Sleekez Deshedding Grooming Tool for Dogs, Cats & Horses – Patented Undercoat Brush for Short

  • Shabby to slim down in minutes. Experience up to 95% less loss in just one use.
  • Patented design. Corrugated Cardboard Pattern Blade Gently wipes off loose fur, dirt and dander without snagging.
  • Will not cut or damage hair. Works on all coat types, except pets with long, human-like hair.
  • Also removes pet hair from furniture, vehicles, carpet, blankets, pet bedding and more.
  • Made in USA Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Works guaranteed or your money back. Price: $21.45 (as of 22/11/2021 11:41 AM Details )

This is a counterfeit item

I just bought this product from Amazon as well as it IS THE ORIGINAL!! It might be the most effective point I have actually bought on Amazon. I have a mid-length haired pet dog that lives within. I additionally have no rug, so I sweep concerning 4-5 times a day. My wonderful lady won't most likely to the groomers and she is nearly 100 extra pounds. I could use the SLEEKEZ on her and also WOW!!! I can see spots I neglected she had! She was so satisfied to allow me "comb" her with it. This early morning, I didn't have to sweep my floor!!! AMAZING PRODUCT!!! 5 STARS!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Will it damage the Guard hairs on my husky?

It should not. I have a German Shepard mix and also it didn't mess with his guard hair. It got the "fluff" off of him.

how about shih-tzu?

I have had a shin-TZU in the past. I don't assume this would certainly work really well for the tangles shis-tzu's get. It would get the top coat penalty, but it does not have long sufficient prongs to obtain the underneath layer.

Does it work on cats?

Yes! The SleekEZ functions great on cats. We recommend the 2 5 inch SleekEZ for pet cats and other little dropping animals.

Ive heard you can brush loose hair from horse pads and polo wraps with this too. Has anyone tried that? I want to get as much hair removed b4 washing

I have as well, as it takes a great deal off the pads. Much like brushing the steed itself.

I have a american bully that leaves hair everywhere!! i brush and get nothing, but hair falls out her coat constantly. will this help and why?

My boxer sheds like crazy. This brush does not stop her from dropping. however I can quickly clean her and also wish to manage some of the hair fallout. She enjoys it.

Will this brush work on a miniature poodle?

I didn't believe poodles lose; I have a Shepard mix and also it works outstanding. I don't assume it would service that type of hair.

Have a golden retriever. how well does it work with longer hair with undercoat? also have a pomeranian that has undercoat. but again long hair????

It works to get the under layer. It will not work as quickly with lengthy hair.

I have 2 aussies and a german shepherd. will this work on them? also what size is best?

The SleekEZ works great in my lab/Aussie mix. She evaluates 80 pounds; the 5," is perfect and feels comfortable in my hand. I really feel like the bigger size would certainly be as well as big— the SleekEZ feels even more like stroking to her than just a grooming tool. The 5" is extra like the dimension of a hand.

Will it work on short hair bangle cats?

I believe so. My feline has short hair with random length hairs in it (No idea what his breed is). I developed the silex to get any kind of loosened hairs out and it certainly suffices in my instance.