Tracki (2022) 4g Mini Gps Tracker Magnetic. Full Usa &worldwide Coverage. For Vehicles, Car, Kids,

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  • Unlimited distance real-time tracking. Monthly fee is required. Full coverage in the US and all countries worldwide. International SIM card included. We are a US based company focused on GPS tracking. Our competitors are simply white label resellers. Our client is Vodafone, a top mobile company. Track vehicles, cars, trucks, kids, dogs, elderly, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, equipment, tools, assets, valuables. Monthly fee of USD 19.95 is required or as low as USD 9.95 (more details in the big paragraph)
  • Tracki is super small (1.75×1.5×0.55in) and super light (1.26 oz). Comes with built-in SIM card built in and works worldwide. Accessories included: strong magnet, waterproof silicone cover for dog collar, belt clip, key ring, lanyard. 5 years of history. We believe the customer is king and provide live telephone advisors 7 days a week
  • The rechargeable battery life is up to 5 days (the more it moves, the fewer days) and is tracked in real time every 1-5 minutes. If real-time tracking is not needed, the battery lasts for 30-75 days, tracking 1-3 times a day (using battery saver mode). Optional accessory (not included ASIN B07YVNV82V) comes with 6 times longer life 3,500mAh battery + magnetic waterproof box, extends battery life up to 2 weeks with 1 min update and up to 10 months of tracking once a day
  • Works with outdoor GPS satellites as primary tracking technology and indoors with Wi-Fi as secondary backup tracking. Tracki listens for the MAC ID of nearby Wi-Fi routers, and matches IDs with the Wi-Fi database for an accurate location when GPS is not available. View the tracking live on the map, including Google Street View compatible. Receive real-time alerts when the tracker crosses a Geo-fence zone you set. Get SOS, Low Battery, Speeding, Start Moving Alerts via App Notification, SMS or Email
  • Lifetime warranty including lost or damaged device. Tracki is state-of-the-art and can be worked out-of-the-box within minutes. Tracki comes with highly rated smartphone apps that are compatible with: Android, iOS and all internet browsers. Monthly fee of 9.95 USD-19.95 USD is required Price: $13.88 (as of 26/12/2021 06:15 AM Details )


Tracki device makes it easy to track people, cars and assets in real time. Monthly fee of USD 19.95 is required. Long-term prepaid plans are also available for just USD 9.95 per month, see details below****. Lifetime warranty including lost, stolen or damaged device. Tracki’s location can be accessed through the included Tracki smartphone app which is compatible with Android or iPhone or any browser. With GPS Tracking + Wi-Fi Tracking, you can accurately locate anything anywhere for unlimited distance. Works in USA, Canada +185 countries worldwide. Reasons why Tracki is better: (1) Small, small and light (2) Worldwide unlimited distance coverage (3) Manual app ping of 15 seconds update speed** (4) Battery life of 1-3 months in batt save sleep mode* ( 5 ) 6 months in storage mode with optional battery ** (6) Optional larger 3,500 mAh magnetic battery** (7) Wi-Fi indoor tracking by reading router ID when GPS signal is obstructed by buildings. (8) Live telephone technical assistance 7 days a week (9) Size, super small tracker 1.75×1.5×0.55in (10) Weight, super light 1.26oz 11) Comes with clip to attach to belt, bag (12) Comes with Magnet (13) Comes with silicone waterproof cover that can be attached to a pet (14) Has an SOS panic button (15) Has a replaceable/removable battery (16) 5 years history (17) 5 min Easy installation (18) US Gov FCC Certified. Notes: *Batt save/sleep mode where the device goes to sleep and wakes up 1-3 times a day. **Tracki’s automatic location update speed is only 1 minute. *** Optional extended battery with magnetic waterproof box lasts 2 weeks with 1 minute update. Up to 6 months in battery saving mode. ****Long Term Prepaid Monthly Subscriptions are as follows: 6 months for USD 16.60 per month x6=USD 99 prepaid, 1 year for USD 13.95 per month x12=167USD prepaid or 2 years for USD 9.95 per month x24=239USD prepaid

Product Dimensions

1.74 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches

Item Weight

1.26 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. included

Date First Available

January 25, 2019



if the situation is to swallow the device! question is! still working and can be found or just get dem├ęged?

While swallowing is not the preferred approaches of insertion right into the body it will still work. Per the instructions it very suggests placing straight right into the anus. Like Tim stated, PLEASE maintain the battery charger attached as to when you would certainly such as to get rid of the gadget it will certainly keep you from a trip to the ER. Merely draw and voila out it comes!

Can it be used in Dominican Republic? What will be the monthly fee?

Yes, Tracki functions in Dominican Republic and in 185 nations which include all South America and Caribbean. Tracki comes with a created-in SIM and the gadget is doing work out-of-the-box inside 5 minutes. Month-to-month charge is $ 19. 95 or as low as $ 9. 95 for extended phrase packages. Most effective regards

Is it possible to have this always turned on while attached to my scooter, but only activate the gps service if my scooter is stolen?

Precious customer, You can not turn on the device unless you have it in your hands. If the gadget remains in your taken auto there is no means to trigger it. So it is worthless to purchase the gadget in the hope that if your car's and truck obtains swiped you can activate it after the reality. This will not work. Best relates to

How long will battery last on one charge?

If you desire the battery to last 30 days can do it if you don't require live monitoring, by tracking 6-8 times per day only. In order to establish it, you require to make use of the 4th tab on the device setup utilizing the desktop application (this setup is not located on the phone application).

I'm buying this tracker for my father who has dementia, is it possible to put the app on two iPhones?

Hi, Yes, you can place the app on 10 various apples iphone or Android as well as see the very same GPS Tracker or perhaps few trackers from 10 mobile phones or desktop computer app at the same time. BTW, this is the tiniest and lightest GPS monitoring tool in the marketplace and also is additionally ideal for Dementia as well as Alz considering that it in the only device out there that has a clip attachable to a belt, pants, pocket or perhaps shoe. Best relates to

Can this track a car even if it is more than 100 miles away?

Precious consumer, Tracki will certainly benefit unlimited limitless range. It will work from any type of city to any city, from any type of state to any kind of state or from any kind of nation to any kind of nation. It will function as for 50, 000 miles if needed. Best pertains to

Will these work on school buses? we have 11 buses and would like to have one on each bus? do they hold a charge for a long period of time?

Precious client, Yes these trackers work extremely well on school buses and you can send out a web link to the parents so they can see where the bus goes to at any time. The battery can last up to 3 days or up to 2 weeks with extended battery. Likewise you can plug it to any USB power source on the bus so you never need to stress over charging the battery. Best concerns

I need the Waterproof silicone case for this anyone

Hi, The best Waterproof box you can utilize is: which includes an extremely solid magnetic mount that firmly affixes to any steel part of the vehicle, watercraft, or delivery container safely. Additionally consists of a rechargeable 3500mAh battery that you can prolong Tracki battery to last 2 weeks at 1 minutes upgrade up to 1 years in battery save sleep/hibernation setting.

Does it have to be "turned on" or is it always activated when the battery is charged?

It needs to be turned on. After that, you might turn it "off" or "on.".

Once i attach it to my car can i change the pings from 1 to 5 min? Of do i do the setup before i attach it

Precious client, All these ping settings are through the app as well as can be transformed at any moment on-the-fly. The longer the moment in mind, the longer the batter will last. Best regards