Discraft 175 Gram Super Color Ultra-star Disc

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  • The World Standard for the Sport of Ultimate
  • Official and exclusive disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series since 1991.
  • 179 gram
  • Listed among the 31 things all men should possess by Esquire magazine
  • } Disc colors vary
  • Note: The disc is white with a printed pattern on the disc Price:  $12.85 (as of 22/11/2021 22:11 PM Details )


Agressive in the wind, Hornet's place in the hive is between Wasp and Drone. Not crazy overstable, but not a wimp either. You will be surprised at the amount of glide Hornet generates. Originally the 2010 Ace Race prototype.

Is the disk soft or hard plastic?

it should be soft plastic. It scrapes rather easily. Yet it's a great disc.

is this plastic or foam

This is not a disc for disc golf, this is a common plastic frisbee. Fantastic print but not for disc golf.

Whats the the speed fade glide and turn?

This is not a disc golf disc, so the flight numbers you pointed out would certainly not apply to this disc.

hello,the starscape glow in dark?

No, it's not

"Disc colors will vary" how much different would it be?

If you are referring to the "Starscape" design or various other Super Color discs, there won't be any type of variation. However the others can have slight variants within that shade, largely the hot stamp color, although those are quite consistent as well. Provide us a call if you have particular demands or need a specific color and also we'll rejoice to aid.

What are the speed and glide rates?

This is the best frisbee disc. It is except disc golf.

What is the dimension of the freesbie?

Hi Steve, This disc weighs 175g and also is 10 .75" in diameter. Please let me recognize if you have any further questions. Thank you for your support!Mira

does it break easily

No, my roomie has actually tossed it right into block walls plenty of times. It gets scratched, but it won't damage easily. Now, if you back over it with a van, a la Kip in a Dodge Santana in the traditional film Napoleon Dynamite, it will probably crumble. All of it depends on what you mean utilizing the disc for. If you're simply going to toss it about, then it will be great.

What lvl of player is good for this disc

Any type of actually. It's the official disc for the sport of Ultimate yet it's likewise the best entertainment "toss & capture" kind disc on the market. At 175 grams it might be a little huge for under 10 years old. - Bill @ The Wright Life