little particles of the bone, creating an extremely textured, toothbrush-like surface that helps in removing plaque. Your four-legged pal will feel she’s merely getting an entertaining chewing session, but truly she’ll be cleansing her very personal teeth!

Most canines love to chew, anyway, but to make it even a great deal a lot more interesting, this chew is infused with a tasty beef jerky flavor, although you can select from other flavors, as nicely, which contains bacon, chicken, and peanut butter. Priced at about $15, this dental chew is not the most affordable alternative, but offers outstanding really worth, considering its rewards.

Key Features
  • Developed for aggressive chewers
  • Lengthy lasting
  • Created in the USA

Questions & Answers

So are dogs supposed to actually eat this while chewing? isnt it just plastic? how can it be good for them?

I just received it yesterday and my dog is eating it clearly, it breaks out quite easily to be an extreme chew toy - the package says it's NOT safe for digestion - I ordered 2 the other things will send me back.

Top Customer Reviews
2,600 Customer Reviews

Avatar meredwine


I waited to judge this because I wanted to see how long it would take. My dog is a chewer and has gone through the big cow bones in less than 2 hours. $ 20 disappeared in 2 hours! He chewed at least $ 250 worth of chew toys in less than 2 months. The Nylabone was recommended to me by a person in the supermarket who has a husky (mine is a husky-terrier mix). She said he probably would never stop chewing. She said she tried the Nylabone and it was a lifesaver for her. I've tried it. It is almost 2 months ago and he has chewed no more than 1/4 of it and he chews on it daily. Every day I take it out of the floor and put it in his toy bin and he takes it out immediately. It's not like he's not chewing on it because he does. Well worth the money and it saved my baseboards!

7- Zuke’s’s Z-bone Dental Chew Dog Treats

 Zuke's's Z-bone Dental Chew Dog TreatsView On AmazonThe business behind this brand of dental chews prides itself on making use of all-natural components and getting rid of wheat, soy, gluten, and corn from their formulas. By performing so, these aids make Zuke’s Z-Bone Dental Chew Dog Treats an amazingly wholesome snack for your beloved canine even though nevertheless becoming appealing to their palate.

The effortlessly digestible formula of this deal prevents your canine from feeling complete. Furthermore, the deal with has a unique texture that is created to gently clean your dog’s teeth and gums, enabling him to get his time enjoying his treat.

Furthermore, it freshens your dog’s breath, enabling you to cuddle your pet without getting turned off by his bad breath. It is accessible in 3 sizes to accommodate canines of all breeds and sizes.

Key Features
  • It is created from organic elements that have no soy, wheat, gluten, or corn.
  • It’s very, very easily digestible, avoiding your puppy from acquiring full.
  • It gently cleans your dog’s teeth.
  • It freshens the breath.

Questions & Answers

Do these contain any poultry? My dog is allergic.

My canine is allergic, too. I give her the z-bones carrot, and they do not have poultry. No meat at all.

Top Customer Reviews
789 Customer Reviews

Avatar Precise Disarray

Precise Disarray

My 85 lb English Lab has rather discerning tastes, enough so that she might get her dog card taken away. Then she tries to grab snacks out of the cat litter box and her status is unquestionably, firmly canine.Bought these because I am used to buying treats she doesn't like. Thinking that these too would go to waste (or gifted to a friends less picky dog), I was surprised to find out that my baby girl likes these. A lot! She gets all frisky and silly with it for a couple of minutes; tossing it is to the air, rolling around on ground with it, mildly stalking it then finally gnawing on it until its gone.Pros:She likes these clean apple Z-bones. Tasty and fun to play with.Ingredients seem decent. Appear highly digestable. No weird poops or digestion issues so far.Cons:Unfortunately it is consumed quickly. I wont take a star away for that since I bought these as treats. But is was 2-3 minutes of fun, max.Maybe your dog will savor it.

8- Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews For Dogs

 Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews For DogsView On AmazonTreats and canines come in all sizes, and the extremely very best dental chews for tiny dogs are these Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews. These tiny but sturdy chews characteristic delmopinol, an anti-plaque agent that is employed in human oral rinse things.

As your canine chews, the treats type a protective barrier that aids stop bacteria from attaching to your dog’s gums and forming plaque and tartar (or producing poor breath). The chews are reduced-calorie and suited to canines from ten to 24 lbs.

