Litatasa Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Real Beef Flavor Durable Dog Teething Chew Toys,

  • ★ Meet Instinct Needs: The litatasa dog chew toys aims at helping your pets to develop good chewing habits and keep teeth health. Dog bones for aggressive chewers can help dog relieve anxiety and boredom, keep away from loneliness, stimulate dog for exercise, take care of physical and mental health, it is functional puppy chew toys to make your dog more energetic.
  • ★ Real Beef Flavor: Our engineer focus on dogs hobbies and infuse the middle part with real edible beef, so it is attractive dog toys for aggressive chewers, and a great combination about food and toy, it is funny and convenient puppy teething toys for your loved pets.
  • ★ Easy to Pick Up and Clean Teeth: The rib shape dog chew toy is rigorously designed from mechanics and engineering, easy to pick out up, the middle beef have gentle dentation, can help dogs and puppies to clean the teeth all over chewing and play.
  • ★ Indestructible Dog Chew Toys: Our dog bones for aggressive chewers has passed countless times tested with English Bulldog, the dog toy rib is made from tough nylon, thus long-lasting for chewing and indestructible for play, it is durable dog chew toys to accompany for better growth.
  • ★ Relieve Emotions and Fun Pets Gift: This stimulating dog toys is an ideal companion for pets when the master isn’t at home, dog can feed itself from the dog toy bone, relieve much boredom and keep away from to bite tissues, sofa, shoes and so forth, no wish to worry about messing the house. This can be a funny toy bone in prime quality, protected and healthy puppy chew toy for each dog, fairly valuable pets gift for pets owners. Price: $13.99 (as of 10/11/2021 16:24 PM Details )

LitatasaIndestructible Dog Toys with Real Beef Flavor

Main Fetures:

A.DentalCaring Dog Chew Toy: litatasa designthe dog chew toy in line with mechanics andengineering principles, it’s protected andeasy to select up, the true beef flavor isvery popular to all roughly dogs, itis highly suggested dental chew toy foryour pets.

B.Durabledog toys: We moldthe bone by premium tough nylon and suitable for eating cowhide, they’re hard thanreal bone, your pets can chewand play for years.

C.UniqueTexture Design: The unique shape andbeef flavor dog toy stimulate your petschasing potential and chewing, let themso exciting and vigorous duringplaying.

Multi-Functional Dog Toys

1.AlternativeChewing Dog Toys;

2.Increase excise and be energetic

3.Puppy and small dog teething toys;

4.Keep away from loneliness, boredom and anxiety

5.Clean the teeth and Portable feeding toy

6.Interactive puppy toys with pets owner, easy to buildrelationship

Product Size:

Medium:L5.3 X W2 inch

Package Included:

1x 1 Pc dog chew bone

1x 1 Pc Pvc box and carbord

I have a 60lb American pitbull who is a pretty heavy chewer,thus will help him get some energy out, this dog toys for aggressive chewer in medium is s

I assume so. I provided the Medium nylabone to 70LB 70 extra pound guard, yesterday and also he went to town! It appears like it will last for numerous month, the pet dog will certainly keep him from destroying his rope as well as stuffed toys for a couple days ... I like the beef smell.

Our Staffy destroys most toys in hours, I am looking for some durable nylabones for dogs,this rib shape nylabones looks nice, it is indestructible dog

Yeah, nearly unbreakable. My canine saw me open the plan, took the chew plaything and also start to eat. He is a Labrador as well as like the pet dog bones for aggressive chewers, it fulfilled his match I believe. He loves this pet eat toy and it resembles it is mosting likely to last a long period of time, it is undestroyable pet dog chew toy for him.

We just got a dog and learned that he liked to chew on bones. Not excessively, but he definitely ruined my kids markers when he found them.

Yeah, it can promote dogs for eating and healthy to gums, Our dogs love these bones. Big bargain to them! They are smaller "dogs" but they are strong chewers, after surface the beef treat, they still maintain chewing on the rib bone, it is indestructible canine playthings, valuable for pet dogs.

Staffy is extremely powerful and capable of destroying almost anything that exists on Earth. This nylabones for dogs is tough dog toys?

Certain, it is difficult pet toys and also suitable to tool and also large pets. I've acquired 2 of these dog bones for our Black Lab that is an aggressive chewer. One for the house and one for the workplace where he features me. Up until now they are still going solid after lots of weeks and also he likes to chew on them in between his various other playthings, the rib shape in beef flavor, just to satisfy his preference, the middle brownish component is edible, can obtain chew the delicious food during eating.

My dog is 20lb, he like to chew something like beef or bacon. The rib beef bone dog toys looks in high quality, it is durable for aggressive chewers?

I assume this pet dog toys rib is a hit! My pet absolutely loves this indestructible canine playthings as well as enjoying eating. The rib shape on these make it easy to hold and appears to feel great on his gums.

My dogs is aggressive chewers and like to chew some bones with special flavor,this beef rib bone looks nice, what is the material for the white part?

If you have a pet dog that damages toys/ chews via everything, this bone is ok - fifty percent of the reward remains in nylon. My pet dogs aren't devastating when it pertains to playthings as well as just chew the real reward part of the plaything, it loves the beef flavor.