Youngever 2 Pack Dog Ball Toys for Pet Tooth Cleaning, Chewing, Fetching, Iq Treat Ball

  • Dog and Cat Toys – 2 Pack IQ Treat Balls in 2 Vibrant Colors, Yellow and Blue.
  • MENTAL STIMULATE YOUR DOG – Slots on the side and a hollow center allow you to put snacks or other small treats in it. While they're busy reaping the tasty rewards, dogs challenge their intellect, burn extra energy, and steer clear of mischief. It keeps dogs mentally and physically active while playing.
  • INTERACTIVE PLAY – Great for puppy dogs and kitten cats. Perfect for bonding with your dog while you play with him.
  • SIZE – 2 inch Diameter. Ideal for small to medium breeds (8lbs to 30lbs or larger) to use and clean
  • EASY – 100% Natural Rubber. Super safe for your dog and easy to clean. After use, rinse in warm soapy water and allow to air dry. Price: $6.99 (as of 26/11/2021 03:51 AM Details )
Package Dimensions

4.57 x 2.64 x 2.24 inches 3.53 Ounces

Date First Available

November 27, 2019


Youngever LLC

There is no way treats fit inside the balls or in the grooves. Where do i find that size??

Cut or break off the treat or kibble

Country of origin?

I do not know response. I did not seem at that. Amazon is super superior with returns and it is so straightforward to return things for any motive. Appear on package deal. I do not have mine but appreciate the products. Thank you for asking this query.

Is this made in USA?

Not exactly sure however they are indestructible so much as well as my pet dog is a 125 extra pound Cane Corso

Does this fit into a standard size chuck it? It says they are 2.75 inches and chuckit balls are 2.5 but maybe?

It can match a standard dimension. However there's a little one of 2. 36 inches

Can the dogs tear them up?

I have a 125 extra pound Cane Corso as well as everything I purchase for him he wreck besides these 2 spheres. Thus far they have held up as well as lasting with not one hole or crack in them, i extremely suggest them for any person that has any type of kind of dog yet specifically for ones that tear points up. They will certainly outlast all various other toys you get them, mine have.

Is this made in China?


It says its a 2 pack but then it says 1 pack so which 1 is the truth

Mine came with 2. Yellow & blue.

Are these balls flavored.or scented?

Not fragrance

how do I contact seller?

It comes with 2 balls.

Do the large come with 2?

Yes, the one I bought was a 2 pack! Loaded them up with rewards, gave one to every puppet, as well as hardly ever see them unless I head out to collect them from the dog backyard.