Dog Frisbee Toy – Soft Rubber Disc for Large Dogs – Frizbee for Aggressive play –

  • ★ ALL SPECIFIC WARRANTIES: Unlike other sellers on Amazon, we will not promise that this Flying Disk is indestructible. One look at the reviews and you know that's not true. But if your dog destroys it, we will refund your money or send you a new one for free. That's a guarantee as strong as King Kong!
  • HAVE FUN FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG: Playing with a Flying Disk is a very fun and healthy exercise for both you and your beloved dog. It's the perfect way to spend more time outdoors, it's an ideal gift for dog lovers, and if your dog gets thirsty, you can even turn it over and use it as a drinking bowl.
  • ★ AERODYNAMIC DESIGN FOR EASY FLIGHT: You don't have to carry your arm when you throw this ring. The aerodynamically grooved design keeps the disc flying with just a flick of the wrist. If you accidentally throw it too far, the highly visible blue color means your dog will see it before you do.
  • NATURAL RUBBER FOR SAFETY: Flying hard plastic discs can crack or shatter and sharp pieces of plastic can injure your beloved dog. Our Flying disc is different (it's made of soft natural rubber. It will never break into sharp pieces that could injure your dog.
  • ★ BLUE COLOR FOR MAXIMUM DOGS VISIBILITY: Bright colors such as green, orange, yellow and red stand out to human eyes , but the color spectrum of the dog is different. For your furry friend, blue is the most striking and bright color. Try a blue Flying Disc and see the difference! Price:  $11.99 (as of 22/11/2021 22:46 PM Details )


Whats the diameter?

Hi. The diameter is 22 or by 8 75 inches.

Does it float?

Only if you throw it in the water! Yes, it does

I jate to say this but my dog chewed this thing in half . I see that it has a warranty on it how do I get a new one

Hi Jeffrey, Kindly E-mail your Buy Id when you bought the canine Frisbee to [email protected] and we'll expedite the substitute of your Frisbee. Regards, Therese IMK9 Canine Lover and Consumer Care Professional

Have had less than a week and my pitbull chewed a hole in the middle. Can you help, please?

Not an issue right here with our laboratory, yet I understand my little girl's pit bull is a very "hostile chewer" as well as he would chew through this!

Is the frisbee flexible and soft for the teeth or is it rigid?

It is soft and flexible. Easily, the finest frisbee we have actually ever acquired. It flies amazing, as well as trust fund me, we are not pros, nor young. Simply a number of senior citizens that have a boundary collie that likes to play frisbee. Be ready though, it flies, as in will certainly discuss your neighbor's fence and farther!!

Where is this made, and is it bpa free?

Unsure what it is made from. The business has a website, they hav3 terrific client solution

My dog chewed a hole in this thing. How do I get a replacement since it has a warranty?

I requested a return because our young puppy chewed this up in mins. They refunded me without question, as well as did not call for the thing back.

Is there a smaller version of this suitable for indoor use?

Currently, we just have 1 size for the Frisbee.

Where is it made?

Chinese crap

How do I get a replacement if my dog chewed through it

Hi! Kindly email your order Id to [email protected] as well as we'll send you a replacement.