Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat Feeder for Cats and Dogs – 24 Cups

  • PLAN YOUR PET’S MEALS: Easily schedule up to 12 meals a day for your cat or dog; best for cats and small to medium dogs
  • FLEXIBLE PORTIONS: Plan 1/8 cup to 4 cups per meal, depending on your pet’s unique needs; requires 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (not included) or power adapter (adapter sold separately)
  • WORKS WITH MOST kibble: Pet bowl works with dry and semi-moist kibble for pets up to 3/4 inch in diameter
  • SLOW FEED OPTIONS: For pets that tend to eat too quickly, plan meals larger than 1/8 cup to dose slowly over 15 minutes
  • PET-PROOF: The food bowl is designed to prevent curious paws from sneaking into food before scheduled meals
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Place the BPA-free plastic feeder parts and stainless steel bowl in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning; wash the transport system separately by hand
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: The PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in innovations in pet behaviour, containment and lifestyle for nearly 30 years; we help pets and their people to live happily together[1965908] Price:  $109.95 (as of 04/01/2022 16:40 PM Details )


Say good night to your early wake-up call. With the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed, you can plan your pet’s meals so that they are fed on time every day of the week (including the weekend). The Healthy Pet Simply Feed contains 24 cups of dry or semi-moist food and dispenses it using a unique transport system. You can schedule up to 12 meals a day from 1/8 cup to 4 cups per meal, depending on your dog or cat’s needs. The food bowl distributes meals for you so you can easily manage your pet’s weight to keep them healthy. The Slow Feed feature is great for pets that are fast eaters. With this function, the feeder will slowly dispense meals larger than 1/8 cup for 15 minutes. Simply press the Feed Now button on the feeder to deliver a meal ahead of schedule. The Healthy Pet Simply Feed has a pet-proof design to prevent curious paws from sneaking into food. The feeder is easy to take apart when ready for cleaning – simply place the feeder and stainless steel bowl in the top rack of your dishwasher and wash the conveyor system by hand. The PetSafe brand is here to help you and your pet live a happy life.

Product Dimensions

18.54 x 8.7 x 12.36 inches 4.61 Pounds

Item model number

PFD19 15521


4 D batteries required.

Date First Available

November 11, 2014


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How well will this feeder work for two cats? One is a bit greedy.

We have had this feeder since Aug 2015 for our 2 small pet dogs! 1 a 12 pounds poodle as well as the other a 3 lbs Yorkie! This feeder works excellent for them both had 2 various eating practices and also it has actually tought them they don't need to scarf up their food. That the best amount is in the bowl for both and also they have actually discovered enjoy consuming! They understand they will be fed at the exact same time morning as well as the night! They actually stand at their recipe and also have found out to share! They have actually learned what time it will appear as well as we do not need to rush home to feed our infants! We just always check 2 a week to make certain that the food container is full & everyday we examine to see the batteries are working!

As far as the dispensing chute, would a very motivated cat be able to reach their paw up and get food to drop?

There's not a lot of area in between the bottom of the dispensing component and where the bowl is, so it would probably be tough for the cat to obtain a great position to reach up right into the chute from underneath. Additionally, the conveyer belt that moves the food up has rather stiff plastic divider panels, one of which is always ideal ahead, so that would additionally block little paws if they handled to get up there somehow. I haven't had a problem, however my feline likewise may be also lazy to try. It does not appear to me to be as susceptible to burglaries as some of the other feeders I saw when I was wanting to buy.

How much can the unit hold - if feeding 1/2 cup each day, how many days will the stored food last?

Thank you for your rate of interest in this item. This unit holds 24 mugs and also can dispense up to 12 meals a day. If you utilize 1 mugs per day on a 24 cup capacity that would be 24 days. If they use fifty percent that amount (1/2 mug) then it would certainly increase it to 48 days.

How easy is it to tip over?

I have a big German Shepherd. Love this feeder. He has a canine door so we utilize this when we're on vaca for approximately a week. He has discovered he can press it to make a number of kernerls fall out but he doesn't tip it over and he's an aggressive eater. He's a 125 pounds.

How loud is the dispenser?

The dispenser itself isn't loud, yet the food striking the dish is. I finished up placing a paper plate below the dish to dampen the sound a little bit. It definitely helped.

Hello. I'm confirming that the power adapter does NOT come with the product and is a separate purchase, correct? Thanks!

Hello there, you are right. It does not include a power adapter, the adapter is sold individually (component number PAC 00-15478. This system can work on 4 D-cell alkaline batteries for up to 1 years.

How true to portion is it? I've seen some units that dispense what they say is 1/4 cup but it's closer to just over 1/3.

1/8 of a mug is much more like 3/ 16. Because 1/8th is the tiniest increment, my pet cat is getting more food than he should. Bad:/

if were to use this feeder with the power adapter, and there was a power failure, would the batteries act as a back up [providing they're installed]?

Hi, Barbara. Yes. As long as the set-up batteries are in great problem, the Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder should still be functional in the event of a power failure. The optional power adapter is available independently here:

Is the food stored in a airtight compartment? Or is it open-air? I live in a relatively humid environment and I'm worried about food spoiling

Thanks for your question! The lid does seal really closely, however it is not airtight as there is a large opening where the food is given which could potentially allow wetness in. Remember that the feeder is designed for indoor usage only.

Is this battery operated or does it plug in? If batteries, how many batteries/what size, and what kind of battery life can you expect?

The battery indicator went down to 1 bars on mine about 3 months earlier. It's been running fine for over 3 years on 4 Duracell's. It's been feeding 1/8 cups 4 times a day.