Only Natural Pet Easydefense Flea & Tick Cat Collar

  • All-natural flea and tick collars designed by scientists and vet tested and approved to provide your cat with a safe and effective alternative to dangerous chemical flea collars
  • Long-lasting, water-resistant protection for up to 3 full months!
  • Safe, potent combination of non-toxic ingredients, including geraniol, along with citronella, citronella oil and cinnamon oil
  • Completely safe for your cat with no harmful chemicals or pesticides
  • Only Natural Pet brand products are 100% guaranteed! Price: $16.74 (as of 27/12/2021 13:45 PM Details )

Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Collar for Cats, at Only Natural Pet Store, makes protecting your pet from pests amazingly easier thanks to the long lasting, natural strength of this essential oil collar

Will this product cause any harm to my cat?

The only damage I can see would be if your cat had a simple allergy to the ingredients then removal would be the easy fix but no permanent damage

Is this a breakaway collar?

It's not. :-(

Does the collar work for all age of cats?

I would be hesitant to use it on a kitten, but for adult cats it should be fine.

Would this work on dogs too? Asking because I already have one at home for cats, but i need one for dogs.

It can function provided it fits on your dog. There is a pet collar alternative available additionally if you search B00OKZMB8A in the search bar