Hyperflite Jawz Disc, 8-3/4-inch, Blueberry

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  • The world's toughest competition disc for dogs
  • Patented dueling grip
  • Designed by world champions
  • Can set record distances
  • Leakproof

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With state-of-the-art aerodynamics, hi-tech polymers and patented gripping surfaces, Hyperflite Jawz discs (made in the USA) are nothing short of professional-quality athletic gear for the modern canine athlete. The Jawz Disc (8.75-inch diameter/145 grams) is the world's heaviest competition-approved dog flying disc. In normal play, competition or training, Jawz discs will be incredibly durable. In the hands of an experienced pitcher, Jawz checkers are capable of record distance throws. However, Jawz discs should not be used as chew toys for dogs.

i have a german shepherd that has very strong mouth and can even pop a basketball do you think she would be able to tear this product apart?

The most sturdy disc is the Xtreme Air Flyer, but wonderful luck locating a single of people. They are vintage, from the 70s. I have purchased so many frisbees, it's ridiculous, & my canine lays down as quickly as she catches it & tears it up by the time I get to her to to consider it from her. Just after a handful of throws, they are all destroyed. My mom gave me the Xtreme Flyer she identified in her husband's previous things, but my dad was canine sitting & alloweded her preserve the Xtreme flyer so she was ready to get the job done the edges for a week. It was in wonderful form, unbelievably, but I just allow her have it immediately after that. I figured I would just gain yet another. It took her about 3 months, perhaps longer, of everyday chewing to flatten out all the edges. And make no error, she is an electrical power chewer from hell! I had no thought it would stand up to her chewing for that prolonged, or that it was just about not possible to gain yet another a single, or I would not've allow her have it to chew. There is a handful of on eBay appropriate now, but I will not acquire a single just for her to chew up once again when a person else can acquire a single & have it final for many years and many years for their canine. I am confident I will regret not gaining a single by I am confident we will purchase them inside of days & I will in no way acquire yet another. But she 10 yrs previous now & would rather chew than fetch anyway. So I will just stick to purchasing deer antlers off bay.

Is this a hard plastic frisbee like the human ones or a soft rubber one like the kong versions ? my gsd only likes catching the soft ones.

This is absolutely a softer plastic, but dense and long lasting. It will not get the sharper edges with use as some tricky discs do. -the Wright Daily life

What is the material this product is made of (plastic, nyon, etc.) ?

It can be an extremely long lasting but versatile plastic. It weighs extra that most discs for canines (approx. 140 grams) but even now flies well. It does not float in water. Thanks, The Wright Existence.

All my research recommends blue. I thought black would be best for contrast on the sky. Recommendations?

I purchased a blue one in particular, and my canines unquestionably appreciate it!!! I swear, one particular of my canines (I have three) must be a "disc" champion!!! He has no trouble catching it (or seeing it). We live in the mountains with lota blue sky.

Should this disc be in some sort of packaging if it's new? Mine just came loose and unpackaged.

Hello, the competitors' normal discs come from the producer in bulk, devoid of packaging. They can order the JAWZ discs with or devoid of packaging. It will rely on, which vendor you order from on irrespective of whether or not you get packaging.

Does it float in water?

No, the Jaww discs do not float in water.

Are these soft to dog's teeth on impact? And does it float in water?

They are rather soft. My puppy will not have issues with them. They do not float in the water. I have misplaced quite a few that way.

Interested in aerodynamics-new to disc in all respects. Function of grooves on top/bottom ?Grip,flight,both or neither?

,This is a terrific flying disc. Somewhat heavier than other fastback shaped discs (130grams) but it is almost certainly the most sturdy out there. No grooves, but it has a textured surface in which your grip would be. The "fastback" form is standard for puppy fashion discs. Somewhat thinner and less complicated for a puppy to catch. Hope that assists a small. Largely, what you want is a disc that has some stability for a straight quick to throw flight.

Is this a 2 pack?

No, this product or service is a pack of 1 superfluity Blueberry Jaws Disc.

How tough is this disc? i have an amstaff that loves frisbee, but also likes to play tug-of-war with and chew the disk.

It's not challenging sufficient for playing yank. My Malinois puts openings in it promptly, yet I do not enable chewing or pull. I'm able to make it last at the very least 6 months with daily use. Make certain to save it level and with nothing resting on it so it does not get pressed out of form.