Lynxking Dog Leash Slip Rope Lead Leash Strong Heavy Duty Braided Rope No Pull Training

EASY AND EASY TO USE: British style rope, leash and collar in one design, adaptable to any neck size, simple and easy to use

  • STRONG AND DURABLE, evolved from mountain climbing rope, a heavy-duty dog leash, after testing, the tensile strength of the rope can go up to < > Lbf, don't worry about broken and twisted damage
  • SMOOTH TOUCH, made of high quality polypropylene, hand feels very comfortable and very soft, a little stretch and it is a buffer when you leash your heavy pulling dog
  • PRACTICAL “NO-PULL” LEASH SOLUTION , the dog stops pulling easily without harming the dog. All you need to do is keep your arm still and the dog will stop when the leash becomes tight. Wait for your dog to slow down and move on, it has been shown to be effective in most dogs < > kilograms. Perfect for hiking, sports or field use
  • Price: $12.99 (as of 19/11/2021 01:21 AM Details )

    Package Dimensions

    7.24 x 5.43 x 1.18 inches 5.29 Ounces

    Date First Available

    July 31, 2018



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    Will this work for my wife?

    Can your wife walk the dog with this product? Yes. I walk all types of dogs with this slip leash. Excellent product. I am a woman and I use this slip leash to help myself and others walk a dog without the dog pulling on the leash. I hope this helps.

    Which slip lead does Ceasar Milan use or recommend

    I don't know which one Cesar Milan uses, but many people who want to control an animal use these slip-type lines. The idea when using it is to make sure it sits high on the neck where, if strapped in, it won't choke the pet and will immediately grab their attention. And never make it too much. This particular leash is heavy and I use it for a larger dog (50+ lb.). I hope this helps.

    When will the black slip leash come back in to stock?

    Good morning and welcome. There are 2 Lynxking tow lines in Amazon, maybe they will be processed and will be in stock soon. Lots of dog leashes on the way to Amazon, thanks for expecting.

    Do you make a thinner one?

    This thickness is actually very nice in the hand and works well with our medium-sized dog.

    Would this be a good fit for a 35 lb dog?

    Yes if you teach the dog to walk on a leash

    How stiff is this leash? How easy is it to make corrections?

    The line is not as stiff and even softens a bit with use. We mainly use it in the middle of the night to quickly let our puppy out while we are housebroken. It's easy to make corrections with it, but I prefer a clip on the leash for unfenced's just safer.

    What is the difference between selecting a particular size and the Pack of One option?

    Short leash that I use for my large dog. I have more control over him. I just bought a belt.

    Is this lead reflective?

    The colors I bought were not reflective. See what they offer - there may be a reflective option.

    How long did it take to see a change in your dogs leash behavior? Did anyone else deal with a dog who did not stop pulling? Advice?

    I didn't think the line made any difference when pulling. I just let my dog stop walking until she finally got the message that I didn't approve of her pulling. She's a quick learner and a smart dog, so it was all in the training. I found that the strap that tightens around their chest when they pull is a better deterrent to pullers, but it doesn't train them to stop. I just worked with my dog in a positive way to show her what I wanted. I only use this leash to put my dog on to take her to the groomer or vet or to get her from one place to another. But this line is NOT suitable for tractors. It will just suffocate the dog, in my opinion. Sorry.

    Where is it made?