Ppp Pet Aroma Care 100 Count Ear Wipes

  • Regular use helps prevent ear infections
  • Convenient disposable wipes
  • For dogs and puppies

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C contains natural aloe vera and eucalyptus oil for clean, healthy and fresh-smelling ears. Perfect for everyday use and quick cleaning.

What are the ingredients? Is it all natural?

Purified water, glycerin, propylene glycol, disodium laureate sulfosuccinate, polysorbate 20, Aloe broodiness (aloe) leaf juice, eucalyptus globules leaf oil, lactic acid, salicylic acid, tetra salt EDTA, methylisothiazolinone sodium benzoate, fragrance, red 33 and also blue 1 But there is no shade. And they work fantastic.

How do i use this to clean my dogs ears? And is it easy?

Extremely simple, depending on exactly how well. your pet dog sits still. Just delicately clean inside the ear with the pad. I wrap it around my finger so I can enter the ear canal (do not go in really deep, obviously!!!). You can see all the wax on the pad after. My dog really enjoys it. I assume it really feels great for them to get the substance out. Smells truly excellent as well

Given that many reviews referred to the "smaller than expected" size - could someone guess/estimate the size and post it for me? Thanks

The Wipes are 2.25" in diameter Easy to make use of. however I like the dimension, where another person might choose a bigger diameter.

Can these also be used to clean eyes?

Any product for eye use should be pH well balanced or it will certainly harm the eyes,. Ear wipes are probably acidic to clear ear buildup. If you intend to tidy eyes attempt grimacer Eye Wipes.

Will this product break down wax buildup?

That depends. If you have wax buildup farther into the ear canal, you will certainly need declines to loosen up that. I had that when with my canine before I started using these wipes and got drops from my vet. After 2 weeks on the decreases, her ears were back to typical and now, I just use the wipes to maintain that from returning. These are outstanding and also my pet dog doesn't mind whereas she disliked Q-Tips. Hope this aids!

Does one pack mean only one pad?

Each container has 100 presoaked pads

Where are these made?

I do not recognize. My pet passed away as well as I provided the wipes to the humane society.

Can they be used on cats?

I don't see why not, however my feline would certainly throw a fit if I attempted to cleanse her ears!