Customers create that Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews depart canines with even severe halitosis with minty-fresh breath. They do a superb perform of breaking down tartar and are just the correct dimension for small breeds like Chihuahuas and King Charles Cavalier spaniels.

Key Features
  • It cleans dogs teeth efficiently.
  • It not only cleans but also prevents additional injury to the teeth by fighting the provide: the bacteria.

Questions & Answers

How many calories are in these?

From additional small to big, every chew has: 26.eight, 47.seven, 80.five, 128.2 Hope this assists! They are wonderful!! My canines breath is fresher and she is five and has never had any dental function, my vet says she isn't going to want it.

Top Customer Reviews
2,826 Customer Reviews

Avatar CJ


Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian, and this was not a scientific study. Please consult your vet if you're concerned about your dog's oral health.My dog is a 4 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He's aprox. 28 lbs. I gave him one medium chew a day for 30 days. The results are shown in the pictures (top is before, bottom is after). I didn't change anything else in his normal routine. He gets them in the morning, typically 20-30 minutes before he gets his breakfast.After 30 days, the plaque on his molars was reduced significantly. It didn't eliminate it, but the plaque that remained was much thinner. So thin that I could scrape some parts off with my fingernail with barely any pressure. It didn't really impact the plaque on any of his other teeth. It improved his breath dramatically.I would think that their effectiveness really depends on your dog's chewing style. My dog is a gnaw-er, so they worked well for him. If your dog tends to swallow treats, these probably will not work very well for you.I don't think these are a replacement for regular dental cleanings, but they may be able to lengthen the time between them.Also, they will occasionally give you dog bright green poops. So don't be surprised when that happens.

9- Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural Adult Dental Chew Dog

 Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural Adult Dental Chew DogView On AmazonThe Blue Buffalo puppy dental bones are obtainable in numerous sizes, so your canine is not eating a deal with the dimension of your dog’s physique. (Even even though we’re certain she wouldn’t like ideas!) The treats are textured to help soothe dog’s sore gums, which are outstanding for when she is teething.

Integrated is DHA to aid with cognitive improvement, Taurine for a wholesome heart, and nutritional vitamins for her immune technique. These chews will not only clean your dog’s teeth but give them fresh breath as well.

Key Features
  • Accessible in mini, little, regular and big sizes
  • Produced in the USA
  • A single hundred% grain and gluten-free of charge of charge

Questions & Answers

This might be a stupid question but are these bones actually blue? Has anyone had problems with the bones staining carpet?

No. They're kind of brownish. I haven't noticed stains but we have mostly tile and they're small they're goobbled up pretty quickly.

Top Customer Reviews
1,747 Customer Reviews

Avatar ErieGirl


See update below. I started looking for a new dental chew after Nylabone changed their recipe at the end of last year on the bone that we had used but had no courtesy to tell their customers. Really, not even a new recipe \\ label on the bag. See you soon Nylabone. So we tried a few different bones. Ho hum responses from the dogs. The last attempt were these Blue Buffalo Bones. The dogs went crazy. They take their treats and then run, and I really mean to run to different parts of the house to eat the bone alone, so that the other does not get any of the \\ shrapnel that might cut off before they do. So funny to see. They love this to say the least. We will buy more Blue Buffalo tooth bones. UPDATE: I have ordered these bones from the same list again in \\ my orders \\ on Amazon and this time I received a different product. It appears that my first review above was about \\ Blue Bones \\ (small) that are in the blue package. What I received this time were the small blue toothed heads in the yellow package. The dogs love to chew, but are not overly fond of them as if they were the Blue Bones. I have posted a photo of both. The Blue Bone is the largest of the two. There were 27 small blue bones in the 27 oz package. The Blue dental chew - small size - had 46 bones in the 27 oz bag. Which will I order next time? I think I'm going for the Blue Bones.

10- Whimzees Natural Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats

 Whimzees Natural Grain-Free Dental Dog TreatsView On AmazonWhimzees All-natural Grain Completely totally free Dental Canine Treats are only produced up of 6 components, and all of which contribute to your beloved canine friend’s all-round well being. They contain an assortment of nutritional vitamins and minerals that make certain your beloved canine pal stays with you for an extended time.

As a vegetarian deal with, it is meat-free of charge, gluten-free, and GMO-free of charge, which is excellent for canines with sensitivities to certain metals. In addition, it is big in fiber, which improves your dog’s digestive approach.

