Jolly Pets Tug-n-toss Dog Toy Ball With Handle

  • The Tug-N-Toss Jolly Ball features an iconic integrated handle that offers endless ways to carry, play, fetch and pull this durable toy
  • The large Tug-N-Toss measures 10 inches in diameter and is ideal for extra-large dogs over 90 pounds
  • The Jolly Ball Tug-N-Toss is proudly made in the USA
  • The Tug-N-Toss is made of flexible material and is designed to be pierced without deflating. In fact it floats for water play
  • No dog toys are indestructible, always supervise your dog while they are playing with toys. Remove all packaging material and dispose of it properly. Parts of this item may present a choking hazard to pets and children if removed from the toy. If anything comes loose, dislodges or breaks, remove the toy and throw it away immediately. Price: $28.50 (as of 31/12/2021 07:45 AM Details )

Product Dimensions

12 x 10 x 10 inches 2.05 Pounds

Item model number

510 RD

Date First Available

October 2, 2001


Jolly Pet

Country of Origin


Is the 6' tug and toss the right size for my Golden Retriever?

I do assume this is the right dimension for a Golden Retriever. I utilize if for my boundary collie. It is regarding the dimension of a football ball. It is a heavy plastic, so it assists wears her bent on carry it around while bringing as well as walking. I kind of need to rotate in a slight circle (like an Olympic discus thrower) to actually obtain some distance when I throw the ball by hand. This is a good size for the majority of the mid-sized to bigger pet dogs. I assume my border collie is around the 50 to 60 extra pound array now, and also my German Shepard enjoyed these spheres as well as she was 65 to 70 pounds. Ultimately our dogs have constantly eaten off the manages (it usually takes many months) due to the fact that they like just how simple it is to get and lug around by the handle, and also it is huge enough to battle it around and also assault the deal with. So the deals with have a tendency to bring in some abuse. Yet, also when the handle disappears, the pets can fit their teeth right into the opening to get the round easily, and I end up putting my fingers right into it, to be able to toss the ball well by hand. Also, this ball stands up truly well outdoors constantly, also in sub absolutely no weather. The only thing to keep in mind is, if you go to kick this round in the middle of wintertime, the plastic/rubber gets harder in cool weather condition and will certainly injure your foot if you kick it actually hard - expecting the very same versatility.

Are these hard plastic or a bit more squishy? I worry about my dog chipping a tooth if they are real solid

I go it for a German Shepherd (1.5 years old). She has fun with it for hrs each time. The manage is not strong plastic, yet its not slim (squishy). I assume your secure purchasing it. I also have the 8 inch, I wanted something bigger for her. She's been having fun with the 8 inch for 5 months, the pet as well as round are both doing great. Currently, if I was to offer one to my yellow laboratory, I think he would eat the handle off, but the product would not harm his teeth.

what color or size (in inches) is the medium?

It's red and also the 6 inch regarding the dimension of a cantaloupe. The 4 inch has to do with the size of a softball.

is this suppose to have a plug? i tossed it in the pool and it started to fill with water and that's when i realized there is a hole in it and no plug

It's not supposed to have an opening in it. It's strong with a manage.

Is this for 4 Jolly Balls or 1? What is the size?

It is probably for 1 jolly spheres. They can be found in various sizes. They were initially meant for equines, ponies. Nonetheless, now they are made also smaller for pet dogs. My 80 # pet dog had & had fun with one that was approx 8 throughout for over 9 years. I got one 4" across for my 3 month old puppy. He not just has fun with that a person, but likewise with the larger one.

The darkest color is labled as blue, but it looks purple. What are yall's opinions?

Ours was blue not purple

Is the ball hollow and does it retain its round shape once a hole is put through it

Yes it is hollow. Constructed from thick rubber. It does have a drainpipe opening. We play fetch with it so it is an outdoors toy. As well as yes if a portion goes missing it preserves its shape. It is not indestructible but it lasts a long period of time with my 50 pound boundary collie. He brings it and does chew on it like a mouth tension sphere, after that we toss it about once more. I have actually attempted the larger cheerful ball, but I like this dimension so I can toss it like a tennis round. I have actually heard other people complain that their pet chews the take care of off, however I don't have that issue.

why are the colors different prices?

Different sizes

is there really a difference in the jolly tug-n-toss described as "heavy duty?"

Several of the smaller sized balls are made from a various product. We have a 6" and also 3 10" pull and also tosses, I'm not certain if the 8" is the squishy like the 10" or harder like the 4" and 6". The 6" as well as 8" bounce and play are made from the squishy materiel like the 10" pull and also throw. My pets are both German shepherds, the women in some cases gets the 8" one stuck in her jaws and needs to utilize her foot to get it out. The 6" one doesn't provide her a problem. The canines like the squishier ones far better - they make even more of a wish than a standing out seem like the tougher volleyballs.

Do these bounce pretty high like 6 feet or more? My 30 lb dog likes to hit balls up with her nose, is this ball too heavy for that?

It's as well hefty to jump up extremely high. We toss the sphere and also my dog occasionally catches it or it accidentally jumps off his nose, yet it's rather heavy and also my canine is 70 extra pounds. I recommend a smaller sphere for a 30 extra pound pet.