Dogrook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar – Humane, No Shock Barking Collar – W/2 Vibration &

  • HUMANE BARK COLLAR WITH 2 MODES – provides effective performance with sound (beeps) and 7 safe vibration modes. It helps your dog understand that barking is not desirable. You can correct your dog's behavior with this training bark collar. High-quality material and technology can be used frequently and will last for a long time without any problems.
  • HUMAN TRAINING METHOD – We protect a humane and shock-free way to prevent barking, in a beautiful way without damage! The dog bark collar is accurately triggered. You can walk in noisy places and don't worry about the device being activated too late or randomly.
  • SATISFACTION – In addition to the Auto Stop Bark Collar, we have included 2 batteries, 2 type plastic pins and 2 color covers. This fits your dog well and makes it possible to customize a shockless bark collar without barking. It helps your dog learn to stop barking without your participation. Price:  $28.86 (as of 23/11/2021 08:41 AM Details )

What modes does the collar have?

Our collar makes use of vibration and beeps to reduce barking. It really is completely humane and no-shock. | 1st bark: Beep for 1 5 seconds || 2nd bark: Beep for 2 5 seconds || 3rd bark: Sound for 4 seconds + Vibration for 0 5 seconds || 4th bark: Sound for 4 seconds + Vibration for 1 2nd || 5th bark: Sound for 4 seconds + Vibration for 1 5 seconds || 6th bark: Sound for 4 seconds + Vibration for 2 seconds || 7th bark: Sound for 4 seconds + Vibration for 2 5 seconds || 8th bark: Rest mode for Security (one minute) |*To get the very best efficiency in stopping barking - help the operate of the collar with your voice commands. Say "NO!" Loud and clear each and every time the canine barks. This will assist the canine to make the connection amongst the impulse and the word "NO". Regards, James DogRook Consumer Assistance

Is your collar rechargeable or do I need to buy batteries?

Hello Pat, our collar is rechargeable and performs up to 21 days on one particular charge (depends on the frequency of your dog's barking). There is no longer a want to waste revenue on basic batteries. When you will disconnect the gadget from charging - the red indicator gets to be green. It suggests that the collar is totally charged. Also, please do not overlook to flip on the collar. In situation of any issue do not hesitate to get in touch with our Buyer Assistance to manage your issue ✉ ▶ [email protected] ◀ Or please use this hyperlink in touch with/?_encoding=UTF8&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&ref_=v_sp_get in touch with_vendor&sellerID=A3C4F2NC34Y4HG Most effective regards, James DogRook Buyer Assistance

How to adjust the strap for my dog?

Hello, Right here is a video tutorial on how to modify the strap Any challenges in use? Right here will assist you ▶️ ✉️[email protected] ◀️, or Amazon message. Regards, James

What is the best way of using the collar?

I just place it on my canine like I would any other collar. I chose not to depart it on at evening. I place it back on him when I know I'm expecting guests or packages. It does make a big difference and it is not damaging to him.

Is this anti bark collar good for correcting other behaviors besides barking?

Thank you for the query, Oliver!Aside from barking, the collar is also matched for controlling whining or howling. Regards, TinaDogRook

will the bark control collar vibrate if another dog barks ?

Yes, if a puppy is shut by and barks, it can set off the collar, but this hasn't been an enormous difficulty with a 4 very little puppy home. In particular due to the fact our primary barker has the collar.

Can my dog sleep in this collar?

Thank you for the very good query, Anastasiia!Yes, there is no challenge to allow the canine rest with the collar. But do not depart the collar on your fluffy buddy for extra than eight-twelve hrs. Regards, TinaDogRook

How to test the collar and set up the sensitivity?

The instruction booklet will inform you how to set up the collar to check it just before you place it on your pet. Following I had it in the check mode, I blew into the back of the collar to check that it was operating. You can modify the vibration power by pressing the mode (M) button. Green is frequent power, red is more powerful. Then press the electrical power button to modify the intensity, 1 (lowest) to 5 (strongest).

Does it include the batteries?

Thank you for the superior query! Yes, we have integrated 2 batteries for your comfort. Regards, DogRook

How do you turn off the bark collar?

There is no on off switch. I take out the collar when not wanted.