K9 Powerharness

  • A larger original shape thanks to its slim design and abdominal support, moved further back.
  • It prevents pressure in the neck and therefore does not curl.
  • The optimal adjustment of the chest strap distributes the pressure evenly over the chest.

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Is there a comfort cover for the strap that is located on the bottom of their chest?

Yes, they are called “Chest Pads” and you can find them on their website, not Amazon. They are neoprene and wrap around the front strap to cushion it.

I have a 38lb shiba inu but he's short with a wide neck- more stout than most shibes. What size would be good for him?

I used the dimension graph and measured for the neck. I have a 55lb Aussie and also used a dimension 2.

if only a velcro chest strap, doesn't velcro stop gripping like all velcro does?

I've been using this harness on a 50 lb English bull dog and also have never, ever had a problem. The canine is 2 years of age and really strong. however the breast band does not create any problems.

Do you have one with safety lock

You men and women consider you are asking the vendor. you are not. Get hold of the vendor

does the harness come with patches like "friendly", or "therapy dog" ?

No. You want to buy your patches individually and they customize it in accordance to what you want.

How do you do the sizing for a border collie,and 2 standard aussies?? The website is totally confusing with the numbers ????

You want to consider a tape measure and measure close to the chest, just behind the front legs. Then review to the chart they have by evaluating that to the girth dimension that model covers. Test to get a model exactly where your measurement is closer to the middle of the dimension selection for the girth measurement. The harness fits by a strap going close to the chest just behind the front legs. So that measurement actually issues. For instance, the chart showed that Dimension 0 and Dimension 1 match my beagle. The two do, but he was on the minimal finish for Dimension 1 and it was loose. Dimension 0 match flawlessly and he was closer to the middle of the girth dimension for that model. The excess weight portion is just an estimate for persons that could know the excess weight from vets pay a visit to but haven’t measured the girth. But girth can differ for canines of the identical excess weight. The girth measurement certainly issues.

I have purchased harness and my 9 month old Weimaraner pulls the D ring out. Is this one more powerful

These harnesses are difficult and really effectively manufactured. My 100 pound German Shepherd pulls like a freight train, and the ring is really safe. Really advise this product or service.

I have a 70 lb lab. What size will i need to purchase?

I have a 68 lb English Bull Terrier and I gained a dimension 1. It matches terrific on him, but he has a thick chest. I located a dimension chart on the net webpage for the harness. He enjoys sporting it and I like it as properly. Hope this assists.

My dog is 16 mo old with 33" chest girth. Would a size 2 or 3 be the best to get? He will continue to fill out for the next 3 years.

I have Australian Shepard. I purchased this Harnes when he was 1 12 months previous. He was in between two sizes and I purchased that Biger one particular. I bought he will get fuller, but he did not. So now his harnes is very bit looser than I would like but not as well as undesirable. I consider is genuinely relay what type of puppy you have. Might puppy working intensively for a handful of hrs a day so he is incredibly slim. Yet another maybe not so active breeds of canines might fill up but might did not. Harnes have good deal of space for vestment. Is incredibly tough to say what dimension is improved. I consider most effective is to wait when your puppy halt increasing if that is workable. Other vice incredibly excellent high-quality Europian solution.

Is there any way to replace both ends of the large buckle?

I have to study in prior threads you can get substitute buckles.