Vetwell Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats – Otic Rinse for Infections and Controlling Ear

  • VETERINARY FORMULATED to gently clean, deodorize, acidify and dry your pet’s ears
  • SAFE AND GENTLE CLEANER with Aloe Vera for everyday use. Won’t sting, burn or aggravate the ear canal
  • Eliminates wax, liquid, dirt and debris buildup to stop itching/scratching, head shaking and irritation
  • RECEIVES INFECTIONS: Caused by mites, yeast and itching
  • Made in the USA in federally regulated manufacturing facilities to ensure quality and safety Price:  $12.99 (as of 23/12/2021 08:01 AM Details )


Your description says the liquid will not sting, yet it has alcohol in it. Can you explain?

Hi and thanks for reaching out! The alcohol in our formula is much less than 5%. The aim of the alcohol is to create a completely dry atmosphere in the ear and also is vital element to ear upkeep. It's such a diluted amount, so it doesn't sting,, and is definitely not what you consider when you consider a product like pure scrubbing alcohol (which does sting by the way). We've been marketing this formula in veterinary channels for over 15 years to thousands of veterinarians who use it daily in their practice. Please remember, however, it's really essential not to use the product if there is any kind of suspected damages to the eardrum. We hope this assists answer your inquiry. Whitewall support team. Healthiness begins with VetWELL.

If i were to use it on my dog twice a week as one reviewer does, how long would it last?

Depends on the pet. Does not take but a couple drops for my small lady. Extra for my 2 extremely big ladies, that are prone to ear problems because of their flappy ears and also love of rolling outside.

Where is my my review for allergy immune treats

Scratchy ears

I ordered this product, it came with the package opened and nothing was inside. If I order again how can I be assured that it will not happen again?

speak to the business - typically firms will send you an additional one.

What is the consistency of this cleaner - like water?

Yes, it is like water. Has a good aroma and also can be soaked a fabric or directly in your family pet's ears. It has functioned well for us.

Has anyone used this on a Shar-pei or any other breed of dog with really tight ear canals? If so, does it dry well without irritation?

I have a Chihuahua, and also that was my very first time using this product, but I made use of cotton spheres and could dry out the within. I don't let it go deep into the canal. I hope this assists.

please advise ... what are the ingredients???

Deionized Water, Aloe Vera, SD Alcohol 40, Vitamin A, C, E & F and some other Ingredients, not Harmful to your Animal at all. And it smells really great.

Does the "fragrance" used in this include thalates and if not what do they hg Ave in them?

I do not understand what it uses, however the odor was incredibly solid. I disliked it.

Will this work for ear mites?

So my golden retriever got termutes. I do 2 ear cleansings a day. Has actually been 3 days currently as well as her ear looks WAY better. the mite black substance is virtually gone, as well as she does not damage her ear as a lot.

would this work on a chihuahua? he seems to just scratch his ear all the time and I want something to soothe his itchiness

Your pet might scratch his ear for any type of several reasons. It's best to go see a veterinarian to identify the root cause of the damaging.