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Are Yorkies Hyper? Why They’re So Energetic and How to Calm Them (2024)

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are yorkies hyperAre you asking yourself, Are Yorkies hyper? If so, you’re not alone.

Yorkshire terriers are known for their energy and playful nature, but sometimes their hyperactivity can be overwhelming.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why Yorkies can be so hyper and provide tips on how to calm them down.

We’ll also discuss how to manage your Yorkie’s energy levels and prevent them from becoming overly excited.

Key Takeaways

  • Yorkies require daily exercise such as brisk walks and interactive play to expend pent-up energy and prevent hyperactivity.
  • Establishing a consistent daily routine for meals, potty breaks, exercise and playtime can help manage hyperactive behaviors in Yorkies.
  • Rotating toys and activities keeps things interesting and prevents boredom that can lead to zoomies and hyperactivity in Yorkies.
  • Leaving adult Yorkies alone for up to 6 hours is generally fine, but providing puzzle toys or chews can keep them occupied and prevent destructive behaviors.

How Much Exercise Do Yorkies Need?

How Much Exercise Do Yorkies Need
As energetic dogs, Yorkies require daily exercise to expend pent-up energy.

Most experts recommend brisk 20-30 minute walks twice a day as sufficient exercise for the average adult Yorkie.

Without adequate outlets for their energy, Yorkies may manifest hyper behaviors like excessive barking, chewing, or restlessness.

Lack of Exercise

Your Yorkie’s hyperactivity may stem from not getting enough physical activity each day.

As your canine companion’s trusted advisor, I recommend providing at least 30-60 minutes of vigorous exercise like brisk walks, games of fetch, or a good romp at the dog park.

This will help your high-energy Yorkie burn off excess energy and settle into a calmer state.

Additionally, incorporate mental stimulation through:

  • Interactive puzzle toys
  • Training sessions with new commands or tricks
  • Hide-and-seek games
  • Varying their environments with walks around the neighborhood or trips to pet stores

Implementing daily exercise routines and playtime strategies enriches your Yorkie’s life, fulfills their instinctual needs, and promotes a healthy outlet for all that bubbly energy.

With some simple behavioral solutions centered on physical and mental engagement, you can curb hyper behavior and share many happy moments with your beloved furry friend.

Health Conditions

Certain health conditions can make your Yorkie suddenly much more hyperactive than usual.

A few possibilities to consider are:

  • Food allergies or sensitivities causing gastrointestinal issues
  • Urinary tract infections or other sources of pain/discomfort
  • Underlying neurological conditions like epilepsy or cognitive dysfunction

If your previously calm Yorkie is suddenly much more energetic and restless, take them to the vet for a checkup.

Getting to the root of any health issues can help calm their hyper behaviors and get them back to their usual self.

Pay close attention to any changes in their appetite, bathroom habits, mood, or activity levels.

With some dietary considerations for allergies, treatment for infections, or management of chronic conditions, you can better understand and meet your Yorkie’s needs for comfort and routine.

Getting ahead of emerging health problems allows you to prevent compounded hyperactivity issues down the line.

What Causes Hyper Behavior in Yorkies?

What Causes Hyper Behavior in Yorkies
Two primary reasons Yorkies tend to be hyper are hormonal imbalances and boredom.

Intact Yorkies may exhibit more excitable behavior due to natural hormone levels.

When a Yorkie lacks sufficient mental stimulation and activity, they’re more likely to act restless or hyperactive to expend pent-up energy.


Hyperactivity in your Yorkie can stem from hormonal imbalances, especially in young, unspayed, or unneutered dogs.

Their hormones lead to higher energy levels and make them more easily excitable.

However, you can curb these behaviors in your Yorkie through regular exercise routines catered to their age, along with mental stimulation through training techniques like clicker training.

Establishing an obedience training program provides mental challenges crucial for calming down hyperactivity influenced by hormones.

Over time, your Yorkie will learn to better self-regulate their energy as they mature.


You’re also likely to see hyper behavior in your Yorkie when it’s bored and lacks mental stimulation.

Intelligent breeds like Yorkies need daily activities to engage their minds.

Try rotating interactive toys and enrichment activities to prevent boredom.

