Sharlovy Squeaky Balls for Dogs Small, Fetch Balls for Dogs Rubber 6 Pack Bright Colors

  • SUPER VALUE DOG TOY BALLS: 6 pack bouncy castle dog toys comes in 3 vibrant colors, blue, green, orange, 2 balls per color. It is worth buying these bouncy ball toys because they are multifunctional, combine all-in-one, just like you get teething toys, squeaky toys, throwing and fetch toys for dogs at the same time.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE: Made of food quality, TPR (BPA free), non-toxic, no chemical smell, provide the safest pet toys for your puppies. Not easy to break to cause choking risk because spikes on the ball have a buffer. The added benefit is that they keep their gums and teeth cleaner.
  • SQUEAKY BALLS FOR DOGS: Features an internal squeaker, deeply hidden meaning dogs can barely squeeze it, no choking hazard when chewing or playing. No matter how your dog bites, spiky balls will continue to make a cute sound, not too loud, but still get the dog’s attention.
  • DOG BOUNCY BALLS FOR SMALL DOGS: The ball bounces high when thrown to the ground, suitable to throw and fetch games. Dogs that jump, run to grab the balls, train the reaction and jumping ability of dogs, positively strengthen the relationship between you and your dogs. Yet it can be easily squashed, it just fills with air again and carries on.
  • SATISFACTION WARRANTY❤: After rinsing, they look like new. Your satisfaction is always our pursuit, that’s why we focus on the before and after-sales service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, we guarantee the refund or replacement within 30 days. NOTE: THIS TOY DOES NOT CONTAIN BATTERIES OR ACCESSORIES, PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE NO OPEN EUROPEAN SITES. Price: $14.98 (as of 11/12/2021 02:15 AM Details )

Size:set of 6

Material: TPR (thermo-plasticized rubber)

Ssize: 2.6”textured balls for dogsLNGRFCLITPR95 turns out to be predatory in pursuit of a predatory version of rubber and theball urgencyLNGRFCLITPR95 of recent years. When you throw a ball for your furry friend, its erratic movements mimic those of the prey their ancestors used to hunt and kill.

Our TPR dog balls with spikes that have better elasticity, made of food grade, BPA free TPR, more durable and safer for your dogs to chew and clean their teeth. They come with a 6 package, less than $2.9 TUUJ per toy, interactive dog toy for small breeds.

Dogs love ball toys and squeaky toys, our squeaky balls are the perfect combination of both. The hidden beeper design ensures the safety and durability. At the same time, this spiked toy has high friction, when dogs play with it, they will not be swallowed like other smooth round balls. would rather play with you than alone when there are toys around. Retrieving your dog is an extremely enjoyable experience for them, and it can be an enjoyable experience for you too. It’s a great way to improve the relationship between you and your dog.

CHWewing is a dog’s instinct, especially when teething. Chewing our toy balls gives them stress relief and teeth brushing. Meanwhile, soft nubs on these toys not only help dogs clean teeth but also massage the dog’s gums. Make sure your puppy has healthy chewing habits.


Our dog toy balls are perfect toys to help your lovely dogs stay HAPPY and HEALTHY.

NNot for aggressive chewers as we choose the safest material, not the strongest, we recommend to play under supervision and replace the broken one in time.

If anything that I can help, do not hesitate to contact us!

Package Dimensions

9.02 x 7.48 x 3.11 inches 8.47 Ounces

Date First Available

May 8, 2019



Where does this item shop from?

No suggestion It doesn't state so on the ball as well as I threw away the package a very long time ago. But they're very good quality as well as they have lasted our pet dog who squeaks on them regularly for at the very least a couple of months.

Would these fit in a chuck it?

Not 100% positive because we do not have a chuck it however it is the size of a tennis sphere. Perhaps even somewhat smaller sized.

What size are these balls?

Small, My 12 pound. Doxie ruined them in a couple of minutes. I put on'nt recommend you losing your cash. Get a tiny kong round rather.

After my dogs play with the balls. The squeaker is moved away from its fixed position and the balls don't squeak anymore. Any trick to fix this?

I have not had this trouble. My dog brings the rounds but does not chew on them significantly. My pet dog is a retriever and has an extremely soft mouth, so maybe she doesn't like to eat on them.

Where were these made?

China of course. My pet dog shredded it in 5 min. Parts almost everywhere, one canine got a piece stuck in his teeth that took two of us to get rid of. Do Not Buy.

Do these float?

Never ever attempted since if water enters the squeaker the sphere will not squeal.

Have these caused tummy issues (diarrhea) for anyone else's dogs? These have a bad chemical smell and I'm wondering if the tummy issues are related.

My dachshund loves them! They are not for eating however for fun play with your canine. I would have tummy concerns if I ate them.

Can these be tossed in a little pool for our dog and his water pool time?

Yes - you can utilize them in a pool.I would not leave them in the pool ... as in overnight. Water would likely leakage through the sqeeker.

Como hule?

Son de un plástico bastante resistance, yo tengo un Labrador de 90lbs y ya lleva casi un mes cheat ellas y no se Han dañado ni se les ha Ido el sonido

Do the balls light up?

No they do not light up. I acquired an additional set of 2 multi-tinted rounds that did illuminate.