Lakerwin Fetch Balls 3.0″ Durable Natural Rubber Squeaky Dog Toy Ball, Float Bounce Balls for

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  • Ttennis balls are not safe for dogs: According to the AKC research, although dogs are obsessed with tennis balls, this fluffy ball can pose health risks. First, dogs can break a ball in the mouth, which can lead to a choking hazard. A tennis ball can be swallowed and the pieces are sharp to damage the puppy’s organ. Finally, tennis ball appears soft, but they are designed to withstand tennis courts and rackets. As your dog chews on a tennis ball, the fuzz acts like sandpaper, gradually wearing down her teeth. They are especially appealing to dogs because they stimulate their animal instincts and provide instant gratification through sound. Our squeaky dog ​​toy ball is not only super bouncy and durable, it also floats high on the water so your dog can easily fetch it at the lake or pool. Great for playing on land or in the water
  • NNatural Rubber Material & BPA Free: Made from food grade natural rubber, much better than man-made rubber, plastic or other synthetic counterparts, free from nasty stuff like BPA, latex and no chemical smell , non-toxic, PVC and phthalates free, provide the safest pet toys for your furry canine friend. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. The lightweight and flexible Lakerwin Dog Toy Ball is perfect for dogs of all ages, even older dogs and teething puppies. ball. The grooves give your dog something to bite while carrying it back to you. Even a puppy can get a grip! It bounces much higher and farther than regular tennis balls, and can have that level of unpredictability depending on how it lands. Lightweight, so easy to throw, bounce, squeak, catch and float
  • High Visible Colors: The Dog Fetch Balls are available in 3 base colors that are highly visible to both dogs and pet parents: Blue, Yellow and Orange. Bright colors provide better visibility and can be easily seen in tall grass or on water. Your dog will have no problem spotting it and running after it amid an ocean of greenery. Toss & Retrieve Game encourages exercise through active play and fosters bonding between pet parents and puppies Price: $3.99 (as of 11/12/2021 07:30 AM Details )


WABSDog Toy Squeaky Balls for Medium and Large Dogs, 3.0 inch Play Squeak Ball, Durable Bouncing and Floating Toy Ball for Interactive Fetching, Throwing and Catching Actions, Training

Key Benefits:
HTLF⃣Pendable 1Tennis Ball for Dogs SafePend Piecing and resilient
3️⃣ Textured surface makes it easier for dogs to hold with mouth
4 ️⃣ Built-in squeaker, deeply hidden for safety and durability
5 ️⃣ Lightweight yet highly durable
6 ️⃣ Made of food grade, BPA free and Non-toxic rubber material
7 ️ Top rack Dishwasher safe
JWA56T dogs like balls
In the past, dogs were trained to chase things in order to hunt. Once they reached their goal, they had to return with their prey to their owner.
Today, dogs no longer hunt for survival. Dogs are aware that balls are not rabbits, but chasing a ball replicates that of their former days.
The ball is an item that dogs love because they can chase it well, it fits in their mouth easily, they can see it and it is fast.

Fetching and throwing a ball at your dog is another way to spend quality time for you and your dog. And the movement of a ball will mimic that of prey, and your dog can use its instinctive nature to chase and retrieve the ball. Covering the outer textured surface of the balls can also make it easier for dogs to get a grip

Package Dimensions

7.56 x 5.31 x 2.95 inches

Item Weight

5.9 ounces



Date First Available

July 28, 2021