Penvinoo Dog Toothbrush Pet Toothbrush Finger Toothbrush Small to Large Dogs

  • Dog Toothbrush Finger Toothbrush Pet Toothbrush Dog and Cat Toothbrush Eight brushes and three different sets of toothbrushes. These dog toothbrushes make it easier to clean your dog's or cat's teeth, helping you to prevent dental plaque.
  • DDental hygiene is vital for a pet. Great for brushing the teeth of any dog, puppy, cat or kitten. Finger toothbrush is perfect for removing stuck and plaque along the gumline.
  • High quality materials for our pet toothbrushes that won't damage your pet's teeth, gums and teeth.
  • MOur dog toothbrush helps you remove plaque buildup.Reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Price: $5.98 (as of 24/11/2021 14:16 PM Details )
Color: 8 Pcs

2 Two-sided toothbrushes for small, large teeth and finger toothbrushes.
E Eight brushes and three different sets of toothbrushes. These dog toothbrushes make it easier to clean your dog's or cat's teeth, helping you prevent plaque buildup.


Ssize: 2.2″ x 1″
Diameter: 0.65″
Color: Multicolor

HVTG4KWAVA32's tooth worthy tooth formation for pets Reduce our tooth formation
G4KWAV A32 and not harm or damage your pet's teeth

4 M-size finger toothbrush and 4 double-headed toothbrushA32ULXG

Is washing required after I brush my dog's teeth but before I brush my child's teeth?

I do not know about your child's but when I brush my dog's teeth I place the brush on a cup with water, then the paste, brush, and repeat, when we go to the vet she compliments about my canine's teeth, so I guess it can be a great approach with great outcomes

How often do you brush your dog’s teeth?

When a week if they will allow me. I identified these to be as well rough so I ended up altering to a soft child/toddler child toothbrush. If you happen to be new to brushing your dog's teeth, I suggest placing them on a towel or blanket the counter or table. You could want to just get them acquainted with it very first. When you place a very little bit of puppy toothpaste, and I tension puppy toothpaste mainly because child toothpaste incorporate xylitol which is hugely toxic to canines, they are commonly a great deal a lot more very likely to make it possible for you to brush their teeth. If you gently lift their jowels to expose their teeth, it will make it less complicated to get to the sides. I give my dog's occasions of praise and speak them by way of the whole encounter, but perhaps I am a very little nutty that way lol. Soon after I am finished brushing I will commonly give them a very little carrot chip as a deal with or some men and women will use dental bones or treats for afterward. If their gums are sore, you can rub a very little orate or anything like that. It really is the canine edition of orajel. Hopefully people's suggestions support!

Anybody used this on a cat? The brush looks way too big for a cat mouth.

Yes, these brushes would be as well massive for a cat's mouth. Have a 50 lb. Puppy and she have a compact mouth but can use these on her. Do not consider for cat, they would get the job done. Hope this assists!

Do you need to use dog toothpaste with these brushes?

I use poultry flavored toothpaste and my golden likes it. I allow him to taste a small at first on my finger, then on the brush, then I brush his teeth. He does not enjoy obtaining his teeth brushed, but I consider the much more I do it, he'll get employed to it. The toothpaste surely produced the big difference.

is the tooth brush made in use

I really do not have an understanding of your query. I have 3 canines and I use these on all 3. They are soft so it does not harm them.

How many toothbrushes come with pet dog soft finger toothbrush food grade material pet toothbrush (4 small size + 2 head toothbrush(white))??

This puppy toothbrush package deal incorporates 4 Neutral Dimension finger toothbrush + 4 Head Toothbrush.

What is the lenght of these brushes?

They are about 8 one/two inches extended tip to tip

Are the toothbrushes made in USA?

Adverse. China. A good deal of the phrases are misspelled on the packaging as well. I returned them due to bad high quality.

where are these made

Will not have any concept, utilized only 1 and threw the rest away. Did not like them, bad, good quality.

Can you use it on smalldogs like chihuahuas?

I feel so, you will have to have to use the little finish! Have a med dimension puppy about 50 lbs and she has a little mouth, so I use the little finish with her also.