Millers Forge Dog Nail Clip, Large

  • Sharp Stainless Steel Cutting Blades
  • Heavy duty, made in Italy
  • The choice of vets and groomers Price:  $7.59 (as of 27/12/2021 13:15 PM Details )


A heavy duty nail clipper designed for dogs over 40lbs. Made from German stainless steel and made in Italy, these clippers stay strong and sharp. This nail clipper is the number 1 choice of vets and groomers and lasts longer than any other nail clipper. Recommended for all dogs over 40lbs. The sharp cutting blades ensure a fast, clean cut

Do these clippers cut from both sides or is only one side intended for cutting?

Both sides are sharp.

These claim they are surgical steel, while the millers forge large say they are stainless steel. is this a fact, about the surgical steel?

the blade itself says it's stainless, I don't know what qualifies as surgical steel, I do know these are the only clippers that work well on my thick Great Dane nails. Hope this helped.

where are these made?

The clipper section reads "767 Stainless Millers Forge Italy".

Are these actual Millers Forge or an imitation?

Mine are all Millers Forge

Will these work for a left-handed person?

I think seeing the handle in both directions is the same

What is the difference between these clippers and the millers forge large nail clippers?

I bought both pairs. My dog was a bloodhound Black and Tan who doesn't like clipped nails, the first couple put too much pressure on her nail could never cut nails. This product seems to exert less pressure and worked like a charm on her nails. She was over 100 lbs

does this have a guard?

No, the large nail clipper does not have a protector.

I have a small beagle but large hands. Should I get small/medium for the dog, or a large for my own comfort?

Take the medium. You don't want to get them too big for the dog. You have a better chance of beating them with the bigger ones. The medium ones will even work with your bigger hands.

How to exchange clippers

Go through Amazon's returns process

Do these open all the way or do they have a whole you insert the nail into?

Yes, they open all the way... like wire cutters... but they're not very sharp. I have a standard size dog and I have to press VERY hard to trim his nails. It scares him off. I switched to a drum kit.