Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray for Pets, Dog Grooming Spray & Pet

  • USA Made Skin Pacifier: Our dog refreshment sprays are made by hardworking Americans to refresh and moisturize; each spa-grade fragrance contains lanolin, vitamin E oil, oats and chamomile (no dyes or parabens) to soothe sensitive skin and stop itchy eczema
  • Dog Safe Fresh Fragrance: Customers who care about their best friends say they love how our dog essential oil spray allays dogs’ anxiety without heavy colognes or harsh chemicals that exacerbate allergies and irritate sensitive noses on pets
  • Vet-Approved Pet Soothing Spray: Pet parents say it’s the best investment for their pup’s anxiety (and their own sanity); Vets say our soothing blend helps calm barking and chewing – just spray, brush and enjoy a clean coat and a calmer puppy
  • Gentle Dog Deodorant Spray: 100% dog-safe ingredients neutralize bad odors, without the chemicals or cheap air freshener scents found in import brands; While not a substitute for proper grooming, customers say our spray removes dog shelter kennel odors
  • Travel size fur softener and detangling spray for pets: A few sprays makes the coat soft, shiny and easier to brush (with no sticky residue): Plus, our TSA-approved 8 oz and 2 oz travel sizes allow you to carry your finishing spray for easy grooming on the way Price: $9.99 (as of 02/01/2022 08:45 AM Details )

Vet recommended for gentle calming and refreshing pets – without aggravating allergies or irritating pets’ sensitive noses.

Vets say our unique blend of aloe vera, soothing essential oils and other natural ingredients work with your dog’s own system to take the edge off.

Pet parents even say this blend calms their anxious dogs in high-stress social situations (and saves their own sanity while at home) for less barking and anxious chewing and licking.

USA Made, Spa Quality Dog Deodorant

Our hardworking American perfumers here at Gerrard Larriett proudly create spa-quality fragrances that avoid the parabens and the harsh “air freshener” scents found in cheap import and dog perfumes.

Instead, you get premium 100% dog-safe essential oil sprays that naturally cancel out odors instead of covering them up. You’ll love naturally fresh scents to get rid of bad kennel smells after doggy day care (even on smelly puppy paws).

Premium detangler spray with skin softening

While our sprays are no substitute for healthy grooming and bathing, pet parents who care say a few sprays (away from the eyes) refresh and detangle both coat and hair for a clean-smelling coat that’s easy to brush and dry. care – without any of the greasy, sticky residue of chemical-based perfume products.[1965908]Plus, our rich combination of natural lanolin, vitamin E oil and oats works under the coat to soothe, calm and nourish dry, itchy skin. Our finishing sprays are perfect to help with inflamed skin.

Travel size finishing spray

So grab one of our travel-ready 8 oz bottles – or our TSA-approved 2 oz size to enjoy gentle pet aromatherapy and spa-quality care on the go, and join others who say they have a softer, shinier , notice fresh smelling fur , as well as calmer and more peaceful puppies.

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8 x 1.7 x 1.4 inches 8 Ounces

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Date First Available

March 19, 2014


Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care

How often can this be used???

Hello, there Caio, this is a day-to-day grooming spray so make use of every day and also as required to refresh in between bath time or on the move!

Does this eliminate odor or just cover it up?

It appears to eliminate it for a day or so and after that my pet dog's "have an odor" seems to come back. My pet dog obtains a doggy odor after swimming in the lake. Her odor does not fully vanish until I obtain an opportunity to bathe her. The spray is unbelievably positive and seemingly harmless so I simply spray her everyday until bathroom time.

Where do you order trabel size?

Thank you for your passion! We presently just provide the 8oz full dimension device.

Can i try it on a 9 week old shi poo puppy

Vale, thank you for your interest in our family pet freshening spray. This product is secure for young puppies of all types. - Gerrard

Is it safe to use on cats?

Hello Maeve, this item is not developed for use straight on pet cats (vital oils). Try spraying your feline's bed with this item rather.

I hope someone will answer why is everything about dogs, do they have a product like this for sweet cats? Don't cats count?

Patricia, thanks significantly for your passion in our item! As a result of self bathing, many coat items are not developed for pet cats. Lots of veterinarians do nevertheless suggest a periodic damp bath for felines so Gerrard Larriett provides a terrific Lavender & Chamomile Shampoo Conditioner that are cat-approved! - Gerrard

Did this create a yeasty smell on anyone's dog? My dog now has a waxy coat and yeasty smell right after using this a few times

When misted on a clean coat, no such scent will certainly be created. We advise that you shower your pet dog once monthly or more, as guided by your veterinarian.

Does this help with static?

I use it for my pet dog to soothe him. The smell is so good. That is all I use it for

Can you use this on Guinea pigs? Has anyone used it on Guinea pigs?

I have no suggestion ... call individuals who make it ... they have actually been extremely interested in recognizing that I enjoy w/product ... I do recognize that it's except cats ... claims so on bottle ... I would certainly not use it on any type of little creature w/o monitoring ... it's created dogs ... Mr.K.

Does this help with itching?

Hi Jen, yes our product does aid with scratchy, dry skin!