Incorporate playtime strategies like hide-and-seek with treats, puzzle toys, training new commands or tricks, and creative diversions.

Prevent destructive behaviors in your absence with crate training paired with mental stimulation.

Ensuring your Yorkie has outlets for mental energy is just as important as physical outlets when trying to curb hyperactivity.

With both mental and physical needs met daily, you’ll have a calm, content canine companion.

Will My Yorkie Ever Calm Down?

Will My Yorkie Ever Calm Down
After identifying what causes hyper behavior in your Yorkie, you’ll wonder if they’ll ever calm down as they mature.

Most Yorkies do become calmer as they age, but the timeline varies depending on the individual dog. Training techniques and behavioral solutions can help expedite the aging process.

  • Start training and socialization early, around 12-16 weeks old.
  • Use reward-based training methods.
  • Engage in daily mental stimulation through games and toys.
  • Stick to a predictable routine.

As your Yorkie reaches adulthood around 1-2 years old, you should notice some natural calming as part of the aging process.

However, Yorkies are energetic by nature and some individuals retain their peppy personality for life.

Consistency with the training techniques and playtime strategies mentioned can help transition this energy into calm obedience over time.

The keys are meeting the dog’s needs daily through exercise, affection, and mental engagement.

If done right, your Yorkie can turn into a delightful, obedient companion.

How Can I Help My Hyper Yorkie?

How Can I Help My Hyper Yorkie
You can help calm your hyper Yorkie by:

  • Providing more exercise:
    • Increasing physical activity and mental stimulation through walks, games, and training can give your Yorkie an outlet for excess energy.
  • Implementing training:
    • Sticking to a regular schedule of meals, potty breaks, playtime, and walks will also provide stability and help curb hyperactivity.
  • Establishing a consistent daily routine:
    • Sticking to a regular schedule of meals, potty breaks, playtime, and walks will also provide stability and help curb hyperactivity.

More Exercise

You should regularly exercise your hyper Yorkie to help calm them down.

Take them on daily walks, play interactive games like fetch or flyball, set up indoor activities, and schedule playdates with other dogs.

This provides physical stimulation and mental challenges that your energetic pup craves.

Varying the activities prevents boredom while tiring them out.


Consistent training helps channel your Yorkie’s energy and reinforces calm behavior.

  • Using interactive games builds mental stamina and focus.
  • Clicker training aids behavior modification through positive reinforcement.

Establish a crate as a calm, comforting space, not punishment.

Ensure your affectionate Yorkie gets adequate quality time with you.

Providing mental stimulation curbs hyperactivity and boredom.


While training provides mental stimulation for hyper Yorkies, establishing a consistent routine can also help calm them since Yorkies thrive when they have structure and predictability in their lives.

You’ll find that sticking to a routine with set times for walks, play, training, meals, and sleep will help satisfy your Yorkie’s needs for activity and rest, reducing hyperactivity stemming from restlessness.

Weekly routines help hyper Yorkies feel secure in their environments, maximizing your dog’s attention and playtime during periods of high energy and easing their restlessness during downtime.

Are Yorkies Naturally a Hyper Breed?

Are Yorkies Naturally a Hyper Breed
You’ve likely noticed your Yorkie puppy exhibits bursts of energy and excitement, zooming around the house in what’s affectionately called the Yorkie 500.

This hyperactive behavior is quite common in the breed, especially in young Yorkies under 3 years old.

The Yorkie’s spirited personality is part of why they make such fun, lively companion dogs.

Yorkie Puppies

Your Yorkie puppy is naturally very energetic and hyper.

Redirect hyper behaviors to appropriate chew toys.

Provide puzzle toys and treat balls for mental stimulation.

Use short training sessions to work their mind and body.

Enroll in puppy socialization classes for a controlled environment.

Puppies explore the world through play and will dart around excitedly when given the chance. It’s essential to channel that energy positively through age-appropriate games, toys, and training.

Limit boisterous play and running right after eating to avoid digestive issues.

Be patient and consistent with training. Your energetic pup will begin to calm down after full maturity around 2 years old.

For now, focus on providing adequate physical and mental stimulation.


