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  • 1. Two attachment points for extra control. This harness attaches in the normal back/neck and also under the abdomen.
  • 2. Hand on the back: better control of the dog's movement and for fastening the seat belt.
  • 3. strong tensile strength, double stitching and payload buckles mean this harness will hold up even strong tractors.
  • 4. Softly lined in chest and stomach for comfort.
  • 5. Please refer to the size chart image for correct item dimensions. Price: $25.09 (as of 22/11/2021 15:41 PM Details )

To use as non pull harness, in attaching to the front ring, is there a best way to position the leash for walking?

Just let it flow over the dog's shoulder. It won't take long for them to get the idea of not pulling. Then you can attach to the ring on the top for regular walking.

what size is the neck? is it adjustable? My dogs neck is 30" and chest is 43"

There are sizing details given in the added photos found under the picture of the harness. They do not offer neck sizes in the sizing chart, however, instead, the harness is sized according to the chest measurement. There are changes on the harness for the component that fit over the head. According to the sizing graph, the XL harness will fit a dog with a 32-42 inch breast. Given that your pet dog has a 43 inch breast, I am uncertain that these harnesses will fit. I had initially bought a tiny for one of my Boston terriers because his chest dimension went to the ceiling of the small and also at the reduced limit of the medium. Because he is an escaper, I was concerned regarding getting a harness that provided him excessive shake space. Sadly, I needed to return the little and also get a tool because the small was annoyingly limited, and also while I didn't desire the harness to be also loosened, I additionally didn't want it to be awkward or overly restrictive. I could change the tool harness for a great fit. These are outstanding harnesses, yet, in my viewpoint, one must get up a size if the breast measurement goes to the top limit of the range provided for a particular size. However, since your dog's breast size is over the ceiling for an XL harness, these harnesses might not benefit your pet.

What are the neck sizes??? My dog is a dachsund mix with a very large neck relative to his chest. His neck is 13 inches, and his chest is 16.

My poodle is the opposite. Little neck, enormous chest . I identified this harness to be adjustable and straightforward to match.

The pictures look like it should be adjustable at the neck end, but the one I received is not. What’s up with that?

I had to go on the Web and appear for instructions. It is pretty really hard to change and my small canine has slipped out, so please beware!

My dog is exactly at 27 inches. Should I get a medium or large?

Sorry I am not a specialist but I can say I transpire to have 2 harness and they are uncomplicated to alter. My skinny Corgi wears a compact, and I hold a huge on hand for my son's black lab. (50 lbs) extremely huge breast place considering that mixed this a boxer.

Looking for quick release extentions for girth. Its very tight and wanted to add just an inch on each side. Wondering if anyone has had success?

I necessary to purchase up from the measurements. I gained mediums for my Wheaten Terriers and had to go to substantial. They are superb harnesses and straightforward to get on and off.

what size does medium fit.

If you search at their sizong chart, I think it is pretty exact. M is for 22-27 inch chest. I purchased S for my miniature Schnauzer and she is on the compact finish of their measurement and weighs about 14# now. I was delighted with the change-skill of this and my lady is on the smallest alternative with an area to develop presently 8 months outdated now. I think I posted an image of her in it when it arrived in December 2018.

How much does the harness weigh? I see info about sizes but nothing on the weight? Thx.

incredibly light but materials incredibly very well created in power

I'm looking for a harness to comfortable help my elderly dog into the car. Does this have front support that would work for this?

It would rely on how a lot help your puppy demands. This harness has a takoncare of on the back, which is incredibly valuable for lifting a puppy into a motor vehicle, but I uncover I will need to place my other arm underneath our existing thirty-pound dog’s stomach to give her degree help. She just does not like to trip and will not hop into the motor vehicle in her very own. In thprevious useded an orthopedic sort rehab harness for my elderly and practically

I ordered and received a medium tlh5651 harness but it is too small. i have reordered a large in the same harness. how do i return 1st harness?

Just return and inform them, as it was the incorrect dimension. If they will not get it, publish them a negative evaluation. You need to get a response immediately so that you will get it down! Undesirable testimonials destroy vendors!