Wigzi (2) Two Dog Reflective Retractable Pet Leash – 360 Degree Zero Tangle Patent –

  • Walks with two dogs without getting tangled
  • Stops dogs individually
  • 50 lbs per dog Max length 10 feet per dog
  • Reflective Cables
  • Patented 360 Degree Spin Technology Price:  $34.99 (as of 06/01/2022 06:10 AM Details )


Wigzi Dual Doggie 2 Retractable Dog Leash, 50lbs Per Leash

Product Dimensions

6 x 1 x 6 inches 1 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

October 25, 2016


Wigzi LLC

What if one dog goes around a post on one side and one on the other or one walks behind me and comes up the other side?

To begin with, you function hard to guide them to the same side and also otherwise jus tot draw the various other one around you can secure each chain so if one walk,s around you just secure it and steer them about. Not too hard to get the hang of the deceased size makes it a little much easier to managementr I stroll 3 dogs at the same time with no genuine issues 2 small 10LB dogs on the Dual and afterwards a 65lb on a Longer flex leash.

Can you use your own leash with this?

Yes you can, the material part of the leash is 23" including the clip,,, if you clip your typical chain to this clip you currently have a chain that is 23" longer than your conventional leash. If you extend the leash fully with your leash connected, it will have to do with 10ft. longer than your common leash. It still functions in penalty in this manner. If you get a big carabiner clip you can clip them to your buying cart handle if you go to a shop it enabled them in.

One of the leashes broke. Can you replace the leash part? Or do I need to purchase a whole new unit?

Mine relatively damaged inside the manage. I opened it and studied the engineering. I could put it back together and it works best again. The actual fabric chains are ended independently in the tiny round attachment. I really did not open up that, however my guess is you might feed a brand-new chain in if it was the precise size.

Does anyone know if it would work with a medium size dog and a small dog? I have 2 goldendoodles. One 50 pounds - one 15.

I have a 23lb dog and also a 8.4lb dog both cocker spaniels and also it functions wonderfully for them

I need another leash as mine only lasted 6 months. I can't find anything better out there at this time for the price, is there any warranty?

The producer has a guarantee on their products. Please visit their website as well as register your product to get even more details on the warranty. You can additionally call them to register for guarantee. I wish this assists, allow us to recognize if you require any kind of various other help.

How big are the snap hooks? Are they too heavy for collars for small dogs (8 lbs)? Do they weigh down the dog's collar when attached?

I do not think the snaps would be too big. I connect my own to harnesses not collars, however they are not heavy. I don't think it would certainly consider a collar down.

Is there anyway to fix the green leash part where you click the button but it doesn’t grip? It just keeps extending with a light click.

There are 2 buttons for every lead. The bigger buttons (closer to you) will secure a lead when totally depressed. The to smaller switch in front of that big one offers 2 objectives. It will certainly unlock a secured lead (if the huge switch is depressed initially.) Or, you can dispirit only the smaller button to intermittently quit and hold a lead up until we launched the tiny switch. I love this double lead. It has actually worked perfectly for me as well as no tangles!

Does this work for small dogs? I have a 7 lb yorkie and a 13 lb yorkiepoo.

Hi indeed. The optimum weight is 22kgs for every lead. I have a pup cockapoo approx 5kgs and a 14 years of age. Bestie 9kgs. The retractable cord is extremely solid thick to cater for up to a large pet dog. I love my own a lot less complicated than 2 separate leads. It does state on product packaging not to use with one canine, but I placed them both on until I'm at the field where I walk then let my older off his part of the lead. The are colour coded orange and green the control locks and leads. Splendid piece of kit. Extremely recommend. Hope this assists.

How long are the leashes?

Hi! Each side is 10 feet max. However can be changed smaller sized as required. For me it's a fantastic size and permits the dogs to do their biz at different sizes if you pick. Hope hat aids!

Is this ok for a English bulldog that weighs at least 70 and a pitbull that weighs the same?

Hey there. The specs I have on it claim 2 canines, approximately 50 pounds each. Those pet dogs could be too huge for it to take care of. Thanks!