Pet Vipheo Dog Toys Soccer Balls With Grab Tabs,interactive Dog Toy for Tug of War,dog

  • (Durable and Safe) Pet Vipheo dog ball toys meet the exact same safety standard as children’s toys and are made of premium TPU material which is non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe, soft and elastic. cotton yarn rubber liner is tougher and more wear resistant. The tug of war dog toy is meant to keep your dog busy, active and help people and dogs stay engaged. , lake and beach too. There is also a nylon gripping tab on the top of the dog balls so that we humans can easily grab and throw the ball, so your dog can retrieve, throw, pull and retrieve the ball. Dog ball is suitable for any occasion, indoor and outdoor, which can surprise and make your dog happy. (PS: Not to be used as a chew toy. Always supervise your pet while playing.)
  • (Interactive Dog Toys) very important for your dog as they need active “human time” which strengthens the bond between you and your pet. Unique nylon tabs sewn into the ball seams, making it easy for your dog to grab the ball. They enjoy throwing and pulling and chasing this ball. And these tabs allow your dog to pick up the ball without digging its teeth into the skin of the rubber, eliminating the puncture and deflation problems common in dogs.
  • 【Suitable for small puppies and medium sized dogs. 5-25 lb】Dog Toy Balls are mentally and physically stimulating and help fulfill a dog’s emotional and physical needs. can help your dog fight boredom and reduce naughty behavior and provide long-lasting entertainment, fight anxiety, depression and boredom, stay happy and healthy. This dog ball is very suitable for small and medium dogs, you can also give it to family, friends as a birthday and Christmas gift.
  • (Package included) The soccer dog toy pack comes with a needle adapter, a hand pump, manual and a soccer ball. The soccer ball you just received is not inflated, so consult the manual and use the inflator that comes in the package. Rinse and dry it after every game. Pet Vipheo durable football dog toy is 6 inch in diameter, perfect for small and medium breeds, not for aggressive chewers or destroyers, large dog. of people, you can take this tug of war dog toy to accompany your pet to the park, swimming pool, lawn or other places to play.
  • (Note: 1. Not for aggressive chewers, your dog should always be supervised while playing with toys. 2. The nylon tag is designed to allow the owner to interact with the dog, allow the dog do not chew the tag or eat the tag.3.Suitable for small and medium dogs, recommend dogs under 30 lbs to use this soccer toy. Price: $16.99 (as of 15/12/2021 02:15 AM Details )

Package Dimensions

9.65 x 8.43 x 3.74 inches 8.78 Ounces

Date First Available

May 31, 2021


Pet Vipheo

What size is the dog soccer ball?

Hi, there, many thanks for your passion in dog plaything of Pet Vipheo!It's regarding 6 inches, only appropriate for small and average sized pets (5-25lbs, not ideal for having fun with huge dogs, additionally not ideal for hostile chewers. Hope to assist you, If you have various other concerns, please do not hesitate to create back to us.: -RRB-

When I received the dog toy ball, what was the state of the ball?

Hi there, many thanks for your interest in pet plaything of Pet Vipheo! Deflated state, the bundle include needle adapter as well as pump, operating Instructions, if you do not recognize just how to pump up, you can describe the video clip or manual. If you have any kind of various other questions, please call us to assist you fix it.: -RRB-

Can the tag strap on this soccer ball toy be cut off?

Hi there, thanks for your interest in canine toy of Pet Vipheo!No, the contest of strength band is to boost the enjoyable in between individuals as well as animals, to ensure that the owner and also the pet can preserve interaction as well as play happily. If you love your pet dog as well as being pleased to accompany him, I do not advise you to do this.: -RRB-

What is the difference between chew toys and this soccer ball toy?

Clearly, big dogs are extra crunchy and are suitable for selecting chew toys, like young puppies, little and also medium-sized canines are ideal for interactive toys. Football ball with grab tabs is a wonderful plaything, special nylon tabs stitched into the sphere joints that permit your canine an easy method to get hold of the round. They are appreciating throwing and also tugging as well as chasing this sphere. And also these tabs permit your canine to grab the ball without digging his teeth into the skin of the rubber, preventing puncturing and also deflated ball concerns typical with canine play. At the very same time, this tab is suitable to be carried about, which is extremely fascinating for young puppies who like interaction. So which toy you choose relies on your dog's dimension as well as leisure activities.

Why is this soccer ball toy only 6 inches in diameter,is it a bit small for a dog??

A football round toy that is also big can restrict the family pet's ability to comfortably bring about, reducing the probability that the pet will certainly play with it as well as delight in it. Dog playthings need to be suitable for your pet dog's existing size. Small & tool sized pet dogs are a lot more energised as well as like to chase and also run. 6 inch football round playthings are simply appropriate for them.

Are interactive pet toys important to dogs?

Interactive toy play is really crucial for your dog because they require active" "people's time," "which boosts the bond between you and your animal. For young,high-energy and untrained dogs, more require the company of individuals, you can take this yank toy to accompany your family pet to the park, swimming pool, yard or various other areas to play.

Why does my dog keep destroying his toys?

Canines resemble our child. They likewise need company. When they are alone in your home, they will certainly feel bored, clinically depressed, as well as nervous. Right now, in order to draw in the focus and also issue of their proprietors, they will certainly destroy things. Obviously, the nature of dogs like to catch target, they chase toys as target, will certainly also damage it.

Why does this dog toy football have a nylon tab design?

Due to the fact that your pet dog's teeth will swiftly tear it to shreds-- also if he isn't a chewer. When your pet has fun with a routine football plaything, it is simple to crush the ball. The layout of the nylon tab is hassle-free for canines to carry, and also it is likewise practical for individuals to pick it up.

How to choose the right toy for my dog?

Hello There Friend, Thanks for your rate of interest in dog plaything of Pet Vipheo!Pet Vipheo focuses on supplying family pet toys and also pet dog harness & leash.: -RRB- It depends upon your pet's size and leisure activities. If your pet is crunchy, it is better for chew toys or squeak playthings. Yet if your pet requires firm more, pick interactive toys, such as football round toys, frisbee toys. In addition, you ought to additionally consider the safety and security of your dog and also to attempt to pick a bigger plaything, since also tiny a round toy might have a risk of suffocation. Obviously, in terms of fun, I suggest football ball dabble grab tabs. This interactive dog plaything benefit yanking & chasing and make the video game more funny. The yank doy design can play a conflict video game. This is a video game that dogs of any type of type can not stand up to. And also you can play this ball with your pet both indoors and also outdoors. This dog plaything soccer sphere is really ideal for tiny as well as medium-sized dogs, you can additionally provide it as a present to household, buddies, or neighbors. Please Note: 1.It is not a chew toy, not for aggressive chewers or destroyers! 2.The nylon tag is created to enable the owner to interact with the canine, please do not allow the pet eats the tag or consume the tag. 3.Suitable for small and also moderate sized pets, personally recommend pets under 30 pounds to use this soccer round toy. If you have any inquiries, please email us, thanks for your support! Have a wonderful day.: -RRB- Kindly Regards, ElenaPet Vipheo Customer Service Team

My dog likes to play outdoors. Which outdoor are suitable for this dog toy ball?

Hi there, thanks for your interest in dog toy of Pet Vipheo! This dog toy football ball with grab is not just appropriate for interior play, however likewise appropriate for exterior play, for instance al fresco parks, pool, as well as coastlines, because it has a lightweight buoyancy layout, interactive canine toys can drift on the water, you can play with your dog gladly as well as make your dog better and healthy. It is also a wonderful gift that can bring laughter to your family and friends.