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  • ✔【11 Pack Durable Puppy Toy Set】- The puppy teething toy provides 11 different puppy teething toys to choose from. Includes interactive rope toys, IQ treat balls, dog ropes with flying discs for puppies, chew toys, squeaky toys, etc. Keep your best friend entertained for hours of entertainment and exercise
  • ✔【Safe Materials】- All the toys are made of natural cotton or rubber. After strict quality testing, they are safe, non-toxic and odorless. While our dog leash toys are durable dog toys they are not completely indestructible, but we have chosen to use the safest adhesives and materials available, rest assured. Tips: Cleaning and inspection after each use
  • ✔【Tooth Cleanly & Oral Health】- Great for your dogs teeth to massage their gums and relieve stress by chewing these ropes. Gentle enough to protect against damage to the dog’s gums, she can protect against oral disease and exercise your pet’s teeth, while improving dental health. Keep your puppy chewing healthy. Let you enjoy the intimate time with the puppy
  • ✔【No furniture and personal belongings damaged】- This colorful dog rope toy can attract your dog’s attention. Help reduce anxiety boredom and prevent them from chewing on furniture and personal belongings. The puppy can chew on this dog toy for hours and the anxiety will subside. Your puppy won’t chew on your shoes or socks with these dog toys
  • ✔【Great Gift Box for Dogs- We believe your puppy will love this puppy teething toy, beautiful and bright colors will pique your dog’s interest. On a holiday, Halloween, Christmas, birthday or any other day, give your dog a gift that will make a day to remember. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us, we are online 24 hours! Price: $18.99 (as of 29/12/2021 19:40 PM Details )
Package Dimensions

9.72 x 9.13 x 4.17 inches 1.37 Pounds

Date First Available

December 29, 2020



Do these toys have diferent size? Are the toys durable?

Yes, they come in different sizes, but probably the most for at least a medium sized dog. They are very durable - that being said I have large 2 puppies who love to shred and unwind ropes in a race. It lasted much longer than most rope toys. At least 3-4 months - I could have kept them longer but it was my discretion to throw them away if they get too frayed

Are these toys suitable for medium-sized dogs? I have a 6-month-old golden retriever.

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I saw the comment that there are small bells in the blue bones, which can often be a safety hazard? is that true?

Very unexpected! A bell on one side of the blue bone. Every time I want to tease it, shake it bone. When he hears the sound, he wags his tail and runs towards me. Then I throw it away and it will pick up the bone. This is a good interactive tool

these easy to be bitten or shredded? is it safe?

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Are these rope toys for big dog? suitable for aggressive chewers?

Not suggested. But it can bring them pleasure if they are bored for a while. We had 10 Huntaway x puppies that desperately needed something other than their siblings so bought a pack of these to hopefully amuse themselves. They've held up pretty well

What is this dog toys made of?

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I have two Malinois. Will this toy hold against them chewing on it?

Most toys didn't last with my minus pin. She chewed through the rubber toys and broke off pieces, creating a choking hazard. The rope toys were chewed apart and I threw most of them away. These toys are not good for dogs that are aggressive chewers and I would not recommend them.

Good toys to help my dog stop biting and scratching?

They ensure that the dog does not get bored and are tough toys, and last longer than others. I recommend hard plastic/rubber toys that are good for biting and keep them occupied.

Can these rope toys machine washable?

Yes it is possible. Washing machine can clean this rope toy, clean rope toy is more suitable for pets.

Is this toy set suitable for large dogs?

Our dog chew toys are suitable for all dog breeds and sizes, especially small and medium dogs like to play with them, and they are indestructible and strong enough. However, if your dog is a very strong and extremely aggressive chewer, we do not recommend this toy set.