Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap Best Extra Insulated All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

  • AWARD WINNING ENERGY EFFICIENCY… our double flap dog and cat doors keep out the winter cold or summer heat, even in the harshest climates with double layer flaps – the small flap works well with small dogs and cats
  • POWERFUL SECURE SEAL… this Endura Flaps Door Mount features two flaps fitted with three-way adjustable magnets so you can adjust the seal strength to train your dog or cat!
  • ✔ STRONG ALUMINUM FRAME…for 1 3/4 – 2 1/4 inch thick doors; Our dog and cat door frame is made of heavy duty extruded metal and is built to last
  • ✔ BUILT-IN INSTALLATION…for outside or inside; no bending plastics, snapping screws or weak safety covers, just solid sturdiness on our pet doors
  • ✔ STRONG SECURITY COVER… includes a sturdy lockable cover for when you’re out or when your dog or cat is inside at night; keeps unwanted dogs or kitties out

Amazon.com Price: $419.99 (as of 03/01/2022 08:15 AM Details )
Package Dimensions

21 x 12 x 4.5 inches 14 Pounds

Item model number

03PP08 2B

Date First Available

September 18, 2016


Endura Flap

I am in houston texas and while we don't get cold winters, we do have extremely hot and humid summers. should i get a double or single?

I live in Red Bluff, CA and we have 110 level summer seasons. I got the double door. My only issue is that they are really loud doors. They are efficient maintaining out the cold and heat and insects, however.

I live in an extreme windy climate. The wind blows in my current dog door. Does this door stay shut during high winds?

I don't understand what you imply by "extreme" winds. We installed the medium door. The bigger door has more area. The magnets are extremely strong. I'm presuming the highest winds our door every encountered was 35 miles per hour and also it remained shut not a problem.

Has anyone had issues with rain getting inside? we live in hawaii and want to install this on our ext door but we get a lot of rain. single or dbl?

We have the dual door, it has been wonderful for our pet. Nevertheless, it is not straight revealed to rain, it lies on a door which is covered by an awning, so I do not have straight experience with any type of rainfall getting involved in it.

does this pet door have a locking system? Can I lock it when my golden isn't using it?

Yes, is has a metal door that slides in from the top. The flaps themselves do not lock, just need to glide the door in manually.

does anyone have a 100lb dog that fits thru this with ease?

My pet dog is 73 is. He has a great deal of area ahead, and a few inches on each side. So a lot will certainly rely on exactly how your pet dog is proportioned. If he is long, as well as taller, he must not have an issue. You can readjust the elevation by where you put the door. Mine has regarding 2 inches below the door for the pet dog to step "down" right into. I have a 21 pound. Pet dog that took a week or so to determine just how to use his paw to get the door to move so he can get the remainder of his body with without using his nose, which he did the initial few days.

Why would one get the double flap? i live in columbia, sc and have a bernese mountain dog around 100lbs.

As a basic regulation of thumb, individuals with extreme weather get the dual flap doors. I stay in Birmingham, AL and we commonly install the solitary flap doors in your area. The people in the much north mount the twin flap doors. Allow us to recognize if you have any type of inquiries, we're delighted to assist. Many thanks, The Staff @ Pet Stuff Warehouse 1-888-943-4364

Can this pet door be installed on a steel door?

This can be set up on a steel door or wherever you intend to mount it. I have one mounted in a wall that is blocking and concerning 12" thick. One part installed inside as well as the other component installed outside with a sheet metal liner in between. Here in Arizona it is not only the warmth you intend to shut out but likewise Pack Rats and also Rattle Snakes. I such as the dual doors as they close limited with the border magnets and I know undesirable guests (snakes and so on) can not enter.

can it be install in a stucco wall?

It can, yet the equipment included with this door is meant for setups in routine people doors. If you have a wall that is an optimum of 8" in overall density after that you could get the wall mount variation of this door that comes with the tunnel and hardware for the wall surface.

I have an older dog--a min pin. He's pretty spry for an old guy but will he be strong enough get through a double flap?

I am no expert on min-pins (I have beagles) however personally I assume yes. It does not feel like my women need to place a great deal of strength right into it, just method. The secret is for him to place his head down low as well as press like a bull to break the magnet seal; that is how I showed my puppies to do it when they * thought * they couldn't make it through. You can additionally constantly reduce the number of magnets in the flap to make it easier to push open, even getting the magnets entirely - but this will certainly also make it extra prone to wind/weather ... Finally, if I recall from the mount, the flaps can be eliminated (to make sure that they can be replaced) so if he really is struggling I think you might convert it to a customized single flap. So, if you obtain a double flap you may in the long run up the need to transform it and also end up losing the added price of the double flap ... but the entire door will not be pointless so it won't be a failure ... Hopefully, however, your kid might not have any type of problem and also you will certainly get all the benefits of the dual flap.

Does anyone use this door with a French Bulldog? Ours is 1yrs old and is 26.5lbs was going to order a large as he is still growing...

My canines are 72 lbs. As well as 59 pounds. and also utilize the large door. The more youthful one beginning to utilize it as a puppy, I changed the magnets under of the door flap up until she got used to going with it as well as after weeks of her going through it without issues added the magnets back. She was only around 35 lbs. When she began to utilize it by herself with the magnets removed