Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush – Double-sided Undercoat Rake for Dogs & Cats – Shedding

  • 2-in-1 DUAL HEAD – Start with the 9-tooth side for stubborn mats and tangles and finish with the 17-tooth side for thinning and deshedding. Get faster and more professional dematting and care results!
  • ABSOLUTELY SAFE FOR YOUR PET – Scratch-free, rounded outer teeth gently massage the pet’s skin. Meanwhile, the insides of the teeth are sharp enough to cut smoothly through the toughest mats, knots and knots.
  • FORGET THE WEIGHT LOSS! – Regular brushing easily removes dead undercoat, preventing fur from flying. Skin massage improves blood circulation and promotes a healthy and shiny coat. Perfect for medium and long haired pets.
  • ENJOY COMFORTABLE BRUSHING – Soft ergonomic non-slip handle makes regular brushing easy and relaxed. Stainless steel teeth are ultra DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN.
  • REMOVE HER SPACE… or GET A REFUND! – If, for whatever reason, you’re not completely fond of your pet’s demattering rake, just contact us and we’ll refund every penny (or replace it if there’s a problem). Price:  $19.99 (as of 06/01/2022 07:15 AM Details )

Product Dimensions

6.8 x 3.6 x 1.1 inches 4.06 Ounces

Item model number

Pet Grooming Tool




Pat Your Pet

How does this compare to a furminator?

The Fairmont has points that are really close to each other. My dogs did not like it because it draws their thick hair. This item has one side where the teeth are rather far apart. Use this side initially until you get much of the loose hair off or till your pet gets used to it. Then turn it over and use the side with the teeth better with each other to end up eliminating the loose hair. My dogs appreciate this product. They would not tolerate the furminator.

Is the groomer specific for long furry animals? Is it as efficient on animals with a short fur length?

I have three pet cats. One is lengthy haired, one is short-haired, and also one is VERY short haired. For the long-haired pet cat, this function well. My short-haired cats, it functions less well, but did a respectable work at getting some floor coverings out of the standard brief haired feline. The extremely short haired pet cat, this doesn't do a lot for, it's more effective just to comb her.

Do you use this for daily combing or only when there's matting?

I prefer to use a comb with branches much better with each other for the day-to-day grooming of my felines and also use this tool when floor coverings are present.

Has anyone used this on a dog that has an undercoat? I have a long haired border collie.

We have gold retriever, functions really great, cleanses undercoat, thins & trims long hairsStart with 9 sided comb after that opposite side, appreciate

Will this work on my husband?

I would certainly recommend using some conditioner first, to stay clear of any kind of unneeded discomfort. Otherwise, it must function well.

Did this come with the extra 3 bonus too it says in the pictures or just the pet tag?

Yes, right! Each of our order for the brushing rake is gone along with by three rewards: 1. Pet dog tag which is affixed to the blister card with grooming tool; 2. A compilation of "16 Best Apps for Pet Owners" (sent out by e-mail); 3. "Pet Emergency Care" E-book (sent by email). If, for whatever reason, perks # 2 and # 3 were not delivered to your e-mail, please be certain to call us directly in the orders area of your Amazon account. And we will immediately duplicate benefits to you ASAP!

will this work on my saint bernese pup he is a mix with saint bernard and bernese mountain dog

I use it on a boundary collie. His hair is very thick. My various other brushes either don't get deep sufficient or the pins take out. You ought to be good!

How does this product work on poodles?

I have an Australian Shepherd with a great deal of hair that drops badly. It works terrific on him, however, gets tangled up in the thicker hair. Unsure just how it would work on a poodle.

Will this work on my Shih tzu?

I know this question is 3 years of ages however it needs to be answered properly. This will NOT deal with a Shih zu. They are decrease layer pets. Get a slicker brush and use a steel comb.

How does it work on really bad knots?

I use the side with the Seven blades on it. You simply maintain going over the knotted/matted spot gradually and also bit, by bit it removes the knot. I purchased especially for my two lengthy haired pet cats. As well as it works fantastic on them. Among both is a little a loafer in brushing. As well as this device is amazing.