You’re likely to see your Yorkie experience bouts of sudden, frantic energy called ‘the zoomies’.

Zoomies Explained:

The zoomies, a burst of hyperactive behavior, occur when a Yorkie needs to release pent-up energy.

Managing Zoomies:

Remain calm during zoomies. Redirect the energy into play if outdoors.

Fun with Zoomies:

While zoomies can seem troublesome, embrace this quirk of Yorkies. Turn it into playtime.

Preventing Zoomies:

Daily exercise and mental stimulation help prevent energy build-up and zoomies.

Zoomies and Training:

Use zoomies as a training opportunity. Have your Yorkie perform commands before engaging in play as a reward.

When Can Yorkies Be Left Alone?

When Can Yorkies Be Left Alone
As an adult dog over 18 months old, your Yorkie can typically be left alone for up to 6 hours, provided he’s given sufficient physical and mental stimulation.

Senior Yorkies, depending on their health status, may be left alone for 2-6 hours.

Regardless of your Yorkie’s age, be sure to meet his needs for exercise, training, and affection before leaving him by himself for extended periods.

Adult Yorkies

Adult Yorkies over eighteen months can comfortably be left alone for up to six hours at a time.

You should ensure your adult Yorkie has access to water, toys, and a comfortable place to rest when you’re away.

Provide puzzle toys or chews to occupy your Yorkie while alone.

Rotating toys keeps things interesting.

Leave the TV or radio on for background noise and comfort.

Consider hiring a dog walker for longer absences or schedule daycare.

Practice short solo time regularly so your Yorkie learns the routine.

Senior Yorkies

Two, as an older adult Yorkie, you’re able to be left alone for 2-6 hours, depending on health.

During senior years, aging gracefully involves adapting exercise and environmental enrichment to changing needs.

Health concerns like arthritis may limit mobility, so focus on low-impact activities that provide mental stimulation.

Interactive toys keep an older Yorkie’s mind sharp while home alone.

As Yorkies age, maintain veterinary care and monitor any concerning changes to ensure quality of life.

With compassionate owners who understand evolving requirements, senior Yorkies can continue thriving in their golden years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some signs my Yorkie is hyperactive or has too much energy?

Your Yorkie may be hyperactive if exhibiting signs like:

  • Constantly seeking attention or playtime
  • Running around aimlessly or in circles
  • Restlessness
  • Excessively chewing, barking, or jumping

Drastic mood shifts, low impulse control, and trouble settling down are other common indications.

Ruling out an underlying medical issue is wise.

How can I provide mental stimulation for my Yorkie indoors?

Hide treats around the house and have your Yorkie search for them.

Rotate several interactive puzzle toys to keep things interesting.

Play hide and seek with st■ animals or toys.

Engage in short training sessions throughout the day to stimulate and challenge your dog mentally.

Physical exercise is still crucial, so supplement indoor play with daily walks.

What type of interactive toys work best for hyper Yorkies?

Chew toys like Kongs and bubble dispensers engage your Yorkie’s eager mind, satisfying their instinct to work while soothing anxious energy with calming, repetitive motion.

Rotate novel toys to prevent boredom-induced restlessness in these energetic pups.

Should I use a leash or harness when walking my hyper Yorkie?

You should use a harness for walking a hyper Yorkie.

Harnesses distribute pressure more evenly and reduce strain on the trachea, which is especially important for small breeds prone to collapsing trachea like Yorkies.

Properly fitted harnesses also give better control over hyper dogs who pull during walks.

At what age do Yorkies start to calm down from puppy hyperactivity?

Unfortunately, there’s no set age when Yorkies calm down.

All dogs mature at different rates.

With proper exercise, training, and attention, most Yorkies start settling by 18-24 months.

But some retain their playful puppy energy well into adulthood.

The key is providing enough activity and affection to meet their needs at every age.


You’ve run miles with your Yorkie, yet their tiny paws still scamper around the house.

Though their endless energy may seem daunting, remember that symbol of loyalty at your feet.

With proper exercise, training, and a predictable routine, you can channel that liveliness into a lasting bond.

Stay patient, stay consistent, and soon your hyper companion will find their place by your side.

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