Rubold Dematting Tool for Dogs – Cat and Dog Brush for Shedding and Removing Mats

  • NO SCRATCH & NO PAIN! – This dog dematting tool has 17+9 precision teeth that provide gentle and precise care for dogs with sensitive skin. Rounded outside to avoid scratching the skin, unlike other pointed-edged tools. Sharp interior so it easily and quickly clears any mat and tangles. Your dog will thank you for that!
  • REMOVE DOG HAIR AROUND THE HOME – A simple 5 minute brushing removes tons of unnecessary dead undercoat from your furry friend. An excellent choice for medium to long coats of all breeds. The best undercoat rake for dogs with coarse, long, curly, wiry or thick matte coats.
  • BRING OUT THE BEAUTY IN YOUR DOG – The extra wide 3.6″ wide 2 in 1 grooming tool: start with the 9 sharp teeth side for stubborn mats and tangles and finish with the 17 teeth side of the undercoat rake for faster results or thinning and hair removal. Care with less stress!
  • ALL IN 1 TOOL – Detangle, depilate and brush at the same time. Easy and pleasant to use for you and the best experience for your dog. The ergonomic, strong, non-slip, unbreakable handle helps you quickly finish your daily combing. Have more time to play with your puppy!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR DOG LOVERS, BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE – 100% Happy Dog guarantee on these grooming dog brushes. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us and we will replace it or give you a full refund. Price:  $19.49 (as of 01/01/2022 18:01 PM Details )
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1.14 x 3.54 x 6.89 inches 3.7 Ounces

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I have a long-haired Shih-Tzu. Would this product work for everyday brushing to remove/detangle small matts of hair?

I would certainly believe so. I have never had a long-haired canine like yours. I utilize it on my canines that have ~ 2 inch fur/guard hair with thick undercoats in the wintertime. The good news is I don't need to comb them much various other than when they start to shed that undercoat. My little English Setter has type of wispy hair. It does not help her. If she gets a mat, it is obvious and also I reduced it off. For her this device would certainly resemble utilizing a broom when you just need a paint brush. For my two headers, this is awesome. Hope this aids.

Hi all you furry friend lovers! will this tool help my 2yr.old pomeranian? she gets very bad undercoat knots! used detangling comb painful for her.

I have a 3yr old Siberian husky and this is amazing for him it gets under his thick fur and does not appear to draw much. I definitely like how the teeth are so rounded as to not scrape my dog yet at the same time grab all the hair. Not exactly sure how it does it yet it's amazing. If your anxious concerning investing 18.99 try the Miu Color expert pet grooming undercoat. It's likewise available on amizon (looks specifically the very same) and also 8.99

I have 3 Standard Schnauzers, who normally have their coat pulled will this work on them?

I think the RUBOLD Dematting Tool should help you! Please give it a try and in case you face any trouble simply get to out to us and we will certainly collaborate with you to solve it. We are constantly below to assist!

im looking for some thing called fluffgrab

This tool is called "Fur Perfection". This is a powerful dematting tool and undercoat rake. It is fine if your pet dog has a double-layered coat with undercoat. This will get rid of any type of dead loose hair and you'll be able to remove every mat as well as tangle from the coat. I hope it aids!

Can anyone with a Newfie tell me how this compares to the furminator?

I promoted Newfies and also have collaborated with their coats, and also own Leonbergers and also a Pyr/Saint mix. This is MUCH better! I can not use the Furminator on them. I LOVE this due to the fact that it has the side where the teeth are spaced further apart. This side functions MUCH better on lengthy layered pets than a terminator! I have 15 pet dogs amounts to, with a variety of layers from Boxer length to the Pyr/Saint and this device remains in my pocket ALL DAY, EVERY DAY

Can this be used on long hair cats e.g. Himalayan?

I don't see why not. I utilize it on my long hair dachshund. His hair outside of his ears obtains long and then he drags it on the damp yard as well as it triggers some matting or knots and this device is amazing, obtains them right out. And afterwards on my Shepard it gets under hair from shedding out truly good.

I have a shih poo get matt very easy will this work well?

No. An undercoat rake is developed for pets with an undercoat. Shih-Tzu and Poodles do not have an undercoat. Many groomers would certainly discourage it.

What is the difference between de-matting tools that have 2 sides or one single side? It seems that one single would be more manageable?

The main benefit of the dual side is that you have 2 different lines of teeth: one with higher density and also the various other with lower thickness. You can select while utilizing the brush which thickness is much better for your dog's layer and just flip sides with one single action.

Is this brush recommended for schnauzers? I like the skirt look but the knots get out of hand.

I don't understand what kind of fur schnauzers have. My pet dog is a blended breed, a lot of like a German guard. Her coat is so much nicer since I've been utilizing this on her, and also she likes being brushed with it.

How does this compare to the furminator?

The major distinction between the Furminator and the RUBOLD Fur Perfection is that the RUBOLD tool has longer rounded-end teeth which can penetrate into the undercoat area as well as getting hold of the dead, loosened hair from the layer. Unlike the sharp, sharp end FURMINATOR the RUBOLD has a safety-end style to make sure that your canine's sensitive skin won't obtain injured during the grooming procedure. Hope it aids!