Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves – Dog Brush for Shedding & Hair Removal – Dog

  • FORGET THE WEIGHT LOSS! – Our glove easily removes pet hair and tangles, preventing fur from flying.
  • IMPROVED FIVE FINGER DESIGN – Allows you to groom hard-to-reach areas such as face or tail.
  • ANIMALS LOVE GLOVE! – Rubber tips provide a gentle relaxing massage. Petting is better than chasing pets!
  • FOR SHORT, MEDIUM AND LONG COAT – Extra soft for daily grooming. Perfect for sensitive and young pets.
  • REMOVE HAIRBUTTON… or GET A REFUND – we’ll refund your money in case you don’t like the glove. Price:  $11.99 (as of 06/01/2022 08:10 AM Details )


We have a great solution for your furry problems!

Try our “Pat Your Pet” Grooming Glove and completely forget about shedding like a terrible nightmare. Get rid of hairballs before they appear once and for all!

Our high-quality grooming glove is designed to be extremely gentle on your pet, bringing nothing but satisfaction and pleasure. Grooming has never felt so good! From now on, this is a long-awaited reward for your little furry friend for extra attention and closeness.

You will achieve great grooming results while petting and petting your pet. No more stress when combing your pet.


  • IMPROVED FIVE FINGER DESIGN – Glove gently imitates stroking with your hand. Make your furbaby think he’s being petted instead of groomed.
  • USE IT WET OR DRY – It is great for bathing your pet, washing with waterless shampoo or cleaning with detangling spray.[1965908]PETS LOVE GLOVE – Scrubbing buttons provide a gentle skin massage, your pet will ask for more!
  • REDUCE SHEDDING – Regular brushing removes loose undercoat, eliminating those pesky mats and tangles.
  • ADJUSTABLE WRIST STRAP – gently hold the glove on each hand.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – When the grooming session is over – just peel the hair off and throw it away.
  • PERFECT CARE FOR ALL FURRY FRIENDS – Skittish cats or playful dogs, graceful horses or fluffy rabbits and even goats!

So what are you waiting for? As you can see, we’ve thought about everything, our grooming glove is just what you need! One Glove – clean house, healthy pet and happy you.

Now press “ADD TO CART” and when you do, consider gifting two… one for you and one for a friend.

Have only the best moments with your furry friend and enjoy your clean house!

Product Dimensions

9.2 x 6.6 x 0.8 inches 0.64 Ounces

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Date First Available

November 15, 2016


Pat Your Pet

Can you use this brush while bathing the animal?

Yes, this to grooming glove can be used while family pet bathing. It helps to disperse hair shampoo for all over the body, offers a great skin and fur clean, eliminates excess dirt and also caught tiny derbies. They end when showering up please clean the glove wit,h a soap in warm water and let it dry.

Maybe I missed seeing the care and instruction booklet that may have come with these gloves. How can the fur be cleaned off? It sure wants to stay on

It should be fairly very easy to cleanse the handwear cover's rubber side when there's a huge layer of built up hair on it. The even more hair you have on the handwear cover - the easier to peel it off! There's no need to clean it after each swipe. When brushing is completed, you can simply peel the hair away as one layer. Please kindly attempt as well as it needs to work well for you.

How well do these work on a pittie?

I really don't understand if the glove will work on your puttie, as their hair, I presume, is short. I recognize it functions wonders for my pet cat, and he really looks onward to his "petting" time. The measurements for the rubber spikes are 1/4" apart & 1/4" high. It's much easier to eliminate the hair from the handwear cover when you let it build up. After that, you can simply lift it off. It may work for your pittie. Just method to discover out is try it. I've been very delighted with mine, which comprised 2 gloves!!! Wish I might be extra practical.

Anyone use this brush on Angora (long hair) Rabbits? Does it work?

Did you buy these gloves for your Angora? If so, exactly how did they function? I have a newly rescued Angora that despises brushes of any kind!

Would this work on a shedding indoor bunny?

Definitely. These handwear covers job marvels. I extremely advise them.

Will all the hair stay on the glove? I want to brush my dog indoors without having to clean up afterwards

For my pet dog, her hair is short and also coarse, so a few hairs flew off. Feline hair is extra soft as well as long as well as stayed all on brush.

Are these gloves large enough for a man with big hands, really big hands?

I would claim it will be a limited fit. Your hair baby might delight in snag much more since the" big hand male" will certainly be able to apply more stress.

Can you use this on your couch or other furniture? Malamute leaves insane amount of fur on the couch.

This handwear cover is created primarily for an animal grooming. It may work on furnishings as well, however,, except all hair types and surface areas. Need to attempt in your case.

I have small hands and the mitt I purchased slides around on my hand. Does this glove fit tight around the wrist area to keep it in place?

This handwear cover fits tight around the wrist, however is huge. I have difficulty with it desiring to glide around while using it.

Will this work for my fine haired Maine Coon kitty? She hates her brush!

Yes, it must work well on your Maine Coon cat. This handwear cover is a gentle grooming device, it does not draw the hair or scratch the skin. The rubber nubs give enjoyable skin massage, so I assume, your kitty needs to like it!