Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Power Chew Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers Tough Chew Toys for Dogs

  • Flavored chunk toy comprises 0 calories
  • Powerful chunk toy helps to keep competitive chewers busy
  • Textured chunk toy is helping blank enamel and massage gums
  • Chew toy for medium dogs as much as 35 pounds
  • Flavored dog chunk comprises delicious cheesesteak taste dogs love

Amazon.com Price: $10.17 (as of 16/11/2021 00:11 AM Details )

Flavor Name:Philly Cheesesteak
Size:Medium/Wolf (1 Count)

Calling all cheesesteak lovers! This dog chew toy comprises irresistibly cheesy and meaty flavor all through! Built to resist extremely robust chewers, this tasty Flavor Frenzy Cheesesteak Dog Chew Toy helps to keep dogs entertained. Plus, our textured dog chew is helping clean teeth and massage gums. Your very best family member is certain have a blast with this nylon chew toy. Treat your dog to his favorite human foods—with out the calories!

In what country were these made?

U.S.A.. All nylabone products made in the US have an image of the American Flag on the plan. No flag-- not made in US.

Do you think my cat will like this

Felines have sharp incisor teeth as well as smaller mouths for tearing soft victim. I question that feline would certainly discover nylabones pleasing. Canines have a drive to eat, as well as with their enormous jaw muscle mass (really feel on the sides of their skull) they truly bite hard.

What is the length of the large, 3" or 7" ?


are these flexible or rigid?

Flavor Frenzy as well as Power Chew are the terms utilized by Nylabone to represent their tough, solid nylon eat toys. Likewise, there is a reminder on the base of the bundle which is marked "Extreme." All these indicate the plaything is rigid, hard, strong nylon. Other Nylabone playthings labeled Edible, Flexible, Gentle Chew, Moderate Chew, or Puppy Chew, are designed to be softer and a lot more adaptable. I have not had the best of luck with these.

Are these supposed to smell?

Hello there, We value you making the effort to share your comments, as well as we're sorry to listen to that you as well as your pet dog didn't have the best experience with our product. Although our eat toys are odor free to us people, they are flavored with the terrific tastes dogs like. As pet dog moms and dads as well, we comprehend that dogs have individualities of their very own as well as occasionally favor various sort of toys. Fortunately, our Nylabone chews come in a range of flavors as well as forms and among them makes certain to become your puppy's preferred. Please call us toll-free at (855) 273-7527 (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST) so our Consumer Care department can collaborate with you to locate a chew that your hair kid will love.

What is the bone made out of and what are the ingredients in the flavoring?


Is this item super hard or kind of flimsy ?

Super hard, my dog is a big chewer, but this is way also hard for him. He doesn't wish to eat it as well as won't also play bring with it. He desires nothing to do with it.

Is this made in the USA

Yes, this product is produced in the USA.

In march someone asked the country of origin and it was usa. this is june 2018 and i don't see the flag on the package. is it still made in the usa?

I still get them. My pet loves them

How do I determine if my toy poodle is a gentle or power chewer? If I choose a power bone, will it hurt his tiny teeth if not a power chewer?

Ask your veterinarian. Additionally begin with light products. If those go down in secs, move up to tool Chews.