I-drop Vet Plus Lubricating Eye Drops for Pets: for Acute or Seasonal Dry Eyes, Superior

  • I-DROP VET PLUS is a lubricant that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration and lubrication with every wink to companion animals suffering from acute or seasonal dry eyes.
  • Supplied in a convenient and cost-effective format, I-DROP VET PLUS continuously refreshes and stabilizes the tear film, providing superior comfort with fewer applications.
  • I-DROP VET PLUS contains viscoadaptive biopolymers and is packaged in a sterile, multi-dose system of 10 ml.
  • Formulated by I-MED Animal Health, a global leader in ocular surface disease (OSD) management, it offers uniquely formulated products based on hyaluronic acid.
  • Your pet no longer has to suffer. Try I-DROP VET PLUS and see the love in their eyes. Price:  $16.24 (as of 02/01/2022 04:30 AM Details )
Product Dimensions

3.2 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches 0.63 Ounces


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Is this preservative free? Thanks! :)

Neither package neither the container make any mention of any components apart from the active component, which they describe as "composition." As this is an animal medicine, I do not understand if the component listing needs are as rigid just like human medicine. Appropriately, I actually do not recognize if there is any type of preservative. Sorry. However I can tell you that my little person is actually delicate to lots of points-- all kinds of irritating allergies-- and also he doesn't have any kind of issues with these drops.

hi. what percentage of hyaluronic acid does this product have?

hyaluronan 0.25 %

Does this help soften mucus at corners of dogs eyes

In the early mornings when my canines eyes would certainly be very matted with mucous I would put the decreases in and also the mucous could be carefully cleaned away.

Does this product contain glycerin?

COMPOSITION: i-drop ® Vet PLUS Multidose is a lasting, blink activated, viscoadaptive managed, sterilized, lubricant eye decrease. Includes: Water for injection, salt chloride, hyaluronan, glycerin, salt phosphate, potassium sorbate and also EDTA.

What is the expiration date?

When I purchased it awhile ago the expiration day was September 2018.

My cat has liquid in his eye what should I get for him?

I would certainly learn what it is or what's triggering it initially. The cat might be allergic to something.

did you ship to Germany?

Currently we only ship inside the US

Can this be used on cats?

Not exactly sure sorry

How does this compare to Remend dog lubricating eye drops (which are not available anymore)?

We would certainly suggest you take a look at our I-DROP VET GEL product for a comparable drop to Remend. I-DROP VET PLUS has chemicals whereas I-DROP VET GEL is preservative complimentary formula. I-DROP VET GEL likewise has an easy to press bottle including a sophisticated one-way valve, supplying one dosed decrease at a time (no lost product). This one-way shutoff is critical in maintaining the remaining service sterile and safe. This is essential because numerous non-preserved drops like Remend are not in a preservative cost-free container. A preservative cost-free drop in an open container will certainly cause the sterilized option becoming polluted. This is why I-DROP VET GEL declines are in a particular preservative free bottle.

Are there any concerns with the ingredients causing long-term damage to eyes with daily use indefinitely? My dog has low tear production.

I-DROP VET PLUS uses the best components however is not planned for uncertain usage. For uncertain usage we highly recommend our preservative free I-DROP VET GEL, as it consists of no preservatives, as well as can be made use of as much as required with no issue. Extended use of any type of eye goes down with chemicals is not advised.