Zeaxuie Heavy Duty Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers – 9 Pack Value Set Includes

  • 9 Pack VALUE Package: Especially for large breeds weighing 60-90 lbs. Including < > * heavy knots rope toy, < > * attractive squeaky toy, < > * bone chew toy, < > rolls of dog poop bags. A variety of toys can meet your friends' daily needs, such as chewing, training, interaction, etc., help them keep boredom away.
  • Indestructible toys for super-aggressive chewers: rope toys – much bigger and thicker than others, extremely wear-resistant & bite-resistant ; Squeaky toys – more than < >,< > bite times tested by aggressive chewers (shepherds, labradors, etc.), almost indestructible; Bone-shaped toy – for a strong bite, can withstand thousands of bites from large breeds.
  • Teeth Care: Chew toys can not only improve the dog's chewing ability, but also help them massage their gums, clean the tooth and reduce anxiety. We will always protect the health of your dog's teeth so that they retain fresh breath.
  • Funny Interactive Toy: Designed for large dogs, great for tug of war, throwing and fetch in interactive games. Interaction with the dog can help to avoid boredom and bite your house, release stress, also improve relationship with it, perfect for indoor and outdoor play or training. ; Squeaky toy – made of natural rubber, soft but durable; Bone-shaped toy – beef flavor nylon material, not damaged by thousands of chews. Reassuring toys protect your dog's health, allowing them to chew and play safely.

Amazon.com Price: $24.99 (as of 21/11/2021 05:21 AM Details )
Package Dimensions

10.59 x 8.46 x 5.39 inches 3.42 Pounds

Date First Available

June 1, 2021



What size dogs are these suitable for?

It may be suitable for under 80 pounds, but it also depends on your dog's bite force. My dog weighs 90 pounds, it still works well.

What material is the squeaky toy made of? Pet friendly or not?

It's made from a fairly thin plastic which I wouldn't think is pet friendly if swallowed, but I'm no expert.

How many rope toys are there in the tug toys set? I have 3 dogs, I hope that each can has a separate rope toy.

There are 4 rope toys in the set. One extra long rope is used for pulling and the other 3 short ropes are used for chewing. Of course, short ropes are also very suitable.

Is a long rope suitable for tugging? My beagle loves to tug games with her friends very much.

Yes. The longest rope is used exclusively for pulling. I use a long rope to play tug games with my little girl, she always enjoys it. I think the relationship with her is much closer. The key to fostering relationships is the perfect toy. LOL

Can I buy just the bone my rottie loves it?

It's a pack of a variety of heavy toys that I don't think can be split. You could try posting a description of your bot on Amazon and see what comes up.

These rope toys suitable for an 88 lbs pitbull? My boy urgently needs a set of toys suitable for him.

YES. I have a 77lbs collie, this toy is very suitable for her, big enough. Her favorite is the bone-shaped chew toy, which often lies on the carpet and bites into it.

Is the red bone made of wood? It looks very hard.

It's not wood, the seller said it's made of food-grade nylon. For the safety of dogs, I pay more attention to the materials of toys. After comparing several sellers, I decided to go for this toy set. So far they are safe and have not harmed my dog.

What material is the rope tug toy?

Outside nylon and inside cotton. Holds up as well as any other rope my big dog and I have used for tug of war. Had it for a few months now and still in good condition.

Are the red bone-shaped toys sturdy enough?

The red dog bone is very sturdy. My 9 month old Akita chews on it constantly and it is in excellent condition. She chews through everything so I'm so glad it held up.

Are rope knot toys soft? Friendly to the dog’s teeth? I am worried that too hard will hurt my dog's teeth.

Rope toys are soft. It's a soft cotton thread, so don't worry about your dog's mouth and teeth.