Petdoer Squeaky Dog Toy Balls for Small Dogs, 2.5″ Interactive Fetch Ball Puppy Chew Toy

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  • [Your Dog Wants Toys This Color]Sstop buying orange, red and green dog toys! Unlike us humans, we have 3 types of color detecting cells called cones and identify many colors, dogs only have 2 cones and can only see blue and yellow wavelengths. So if you throw a red ball in green grass, it will be difficult for your dog to distinguish the red ball from the green grass. The best colors for dog toys are blue, yellow and purple. Our bright color improves visibility and makes it easy to spot
  • [Are Tennis Balls Safe for Dogs] According to the AKC's research, this fluffy ball may pose health risks to dogs. First, dogs with powerful jaws can break the balls in the mouth, which can lead to a choking hazard. A broken tennis ball can be swallowed and the pieces are sharp to cause damage to the puppy's organs. Finally, the ball seems soft, but they are designed to withstand tennis courts and rackets. As your dog chews on a tennis ball, the fuzz acts like sandpaper, gradually wearing down her teeth.
  • [Squeak and Float and Bounce]Designed with a built-in squeaker that makes sounds similar to the sound of prey being frightened or injured, which can ignite their innate wolf. such as drive to keep biting and chasing while retrieving, throwing and catching. The floating design allows our squeaky dog toy ball to float on the lake or pool. Great for land or water play. The spikes on the ball make it bounce at a slightly different angle and help dogs pick up the ball more gently than with a regular ball
  • [Food Grade TPR Material and BPA Free]NNon-toxic Food Grade TPR material, free from nasty stuff like BPA and latex and no chemical smell, soft engouh for your dog's mouth, provide the safest pet toys for your furry canine friend. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Each squeaky chewball toy is infused with an all-natural peanut butter scent and designed for extended play. Dogs love scent. Their sense of smell is 10,000 times more powerful than ours and your dogs will love it
  • [A Reminder for Dog Lovers like Us]B As pack animals, dogs are not made to spend time alone. A squeaky toy ball is an item that dogs love because they can chase it well, it fits easily in their mouth and they can see it. For puppies, toys are not a luxury, but a necessity. Let's face it, there are no indestructible dog toys. We've all met dogs that chew through everything! An unbreakable ball simply does not exist. Bad dogs destroy shoes, good dogs destroy toys. Just buy more toys!
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Size:2.5 in
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6 Pack Dog Toy Balls, Squeak Fetch Ball TPR Bright Color Spike Teething Chew Toy Durable Interactive Balls for Small, Medium, Large Puppy Dogs Main Benefits: Squeak & Float & Bounce Special Design for the J'ISH Best Colors: Blue, Yellow , purple food grade TPR material and BPA free Non toxic and no chemical smell Internal squeaker, hidden deep for safety and durability The all natural peanut butter scents that dogs love are embedded directly into the material of the toy. As your dog chews, scent particles are released to keep them happy, playing and increasing engagement without the need for fattening treats. Why Are Dogs So Obsessed With Peeps? you have a dog that likes to play with squeaky toys, and to be fair, most dogs do. You may be wondering, why do dogs like squeaky toys? In general, most dogs like toys that simulate prey. That's why squeaky toys and toy balls are often very popular. Hearing the high-pitched squeak and/or chasing a ball can be immensely satisfying for some dogs. Dogs like to chase balls out of predatory instinct, as the ball mimics the behavior of prey. Retrieving is a rewarding game and exercise that helps to extract extremely playful energy from your dog. It helps your animal get in touch with its natural instincts and is highly encouraged. Petdoer Squeaky Dog Toy Ball with Soft Spike is a great combination with squeaky toys and toy balls, and the inchprongsinch that covers the outside of the balls can help improve your pet's dental and gum health too

Package Dimensions

9.2 x 4.5 x 2.4 inches

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8 ounces



Date First Available

May 7, 2021