Ez Dog Toothbrush for Dogs Dental Care for Dogs for Fresh Breath Dog Toothbrush Finger,

  • CLEAN TEETH AND REFRESH THE BREATH – Dog Toothbrush, with three flexible and independent brush heads, cleans all sides of your dog's teeth and gums in one stroke
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The best dental care for dogs features an ergonomic design, making it easy to use use, even when your pet is on the move. Also includes a tongue cleaner on the underside of the handle
  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE — Keep your pet healthy by brushing away gum disease, bad dog breath and mouth infections with this easy-to-use dog toothbrush
  • FOR ALL BIG DOGS — EZ Dog Toothbrush is ideal for all large dogs above I1BASH4G lbsQ
  • FOR ALL LARGE DOGS — EZ Dog Toothbrush is ideal for all large dogs above I1BASH4G lbsQ
  • for dogs can be cleaned in the dishwasher Price:  $4.19 (as of 24/11/2021 14:46 PM Details )

Color:3-sided toothbrush
Size: Large Dogs

The revolutionary three-headed pet toothbrush features three flexible brush heads to clean the front, back and sides of teeth and gums faster and more effectively. Features a padded handle for better control. Ideal for pets that have difficulty cleaning their teeth. Colors may vary.

EZ Hond

sounds like this would not be appropriate for a 5 pound Yorkie, huh? I'm looking for a solution that works for her. Any ideas?

Hi Linda, We have a Nutri-Vet finger toothbrush that would work well for a dog your size. If you 'd like to call our shop (815. 609 .1821) during normal business hrs we can aid you figure out if this product would certainly be best for you. Many thanks!

Will the brushes reach my Pitbulls gumline?

Yes! I have a pitbull and this is by far the most effective toothbrush I have identified. It manages to cover all surfaces of the tooth and the gum line at when.

How many ounces are in this tube?

Hey, There Amazon Customer, Our Triple Pet EZ canine tooth paste can be found in 2 5 oz. If you have any type of various other inquiries please get to out at [email protected] -Your close friends at Fetch for Pets

Where are these made

Hi, Thank you a lot for reaching out to us. Our EZDog Finger brushes are currently Made in the USA.-Your pals at Fetch for Pets

where is the toothpaste made/manufactured?

Precious Amazon Customer, The Triple Pet EZ Dog Toothpaste for Dogs is made in the USA. Thanks for your inquiry!- Your close friends at Fetch for Pets

Will this toothbrush hold up for large golden who likes to lick and chew on bristles gently while brushing?

Hi, Thank you a lot for connecting to us. Our EZ Dog 3 sided toothbrush is very sturdy and would hold up to the gold. -Your buddies at Fetch for Pets

The website says they use stevia but the ingredients listed here say sorbitol. Which is it?

Hi, Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We do have both components in our product, both percents of the component are very tiny. -Your friends at Fetch for Pets

Does EZDOG test on animals?

Hi, Thank you a lot for connecting to us. Our EZ Dog Toothpaste is not examined on animals. -Your close friends at Fetch for Pets

How many are in the pack?

The product you have selected is a 1-pack, so there would be 1 tooth brushes. This item is readily available in a 2-pack, if that is your choice. - Your good friends at Fetch for Pets