Mayerzon Dog Muzzle, Soft Basket Muzzle for Dogs, Prevents Biting, Chewing and Licking, Allows Panting

  • [Creative Basket Design] This Mayerzon Dog Muzzle Basket Prevents biting, chewing and barking but allows panting and handling. The wide front of the muzzle allows your dog to pant, drink and even get treats through the muzzle. This design provides maximum ventilation to prevent your dog from overheating and to allow you to feed treats.
  • [Tough yet Soft] Made from a pliable, non-toxic rubber, The Basket Muzzle is extremely strong, durable and soft to the touch To hit. Your dog will feel comfortable with it.
  • [Secure Fit] The safety strap ensures that the dog muzzle always stays in place and it has two extra points for secure attachment, difficult for the dog to detach.
  • [Dog-friendliness] Wide open basket design gives an all-round dog muzzle protection, does not hinder the dog’s mouth and does not hurt the skin. Your dog will find this muzzle very comfortable to wear
  • [Hassle-free Service] Please measure the circumference and length of your dog’s muzzle before purchasing. It is important that your dog is the correct size. When you receive your muzzle, make sure it is large enough for your dog to pant and that it is securely fastened. We are happy to take back muzzles that are in as good as new condition. Just buy with confidence. Price: $12.99 (as of 16/12/2021 05:45 AM Details )
Package Dimensions

6.14 x 3.58 x 2.56 inches 2.4 Ounces

Date First Available

April 29, 2021



Our dog has a way of doing the unexpected. if he slips the muzzle and chews it up will we get a full refund?

Bosom friend, Thanks for your asking. It is Amazon that has full obligation for the return & reimbursement policy. If you need the reimbursement, you can begin your return & reimbursement request on your order page. Once Amazon gets your return, they will certainly offer you a complete refund. Best dreams.

Will this fit a daschund

Idk if they have one for that tiny of a pet dog. We have a Pitbulls so ours fIt penalty.

How long can a Mayerzon muzzle be worn?

Due to the Mayerzon basket-style design, our muzzles can be used for longer periods e.g. for everyday pet strolls, as the pet can pant as well as consume in any way times with the muzzle on. However, despite Mayerzon muzzles, we do not recommend leaving these on your dog for extended amount of times unless definitely needed e.g. your pet dog is hostile also in the house. We advise, as with all our items, to completely supervise your dog while they are using the muzzle from both a safety and security and welfare perspective. In the early days of muzzle training, this will also guarantee your pet dog does not remove the muzzle and also potentially eat the product.

My dog has 10in circumference and about 3.5in length. Is the medium okay?

I got a tool and it was a good fit but depending on the actual shape of your canines muzzle ... (like a beagle has a various shape than a husky, which is various than a shepherd) can be tricky. However it fit my husky quite well.

So my dog has an 8" circ. and a 4.5"length. You suggest following the length and getting the XL?

Beloved Mahina, Sorry that there is no appropriate size of basket muzzle kind for your dog. Please attempt to muzzle loop.https://

How do l acclimatise my dog to wearing a muzzle ?

It's vital to keep in mind that for your pet dog having a new training aid on their head/ face will certainly feel unusual for your dog and also it is completely regular response for them to attempt as well as removing it. We motivate you to help your dog acclimatise to the muzzle by utilizing favorable organization's methods. This can be with making use of deals with to motivate your pet dog to place their nose right into the muzzle and putting the muzzle on the pet for a few seconds, then taking the muzzle off as well as gratifying right away. Construct up the size of time the muzzle gets on slowly, so your dog has time to adjust. You can locate more details on exactly how to do this with the 'how-to' video on this web page. If your canine is attempting to take the muzzle off, try to distract them with a treat or their much-loved plaything to stop this behavior. In the very early days of acclimatising your dog we highly recommend you make use of the collar loop and also the headstrap for increased security and also security and also minimise muzzle activity if your pet attempts to eliminate it.

I hope i ordered the right size for my 7month Husky i got a large

Precious Steven, Please choose the right dimension according to the nose size and also circumference of your dog. If you purchased the wrong size, please call us for dimension replacement. Hope it can assist. Best wishes.

What is the right muzzle size for my dog?

Please make use of the sizing overview on this page in the Image Gallery to figure out which sizing classification your dog falls under. If your pet dog's nose size as well as area fall into various sizing categories, please utilize the nose length dimension to figure out the very best size.

l've bought the muzzle but I'm still unsure if this is the right size?

Please describe the info section on our brand name shop revealing examples of correct and also incorrect suitable for the Mayerzon Muzzle on some typical pet breeds. If you are still unsure, please do not hesitate to call us with an image of your dog in their muzzle and one of our after-sale team will be able to offer more customized sizing recommendations.