It is obtainable in different shapes, produced with grooves, hollow spaces, and knobs to reach even these tiny nooks and crannies in your dog’s mouth, offering your puppy triple care safety, which minimizes tartar and plaque construct-up whilst concurrently freshening his breath.

Key Features
  • It is grain-free of charge and vegetarian.
  • It is high in fiber, which improves digestive health.
  • It is accessible in different shapes and sizes.
  • It provides triple care protection.

Questions & Answers

What are the dismensions of this item?

These treats are about three 1/2 inches extended and are thicker at the best and bottom. They somewhat resemble a toothbrush.

Top Customer Reviews
1,280 Customer Reviews

Avatar Brian Banks

Brian Banks

Just switched from greenies to these...The last box of the greenies seemed soft and pliable and my Yorkie ate her toothbrush in seconds. We were at a pet store and we bought a Whimzee because the lady at the counter said they just started to carry them and they were all natural. I gave it to my Yorkie and it took her considerably more time and energy to eat. These are made better in my opinion and after about two hours of research online and a call to my vet I threw out the remaining box of greenies we had at home. I will only give my dog Whimzees from now on . The price at the store was 1.09 for 1 that includes the Michigan 6% sales tax ...Ordering thru Amazon.com makes them about 24 cents a piece based on 48 count bag...This seems to be a better investment in my opinion. My Yorkie is 9 pounds and she receives one of these every night to "brush her fangs" ...***UPDATE ... February 15 ... I had to stop giving these to my dog due to her throwing up large undigested pieces for three consecutive mornings in a row. They were very large pieces and on Wednesday she had orange pieces in her vomit from the orange chew she had onMonday... I just threw out the rest of the bag and the additional bag I bought as well... This was very disconcerting to me and I will no longer use this product ...

Different Types Of Dental Chews For Dogs

As you noted in our discussion, there are several types of dog dental chews you can buy to improve your pet’s dental health. Here are some of the most common.

  • Dental Diets: These are dry chunks that provide nutrition and also help your pet clean his teeth, freshen his breath, and remove plaque. These are often larger than dry chunks and are specially designed with ridges or studs to mechanically remove food particles.
  • Dental Treats: There are certain products that look like a regular dog chew but are specially blended with a variety of substances or even medications to help improve dogs’ oral health. For example, there are dental treats infused with 10% chlorhexidine gluconate, which helps kill bacteria in the oral cavity.
  • Rawhide Chew Snacks and Bully Cookies: We mentioned this above. These are excellent dental chews for dogs because they are more resistant to dogs’ chewing power. Depending on the product, these are also very rich in proteins because they come from animals. That said, you should be careful about your choice because you tend to get a mediocre product.
  • Chew Toys: Some dog toys are designed with ridges or studs to remove debris from the dog’s mouth. Canines are playful by nature, and they love to bite and pull on things. KONG dog toys come with refillable compartments that you can fill with delicious treats. The rubber material is considered safe and very chew resistant, so your dog can brush his teeth while enjoying delicious treats.

FAQs About Dental Chews For Dogs

What are dental chews for dogs, and how do they work?

Dog chews are chewed toys with ridges and nodules or chew with slightly raw ingredients. They are designed to scrape plaque from the teeth and massage the gums to improve the health of the teeth.

How often can I give my dog dental treats?

It really depends on what dental treatment you have. Usually one a day is enough.

Do dental chews really work for dogs?

Dental chews definitely help in the oral health and hygiene of dogs. However, they are not a substitute for brushing your dog’s teeth or regular dental checkups by a vet. Check with your vet if you are unsure about your dog’s dental health or what you can do to help.

Will dental chews for dogs remove my dog’s bad breath?

Bad breath in dogs is often a sign of gum disease. Dental chewable tablets can help reverse gum disease, as part of a comprehensive oral hygiene routine, so they should help get rid of bad breath.

Are chewing teeth enough to prevent dental problems in my dog?

While most dental chews are effective in reducing tartar and plaque in your dog’s teeth, it is still recommended to have them checked regularly by a vet to make sure everything is okay. It is recommended to take your dog to a vet once a year to ensure overall health.


Managing your pet’s oral and dental health is a necessity to prevent tooth decay, bad breath, and periodontal disease in dogs.

Dental dog chews are a great way to do that without the chance of accidentally biting your hand.

That said, with the variety of options on the market, you are sure to find the best dog dental chews your dog will love. Make sure to consider the ingredients, the dog’s preference, and the durability of the product.

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