Rocco & Roxie Dog Shampoo for All Dogs & Puppies – Soothe Oatmeal Shampoo for

  • REPAIRS AND REFILLS – When it comes to dogs, nothing says \health\ like a shiny, smooth coat. This luxurious blend penetrates deep into the dirt to wash away, restore hair follicles, restore shine and make it oh-so-cuddly.
  • NATURE'S BEST INGREDIENTS – Made with deeply conditioning Moroccan Argan Oil for super shine; nourishing vitamin A; geranium extract that strengthens and regenerates skin cells; and gentle chamomile.
  • SAFE, EFFECTIVE, NATURAL – No masking dyes. No drying alcohols. No parabens to confuse a dog's endocrine system. All the good stuff, none of the bad stuff: that's what Rocco and Roxie is all about.
  • MAKE A BREAKING BATHTIME – Wash away a day of play in minutes. Our formula is easy to wash, easy to rinse completely. Shake the towel dry or the whole body? Maybe a little of both.
  • 100% GUARANTEE – We want you to be completely satisfied. We want your dog to look and feel their best. If this shampoo doesn't do both, don't work into a lather�) we will refund your money. Price: $16.97 (as of 22/11/2021 18:01 PM Details )


After a good day rolling in the grass, digging in the dirt, romping through mud or swimming in ponds, a dog just needs… a bath. But no old shampoo will do!

Want dog coats come in all sorts of lengths, textures and densities – not to mention the underlying skin type. That's why at Rocco & Roxie we wanted to create the bath time equivalent of a custom day at the spa.

For dogs whose coat has lost their shine, we make SHINE, a wholesome, wholesome blend of the highest quality ingredients. There is Argan oil, pressed from the nuts of trees that grow wild in Morocco, known for its nourishing and deep conditioning properties. Vitamin A, with antioxidants that keep the skin hydrated. Geranium Extract to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate and repair skin cells. And Peppermint Oil, which naturally balances skin and hair oils.

O Of course, like all Rocco & Roxie products, you won't find any “bad guys” like formaldehyde or parabens on our list of ingredients. No masking artificial colors or dyes. Mineral oil, phthalates, isopropyl alcohol? Never. We're all about what's best for your dog!

OTo use, simply put a little shampoo into your dog's wet coat, lather and massage in. Give him a good scratch behind the ears while you're at it. Then rinse completely. Towel dry or a shake for the whole body? Yes, you may want to take some distance.

what does the shampoo smell like

All three have remarkable mild fragrances. Provide a shot! If you dislike them for any type of reason, we'll supply a reimbursement, as we finish with every one of our products.

Where are the ingredients

Detoxified water, gentle surfactant mix (with coconut-based cleanser), opacifier, glycerin, Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile, Rosemary, Honey Extract Fragrance

What would be best for a pomeranian puppy?

Our Calm Shampoo would be best.

is there a expiration date/use by?

Our Shampoos have a shelf life of 18 months. We print the date I made it in black underside of the container.

does this come with a pump?

No. It has an opening in the cap (a tilt-cap) for giving the shampoo.

Is the shine good for a 5 month yorkie that has dry looking hair and skin ?

I use it on my black Labradors as well as they shine perfectly. Also, my veterinarian would like to know what shampoo it was and also could I write it down for her. I highly recommend it for your Yorkie, as well as given that you have such a little pet dog, it will most likely last you an extremely long time. Terrific shine!

do all of the formulas have coconut based cleansers in them?


Would this shampoo help reduce the static electricity in my dog's coat?

I'm uncertain. It is a good shampoo though.

Is it tear free?

Yes, its tear complimentary. As well as it's a terrific shampoo. Look at their websites.

Is it gluten free?

The only shampoo that includes gluten would certainly be our Soothe Shampoo. It comprises Oat Extract. However, we can not assure that a few of the other resources were not generated or refined in a location sharing a gluten active. I wish this assists!