Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Ring Durable Dog Chew Toy – Guaranteed for Life – Strong, Tough

  • Medium green ring designed for aggressive 30-70 chewers by mechanical and polymer engineers.
  • Measure 5 inches in diameter with a cross section of 1.75 inches. Different sizes available for larger/smaller dogs. If you are not sure of the size, please size up for safety.
  • Original Rubber is strong and durable. Harder rubber available for extreme chewers. Floats like an ice cube
  • Goughnuts is a family business and our dog chew toys are designed and made in the USA
  • Goughnuts toys have a lifetime warranty – if your dog exposes the red safety core, we will replace your toys

Amazon.com Price: $24.99 (as of 02/01/2022 11:45 AM Details )
Product Dimensions

4.5 x 1.75 x 4.5 inches 6.4 Ounces

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Date First Available

September 10, 2010



Does this toy taste strongly like rubber? My dog wont play with a Kong because they taste terribile...I know because I licked it

Unfortunately my canine would certainly not play with his Goughnut or his Goughnut stick. I uncovered why after tasting them. They have an extremely bitter preference. I washed and also soaked them in numerous cleansers, which assisted some, yet they still taste bitter. Perhaps that is why they are stated to be indestructible.

i have a small dog that love to chew. and she can chew though anything in less then 1 hour or less. is this a good toy for her or not?

I have 5 dogs, 2 of which are over 100 pounds. They've played with this for a month, without supervision chewing night and day in addition to fetch/chase everyday. There's not even a tooth mark in it, and also they generally experience an "unbreakable" toy in a day. Highly suggest this toy for crazed chewers. Likewise, have a look at the Kong brand name black sphere, it's just as durable just a different form.

Is it made in China or the United States?

Happily Made in the USA

Is there a real difference between the goughnut maxx and the goughnut maxx 50?

The Maxx 50 is extra dense then the Maxx. - they add 50% a lot more carbon to the mixture to make it the best plaything they have. When people purchase them from me at my store - I generally suggest that beginning with the Maxx - if the dog does get across the red core - when they bring it back - we update to the maxx 50. If you know your pup is a complete over the leading chewing champ! - do the maxx 50. In any case - they are absolutely assured to be replaced if your dog get to the red core Paula Cool Dog Gear.

how do you get that awful tire smell out?

The smell has actually dissipated and we do not actually see it anymore. Our American Bulldog/Pitbull mix is an extremely power chewer as well as has hardly had the ability to make tooth marks in it and she chews as well as plays with it frequently. It is the very best!

Is there a difference between the original black and green besides the color?

The black is tougher rubber than the environment-friendly.

My dog is 8 mos old and weighs #70, he chews up everything!!! He is a very large standard poodle. Is this toy too large for him?

I got the Gonuts Maxx when our youngest Labrador retriever was regarding 8 months old as well as 55-60ish is. I do not believe it was too large for her; I believe the size and the weight are what made it a little tougher for her to eat through. I additionally bought the oval one, she has actually had the ability to in fact puncture it. The only plaything I neglect is the ring as well as she still hasn't chewed via it 6 months later on - which is impressive for her, trust me.

234lb english mastiff... Which one should i get? Max or max 50?

I would certainly get the Maxx 50. Our bulldog has to do with 120 extra pounds yet he damages whatever. He can undergo an Kong Extreme in much less than 24 hours currently because he discovered the weakness. We've had the Maxx 50 for about 2 months currently as well as it's still going solid.

Does this contain latex?

no latex - Paula Cool Dog Gear

How hard are these? rock solid or pass the thumbnail test (which means you can make indentation with thumbnail?

I have the goughnuts stick therefore much it is undestroyable. It does pass the thumbnail examination as well as both of our power chewers go to community on it -occasionally at each end at the exact same time. I am thinking the stick coincides product as the ring. Wish it functions for your pups. Highly recommend it.