Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

  • Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of purebred Golden Retrievers 15 months and older
  • Exclusive kibble shape specifically designed for the straight muzzle and scissor bite of a Golden Retriever to encourage chewing
  • Strengthens the skin barrier with essential nutrients to support healthy skin and promote a shiny coat
  • Promotes heart health with taurine, EPA and DHA for healthy heart function
  • Maintains ideal weight with accurate calorie and fat content, designed for Golden Retrievers. This diet contains 3489 kilocalories of metabolisable energy (ME) per kilogram or 276 kilocalories of ME per cup based on diet (calculated) Price:  $85.55 (as of 24/12/2021 12:01 PM Details )

Measure:30 pounds (pack of 1)

Royal Canin knows what makes your Golden Retriever beautiful in the details. Goldens are large, sweet canines that are prized for their playful personalities, trainability and long, gorgeous coats. They can benefit from the proper diet to maintain a healthy skin and coat and provide weight management to support the bones and joints of this active, large breed. Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dog Food is tailor-made food specially developed for your purebred Golden Retriever. This exclusive breed specific diet is uniquely formulated for your large breed with specific nutrients to help them thrive. The specialized shape and texture of the kibble is designed for your large dog’s straight muzzle and scissor bite, encouraging them to chew. Exclusive nutrients help strengthen the skin barrier to support the skin and condition the coat. Essential nutrients such as taurine, EPA and DHA help support heart health. And this Golden Retriever dog food contains a precise amount of calories and fat to keep your Golden at the ideal weight. Mix or supplement dry food with Royal Canin Golden Retriever wet food for a meal that is sure to please your family tree. With over 50 years of scientific research and observation, Royal Canin continues to deliver targeted nutrition to nourish the splendor of every pet. Unsatisfied? Then neither are we. Our Varietal Health Formulas are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. (Contact us for more information.)

where is royal canin manufactured

I have been feeding my 10 yr outdated 105 pound golden retriever this merchandise for at least two many years, like lots of of his breed, he suffered with all styles of skin allergy symptoms....with utilizing this merchandise his hair development has enhanced and his alergy difficulties has also enhanced, but has not completely solution to your query, soon after reading through everything on the bag, I locate that it is certainly, produced in the usa really is a superior merchandise costing a heck of a good deal much less than obtaining royal canin from my vet ............

How many cups in 30# bag?

There are 4 mugs per pound ... I feed 2 large Goldens and also 1 bag lasts about a month. They truly like this food. I buy it through as well as it is provided absolutely free in 2 days ... Cost is $56.

Anyone have any skin/coat issues on this food?

No her layer is stunning as well as lengthy.

Why is the 30-lb bag currently not available? Out of stock? When will it be restocked? Also, why has the price gone up $10 in the last month?

I buy mine from Chewy. Price coincided the last time I got as well as it remained in stock. That was 2 weeks ago.

To seller: is this canned cat food per the updated photograph or dry dog food per the original description?i can assume but would prefer not to.thanks

When I got this it was a various image and also it was a big bag of completely dry pet dog food.

Is there a similar royal canine food that’s good for Golden’s but doesn’t have chicken? My golden is allergic to it.

We advise to speak with your vet concerning the Selected Protein PW Large Breed

is there grain in this food? What kind?

The Golden Retriever Adult consists of oats, rice as well as corn

Why is this $200 a bag? Nobody is going to pay that for a bag of dog food.

I am not absolutely sure exactly where you are acquiring this form. I acquire 30 lbs -delivered every single 4 weeks for 2 goldens at the price tag of $84 99. Much less 5 % considering that I have a standing purchase from Chewy. I have employed this puppy foods for 10 many years and have extremely healthful goldens. This could be a misprint. I would verify other providers like Chewy or Petco.

Why is Amazon price so high on this dog food

Possibly mainly because it is a protected price tag from the producer.

Why is there no subscrition service for the 30lbs bag?

I do acquire the 30 pound bags on subscription.