Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding by Up to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool

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Color: Blue

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Is the comb 100% stainless steel or an inferior metal with a shiny coating?

Ignore the answer by painter. Stainless steel IS magnetic, and also typically a lot less than normal steel, but there are many variations that the test is pointless. Pot metal and other cheap substitutes are NOT magnetic.

Will this work on a Great Pyrenees?

Yes, my young puppy is a rescue believed to be a Great Pyrenees and also Border Collie Mix, but his fur resembles even more of the Great Pyrenees and also it certainly aids with the undercoat and losing. He favors a regular brush, yet this functions way far better and does the job quicker.

Would this be feasible for a german short haired pointer? she's got short hair about half an inch long but sheds like crazy? thank you

Oh, yes indeed. I have 2 shorthair felines and also 2 longhair felines and the shorthairs dropped WAY greater than the various other 2. This brush/comb is, without a doubt, superb. I'm astonished whenever I brush them exactly how much hair it gathers. With every stroke there are tons of their brief, tight, pain in my ____, hairs. Lol. In fact, their hair is just like your dog's. You will certainly enjoy it and also so will certainly she.

I have bought 2 furmanators and they have both broken. Is it a plastic handle

It is an extremely durable handle and also creates, however yes, it is plastic. The layout is amazing and should be crucial to just how well it works.:-RRB-.

Will this work on my 130 pound saint bernard?

Nope. You will need something with much better teeth; these simply are straight parallel teeth with no room on multiple hairs of hair. You require something that starts with broad teeth and then gets tighter for that under coat. All this brush does is injured my canine that has a thin layer. Sorry to tell you to invest even more cash, however in this situation, you get what you spent for. I feel I squandered my cash on this brush because it doesn't function.

Would this brush be good for a long haired St. Bernard?

Yes, it will keep the hair from knotting and make the coat healthier.

Does anyone use this on their Shiba Inu? :]

My pet is a Schitu mix.

I need to buy another blade for our brush.. Do they make replacement blades?

Do they have substitute bladed

My roommate is allergic to my cat so would this help relieve some of the shedding?

It will certainly assist with shedding to clean the pet cat regularly, however I don't understand that will help your roomie's allergies. A moist wipe-down of the feline frequently will help in enhancement to the cleaning. I'm additionally adverse pet cats, so my sis' cats are a problem. Vacuuming, wiping down the furniture and constant hand & encountering washing help greater than cleaning the cats.

Can this be used on cats?

I'm sure that it would certainly benefit pet cats.. I don't have pet cats I use it on my German Shepherd. Her hair is really thick so it functions truly good on her. It's the very best one I have used. Extremely advise!