Dew0rmer for Dogs & Cats (2 Oz) – Treat & Prevent – Broad Spectrum Whipw0rm,

  • 🐶 CAT & DOG DEW0RMER – Worms that affect pets can cause very serious health problems. They can cause nutritional deficiency, tissue damage and pain. Buy our 100% natural dew for all six common worms. The sooner the worms are gone, the faster your pet will get healthy and feel better.
  • LARGE RANGE W0RMS – Safe and effective way to remove roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms and pinworms in dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. PERFECT DOSAGE & EASY TO GIVE! Can be fed directly or disguised in their food. Removes common worms without causing damage!
  • 🐶 TREATMENT & CONTROL OF PARASITES – Dogs and cats are ideal hosts for worms. And they can pass unwanted guests on to other pets and to their favorite playmates – to us! Some types of worms can be transmitted to humans by kissing or licking. Do yourself a favor too – protect your pet and your family!
  • 🐱 MONTH STOCK – PREVENT reinfection! Protect your pet – keep your home and yard clean. If not, you may need another wormer! But you can be safe with VetaHelp Labs – it won’t last for days – for weeks to come! Always there when you need it!
  • 🐶 PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – The best dew machine made in the USA! Advanced Liquid Formula! Ultimate natural treatment at home will definitely help you get rid of parasites and make your pet feel like himself again! We offer you a full satisfaction guarantee! Like it or contact us and we’ll make it right! Price:  $23.97 (as of 04/01/2022 19:10 PM Details )


At VetaHelp Labs, we love every pet in the world. Our NEW Cat & Dog Dewоrmеr has an ultimate formula that is suitable for both cats and dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds! No need to spend tons of money on 2 different wormers – VetaHelp Labs is all you need! We took the proven natural ingredients, tested them for purity and created our Dewоrmеr. It is 100% safe for all sizes, ages and breeds, and even pregnant dogs and cats! Our dеwоrmеr is intended to get rid of: ✦ Tapew0rms ✦ Roundw0rms ✦ Hookw0rms It is also suitable as a therapy after treatment. Continue to give VetaHelp Labs another week after all signs of worms have disappeared, protecting your pet from reinfection. It’s that simple. ADD TO CART to get a pure, PROVEN treatment that is sure to help your best friend!

Will this cure tapeworms in a year old dog i picked up at the shelter?

I am certain it will! My canine had whipworms, which are the hardest to get rid of according to our vet, but this product helped get rid of them within 3 weeks!

How many dropper fulls do you get with each bottle?

One dropper equals 1ml. The bottle is a 60ml bottle. So you will get around 60 dropper fulls per bottle. Hope this assists :-)

Is this treatment works for dogs only?

I have each, so I treated them with this tincture only. They are completely fine now!

How fast will this work?

I'd say - from 1 to three weeks for a total recovery. It is a all-natural therapy, it's safer than synthetic meds but require much more time.

2019 - Dewormer - Vet says this doesn't kill parasites, it only enables pet to "eliminate" worms in feces, does this "kill" or "eliminate"?


Is the half filled dropper one dropper dose?

Depends on the bodyweight of your animal. Pets under twenty lbs one/2 dropper 20-35 lbs 1 dropper 35 lbs plus 2 droppers

Will one bottle be enough for my 88 lb. Dog?

Depends on how bad the worms are. The bottle says start remedy and continue 1 week after indicators of worms are gone. You will require two complete droppers twice a day. Only 60 dropper fulls per bottle. So one bottle will only final 15 days.

My dropper only fills halfway is it defective or is that considered a full dose?

Yes sounds defective. Mine fills up and I have place some back in the bottle

Does it prevent heart worms

No. It does not stop.

What should I put the medicine in to treat my dog, their food, water, what?

You can put it into Moist food or you can just place it into their mouth