E-collar – Et-300 – 1/2 Mile Remote Waterproof Trainer Mini Educator Remote Training Collar –

  • Dit is a bundle of 2 items: Ecollar technologies Mini Educator – ET-300 and PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker Training Kit. Perfect for backyards, parks, competitions, police K-9 work, all types of hunting and large field training.
  • This training system has a range of up to half a mile and is completely waterproof with a remote that floats in the water.
  • Use with dogs which are 5 pounds and greater. Featuring 100 training levels plus tone and vibration modes. Temporary and continuous buttons for personalized training. For neck sizes between 6 – 30 inches. Assembled and tested in the USA.
  • Using the clicker you can teach your dog new behaviors with positive reinforcement. Training Clicker is available in different colors: black.
  • This is one of the best training collars with a remote control that will help you see great results in training your pet. Price:  $179.99 (as of 19/12/2021 17:00 PM Details )


This training set gives you the best tools to teach your dog new behaviors and help you deal with your dog’s bad habits. The E-Collar, ET-300 Mini Educator is a 1/2 mile distance trainer that has many unique features not found in any other distance trainer. The collar features UHLYS training levels for tailoring the perfect level for your dog. The educator’s unique lock-and-set feature reduces the chance of accidental stimulation levels changing. When training your sport dog in the evening or overnight, the transmitter allows you to turn on an LED light on the Receiver Collar to effortlessly locate your dog. The beeper function can also be enabled remotely to locate the receiver via the transmitter without difficulty. Both components of this training system are waterproof and impact resistant.

PetsTEK clicker works like a charm to positively strengthen your dog. This type of training is fun and does not require much dog training experience.

You will receive:
One Waterproof Miniature Collar Receiver
One Waterproof Miniature Floating Remote Control
Two Sets of Contact Points (5/8 and 3/4 of
Contact Point Removal Tool
Double battery charger
user manual with training tips
remote control cord
PetsTEK training clicker

Product Dimensions

12 x 7.8 x 2 inches 1.16 Pounds

Date First Available

March 10, 2016



I need something that is going to actually shock the dog. He has extreme aggression issues so I would like something that can do both

I also have an aggressive dog. Please don't make the mistakes I made when I first learned the E-Collar and use "shocking" as a way to deal with an aggressive dog. Make sure you get proper training when using these collars. Using a stimulation (shock) on an aggressive dog when they are aggressive will be counterproductive and will likely make them worse and teach them more aggression. Please, please get proper training when using an E-collar. They're great, useful tools, but not in the way most people use them. If you have a problem with an aggressive dog, you and the dog will probably need 99% of the other types of training instead of an E-collar. After you've done that work, you can start putting on the E-Collar.

it doesn't specifically say that the collar itself is included while other sellers of the same product do indicate that. is the collar included?

One Waterproof Miniature Receiver Collar One Waterproof Miniature Floating Remote Control Two sets of Contact Points (5/8 and 3/4 inch) Contact Point Removal Tool Dual Battery Charger User Manual with Training Tips Remote Control Lanyard PetsTEK Training Clicker

Will this work for separation anxiety??? my 6 month pit/husky is tearing up my house! shredded couch cushion & wood trim eaten!

Not sure if I would use it for that. You have to be within a mile of the collar for it to work.

Do you just have the charger with the 2 leads

You get one remote, one collar and one charger that charges both the remote and the collar together.

How do i reset the duo to only one collar?

The best advice I can give you is to watch it on YouTube, mine came for just one collar.

Us this for 2 dogs at once

Amazon has a 2 dog version of the mini educator available (model 302) with 2 collars and 1 controller. The model 300 I have is the single collar version with a controller. Works well

I have had the mini educator about 2 months and it has been working great until yesterday when I tried to change the settings & it is stuck on 12?

Video could not be loaded

Is there a way to order another collar? We ordered one and then got a second dog and want one for her too.

Yes, but you'll also need to order a new remote - it's a direct 1:1 system. Two dogs can't use a remote control

Can I order just another remote ? If so what is the cost ?

No, that's a question you should ask the manufacturer.

Does this have a beep function in addition to vibrate then shock?

Do you mean some kind of sound transmitter? No, it doesn't sound, there is one button that gives a vibration, another that gives a stimulation that can be set ranging from 1 to 100 another button that can increase the set stim of 20 for a second. For example, if you have the stim at 20 and you press the boost button, the dog will receive a stim from 40 for one second. You can adjust settings from continuous to momentary, etc. A great tool, very subtle that has nothing to do with the 'shock' collars of the past. Check out IAECA on Facebook (International Association of E-Collar Advocates) for hints and tips on proper and ethical use.