Rolf Club Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs With 3d Level Protect | 6 Months

  • ✅NEW GERMAN FORMULA: MORE THAN 6 MONTH OF BEST PROTECTION-New German technology provides you effective flea and tick prevention for dogs for one month of 6!
  • ✅3D PROTECTION FOR YOUR PET – effective against fleas – mosquito larvae – ticks and mosquito larvae . This dog flea collar is designed to be HELPFUL for small, medium or large pets.
  • ✅FAST EFFECT – Rolf 3D Dog Flea Collar kills fleas within the first 24-48 hours of use. Its main purpose is to give your pet the proper flea collar treatment and this flea collar does that well. best results.
  • ✅100% SAFE FOR YOUR DOG/CAT – non-toxic tick repellent that treats with care. Our dog flea remedy kills and repels fleas and ticks fast and doesn't leave them a chance to survive! No harm to dogs! No strange smell! Price: $20.90 (as of 26/11/2021 19:30 PM Details )

Ssize:M (up to 65 Lb)

Get rid of your dog's fleas and ticks once and for all See how easily you can improve your dog's and your dog's life Are you battling your dog's fleas and ticks sick of? Tired of keeping your dog from walking outside or just playing with your kids? Are you tired of the daily careful examination of your four-legged friend? Tired of buying flea collars for dogs that cost a fortune but don't deliver the expected results? Stop! We have something better, more durable, more reliable and more affordable! This is a cooling flea tick remedy that meets your pet's needs. The secret of the new formula Germany A new formula of substances is hidden in our flea tick prevention for dogs. Its influence on insects spreads all over the body, killing not only the adult fleas, but also their eggs. Our product can be used not only as a flea collar, but also as a TICK treatment collar for dogs. It repels sign. It also provides you with long lasting flea control on dogs. The following features distinguish it from the other flea collars: 1) waterproof; 2) non-toxic; 3) long lasting (it guarantees dogs flea and tick control for up to 6 months); 4) odorless; 5) flexible; 6) more effective natural flea treatment. How to use it properly to get the best performance We offer 3 sizes of the flea collar: for small dogs (the weight of 0-22 lb), medium dogs (22-65 lb) or large dogs (over 65 lb). But when you put this flea collar on your pet, don't make him feel trapped; leave a little free space. Don't worry if your dog gets this collar dirty or wet. The flea collar is waterproof, so the flea treatment does not stop. It will not even lessen its influence on fleas and ticks. BUT for the best and lasting control of flea ticks, it is better to take it off while bathing your pet!

Why do all the reviews talk about a brush when it’s for a collar ?

because this is the new way to increase review scores for products on amazon. if you're a seller with a product that gets high ratings, you can edit the page to have a completely different product and keep all the reviews. most people don't bother to actually read the reviews. they only look at the number of stars and maybe the number of total ratings and they think this must be a good product. Amazon claims to be cracking down on this practice, but if you look at all the unbranded flea collars on Amazon, you'll notice that many of them have reviews for something other than flea collars.

My dogs are small, under 22 pounds. I accidentally ordered the medium size, can use or should I exchange?

You should be able to adapt. We got the same size for our four, they range from 20 to 75 pounds and it was no problem. Good luck

Does it come off easily? I have to remove it for dog daycare.

Yes, it comes off easily. It is very similar to a regular dog collar!

Do you make a collar safe for an 7lb dog

small to 22 pounds? 3 options, that's all. and Soresto has the same options.

is this the same chemical that is used in the seresto collar?

Bayer Seresto has two very strong active ingredients: 10% active ingredients: 4.5% imidacloprid and 4.5% flumethrin. Rolf 3D Anti Flea Collar is a very strong product that bases its formula on a powerful trio of ingredients: fipronil, D-cifenotrine and pyriproxyfen.

Does this work for the whole body of the dog or just head and neck?

It works on the whole body.

Is the Rolf club 3D flea collars for dogs and cats made in China?

No made in Europe

Does the large collar work for small-medium dogs as well?

The only difference between the collars is the length. If you have a small dog, the smaller collar is a little cheaper.

How old does the dog need to be to wear this collar?

any age

How many collars are in each box?

Hello, one box - one collar