Lmugoos Catnip Cat Toys With 2 Candies, Catnip Wall Ball Toys for Indoor Cats, Rotatable

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  • DURABLE AND SAFE MATERIAL: The indestructible material of the dog toy is durable rubber and sturdy nylon, 100% pure natural rubber. Safe, non-toxic, durable and environmentally friendly.
  • KEEP HEALTHY THEETH: Rubber is suitable for aggressive chewing, exercising and cleaning puppy teeth, reducing plaque, gum bleeding and related dental diseases. Keep your dog healthy and grow up happy. Promotes close contact between you and your fur friends.
  • OUTDOOR PUZZLE DOG TOYS: By rotating back and forth, the internal sound device works to make sounds, which stimulates the dog’s interest. The dog will want to know why the toy is making noise. It stimulates the dog’s brain to think. Conducive to having a smart dog.
  • INTERACTIVE DOG TOYS: You hold the toy and shake it up and down, and the sound will attract the dog. It is very suitable for interacting with the dog on the beach, in the park, in the yard. And the dirt on the toy is washed directly with water.
  • CURB JUST BEHAVIOR: Dog enrichment toys can release most of the dog’s energy, reduce the dog’s destruction of furniture, and prevent the dog from suffering from depression. It is the best toy for dogs. Only for small medium dogs, not for large dogs that chew aggressively.
  • The dog can cut off small pieces and leave teeth marks on this chew toy.[1965908]

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catnip ball

Product Dimensions

6.3 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches 5.86 Ounces

Date First Available

April 22, 2021





Would dogs be interested in this?

I don't know how your canine is, not all plaything dogs like toys, I recommend you place food on the surface or conflict, thanks

How do cats react to these catnip? Will they like it?

When I put it to my kitten, he kept licking, had fun with it constantly.

Will cats be interested in cat wall toys?

My pet cat love catnip wall plaything so much. She walks and seems extremely exciting When I open the plan of catnip round, as well as she was quickly brought in when I installed it on the wall surface.

I learned that there is no "sweet" sensor on the tongue of a cat, so how does a cat taste cat candy?

I believe feline candy is simply a picture allegory. The advertisement says that cat sweet is not made from sugar but is made of isinglass, a pet cat treat that resembles sugar.

Are the sticky strips strong?

Easy to put, I was glued to a smooth surface area as discussed carefully in the item as well as it was extremely strong.

Are cats interested in this catnip wall toy?

My pet cats enjoy it!I acquired 2 for my three infants, two of the felines are much like the ad explains, He went crazy. They went from his face right to his neck after licking as well as massaging his face on this.

Is it firm? Will it leave something bad on the wall?

I think it's ok on the wall, there was a trace when I take it from the wall surface, yet tidy up easily.

How will the cat react after playing this catnip?

After my cat having fun, it came to be so active and circled the ground, maybe it extremely like the catnip.

How can I clean this dog bone toy?

I usually wash the dirt and also saliva directly with water, and also there are many ways to do it through the dishwasher and so forth, hoping it will certainly aid you

it really cleaning the cat’s teeth as the advertisement says?

My 3 pet cats enjoy this brand-new catnip playthings. I like it because they all turn their heads laterally to munch on the ball as well as their teeth are obtaining so clean!