Dog Mouth Cover Breathable Mesh and Durable Nylon Dog Muzzle With Adjustable Loop and Soft

  • ★【No Effect on Breathing】★:Made of soft breathable mesh and soft fabric around the edges, so that the dog muzzle is comfortable for dogs and does not hurt your dog's mouth. Front opening and mesh allow room for the dog to breathe.
  • (does not affect drinking) Wearing this dog mouthguard allows the dog's mouth to be slightly open and not too loose or tight, so that the mouth feel no pressure. It solves the inconvenience of the traditional dog mask that you can not drink. Tongue seems to drink water easily!
  • (does not affect comfort): Each breed has a different mouth shape. What's more humane about our dog safety masks is that they can be properly sized to fit the shape of the dog's mouth. Double-layer magic paste, more stable! Humanized design with adjustable size, equipped with anti-grip and tripping (must be used together with the belt, buckle on the belt).
  • (No affect on mood): Muzzle for a large dog to prevent random eating, barking, biting people and the bad habit of chewing. Perfect for walking outdoors or for home use. Protect others and your dog. Go out happy and come home safe!
  • ★【Easy to Wear and Clean】★: < >. Open the magic paste, place this product on your dog's mouth, then find the most comfortable angle for your dog. < >. Paste this magic paste. < >. Adjust the straps over your dog's head. < >. Buckle closure. It is recommended to buy two pet muzzle covers to replace, do not wear wet pet masks oh! Price: $9.99 (as of 21/11/2021 04:03 AM Details )

Instruction manual:
< >. Use a soft ruler to measure the circumference of the pet's mouth (the circumference at the center of the mouth). You don't have to tie it too tight. It is recommended to put one of your fingers in it and choose the mouthpiece with the closest size according to the mouth.
< >. The plastic buckle on the back of the pet's neck, which you need to adjust to the right length.
< >. If your pets wear it, it can't be too tight, the looseness should be enough to make the dog stick out of the tongue.

Maintenance methods:
< >.Wash strips with neutral cleaner and rinse with water.
< >.Avoid high temperatures, low temperatures and humid environments.
< >. Do not use hot water disinfection, avoid touching gasoline, alcohol and so on.
< >.Don't let your pet bite the muzzle. It will break it!

Matters need attention:
Do not wear the muzzle for a long time without your supervision.
Pay attention to the correct way of wearing it.
Check it before fitting and stop using it if it is damaged.
To wear it for the first time you need patience to help the dogs. Dogs may not adapt, and it will get better over time. cm.
L is suitable for dogs with a mouth circumference of 18-24 cm.
S : < >.< > KG,
M: < >.< > KG,
L: < >.04KG.

Package Dimensions

4.8 x 4.76 x 1.26 inches 1.73 Ounces

Date First Available

July 1, 2019