Kong – Tug – Durable Stretchy Rubber, Tug of War Dog Toy – for Medium

  • Natural KONG Rubber stretches and bounces back for long-lasting fun
  • Ideal for tug interactive games
  • Comfortable handles make gripping easy for you and your dog
  • Available in three sizes: S, M and L
  • XT93 Price:  $14.99 (as of 08/12/2021 03:22 AM Details )

The KONG Tug toy is great for those epic tug games with whoever pulls the hardest. Made with all-natural durable KONG rubber for a stretchy, long-lasting toy that springs back into shape for tons of twisty pulls. Comfortable handles make it easy to hold while enjoying interactive play sessions.

Tugging is one of a dog’s most instinctive activities. In the wild, it’s an important part of how pack mates eat cooperatively, and in domestic environments, it’s a great energy guzzler for the active, playful dog. But it’s important to carefully monitor when, how and where a dog plays tug with a human. One of the most crucial factors is to have toys that are specifically for play so that dogs are not okay with pulling on your socks or leash. With this innovative two-material toy, Kong brings their legendary quality and durability to the drag game. Flexible and super strong handles are made from Kong’s proprietary rubber formulation, while the rings have a durable nylon construction. The original “Control-Flex” technology prevents the toy from firing back into one of the players’ faces, promoting a safe, controlled version of a game that can sometimes get out of hand. The Kong tug measures 16-1/4 by 5-1/2 by 3/4 inches and is suitable for all sizes and breeds. –Mary Park

Product Dimensions

12.7 x 4.5 x 0.9 inches 10.56 Ounces

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Date First Available

July 15, 2004



is this made in the US?

I am not exactly sure concerning this specific toy as it has no producer on the label, however I have various other Kong canine toys that do claim produced in USA. Hope this helps!

Where is this tug toy made?

Kong is an American business headquartered in the state of Colorado. All KONG Classic, Extreme, Senior, and also Puppy toys are "Made in USA".

Is this product the all red one depicted in the first picture or the red and black one depicted in the second?

It's all red ... My pet dogs chew with it the first day, however also damaged, they enjoy playing pull with it. (They're huge rott/lab & pit mix)

Would this be suitable for small dog (Boston Terrier)?

I think it would be excellent for a lap dog. Regrettably, my yellow laboratory (82+ pounds) literally consumed the damn thing! Little pet dogs ok, large dogs no.

Will this work for my power Chewing pitbull?

I have a treeing coonhound who abuse ALL packed toys. I additionally have my children mastiff as well as when they play they rive all non-destructible playthings. BUT this toy functions GREAT for tug-a-war and chewing.

How big is this toy? Is it suitable for a large dog (Labrador, etc.)? I see one measurement in the specs, and another in a review.

I bought the big. I have a stanford terrier and she LOVES it !!!! It occurs to be the very best toy ever!!! We have bought sooo numerous others as well as they are NOT as sturdy. I will certainly ONLY purchase Kong toys from currently on.

Does this toy float in water?

Do not recognize for certain however my guess would certainly be no. It's solid rubber! If you want it for water play don't obtain it yet I have to tell you, my young puppy enjoys it! She is years of age Labrador/ German Shepard as well as she appreciates this toy greater than the other 50 she has all over the house! I would extremely recommend it! It's saggy and also she obtains hours of enjoyment and also has fun with it all by herself!