Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee Interactive Dog Toys (Flying Disc Dog Fetch Toy –

  • INTERACTIVE DOG TOYS FOR ALL SEASON: Designed for high-flying play with your dog in water, grass or snow. This dog frisbee is the perfect solution for fitness, exercise and training
  • DURABLE DESIGN AND SAFE TEETH: This dog frisbee has a durable, multi-layered nylon construction that is safe for your dog’s teeth and is designed for extended outdoor use
  • FLOATING IN THE WATER: This soft lightweight material of the dog frisbees makes it buoyant, allowing long-distance interactive play at the beach, lake or pool
  • FUN BRIGHT COLORS: Bright red, orange, pink, yellow and green colors make the Flippy Flopper dog frisbee easily recognizable in bushes, leaves and grass
  • COLORS MAY VARY: Contains one dog frisbee in each pack. The Flippy Flopper comes in one size with a diameter of 9 inches Price:  $8.95 (as of 23/12/2021 16:30 PM Details )

pattern name:Classic

Our Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee is the perfect solution for fitness, exercise and training. This flying disc features a durable, multi-layer nylon construction for extended outdoor use. With its lightweight, floating design, the Flippy Flopper floats in the water for interactive play at the beach, lake or pool. Bright colors make the Flippy Flopper easy to find in the bushes, leaves and trees. The 9 inch diameter makes it easy to take your Flippy Flopper anywhere. Simply slip it into your backpack, beach bag or picnic basket for interactive outdoor fun

A best seller for over 20 years, our Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee provides a fun, engaging way to exercise with your dog. Get ready for a high-flying game of fetch with your best friend!

Do these fly strait? Or drift to the sides? I ask because in the picture they look like the outer ring isn't even.

If you can throw straight, it will fly straight. There is a thick rubber tube inside the outer ring textile, much like the Books brand name saggy flyer.

Where are these manufactured?

Could not discover the information, however, business is in Wichita, Kansas. Why not provide a phone call, 1-800-456-5778. We have many Flippy Flippers and they are of top quality.

How durable is this?

Pretty excellent for fetching and also a light yank of war. I would not play contest of strength with a big, harsh playing canine. It might tear. Sadly, ours is currently on our roof thanks to our 11 years of age, boy. We just recently purchased a various one called Superpose Rope gliders I assume is more long lasting for contest of strength.

Any way to order a specific color?

Right now, we do not use a particular color choice.

Whats the best way to clean these disc?

I am presuming by hand in the sink. Or potentially low setup washer and air completely dry.

Are these the 7" or 9" size? I can't seem to find the 7" size anymore. Any suggestions where I could find it?

9" the 7's are also tiny, other than for a chihuahua

Where is this material from ? USA?

They make the Flippy Flopper in China. We made not all of our products in the USA. However, we always guarantee we source responsibly our item materials, are non toxic, and are secure for our four-legged pals despite where they are made.

I bought a hyper flippy but received a color I do not want. I don’t mind purchasing another but can I request a blue this time?

I received 3 of the frisbees, one particular blue and 2 red

Will my dog be able to grab it off the pavement if he doesn’t catch it?

Yes! My canine can grab it if it lands on in the grass or the driveway! He certainly loves it. And hey if it does not function out, you can usually return it :-)

Do they fly as good as chuckit flying squirrel? When flying squirrel stops flying good I soak it and let it dry over a plate. Flys like new.

I cannot solution on evaluating the two. But I can say these fly fantastic! I use them in my backyard and normally throw them up to 50' or so. They display no indications of put on soon after a 12 months of use...possibly five-ten sessions a week. I do wash them each so normally. When I go to the park, I use rubber discs that fly farther and more quickly. I use WAWZ hyperflex/hyper flight discs there.